Mall of Korea Opens at Metrowalk + P1,500 GIVEAWAY!

Mall of Korea Giveaway Alert

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요)!

Addicted to Korean stuff?


The Mall of Korea is now on soft opening. It is a big store with legit, authentic Korean items.

The Mall of Korea is located at the second floor of the Metrowalk Complex along Meralco Avenue, just across from the Marco Polo Hotel. Parking is free at the Metrowalk as long as you have your parking ticket validated.

Mall of Korea Exterior

Entering the Mall of Korea, I was surprised by how spacious it is. It is air-conditioned.

Mall of Korea Big Store Space

They also have big, private fitting rooms. Here’s the entrance to the fitting room and the fitting room attendant:

Mall of Korea Private Fitting Room

Mall of Korea is the first Philippines-based shop of Ms. Nina Lee, a designer who started in the industry in 1975. She opened her first shop in Myeongdong, the district in Seoul that is known for being one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts. She now has more than 60 shops in Korea. She is also an astute businesswoman – she was the Director of the Korea Business Association from 1987 – 1992.

Mall of Korea Nina Lee

Mall of Korea has some very pretty clothes! Perfect for the fashionista.

Mall of Korea Cute Clothes

Mall of Korea Cute Boyfriend Shirt Style Clothes

Mall of Korea Cute Clothes 2

Most of the sizes are free size. Prices for the regular items range from P499 to P3,000, with most pieces falling between P800 and P1,500.

Check it out – this free-sized skirt has a garter back:

Mall of Korea Cute Free Size Skirt

Mall of Korea Clothes

They also have budget racks with prices as low as P299, 399, 499, 599, 699, 799.

Mall of Korea Cute Clothes Budget Rack

Mall of Korea Cute Clothes Budget Rack 2

Right now, they mostly have women’s clothes and a few selections for men, but they promise to also have our favorite Korean cosmetic brands available soon! This is in the works and is only pending FDA approval before they can start importing them here. They also assured us that the prices of our favorite Korean cosmetics will be more affordable than the official prices here. 

I also found this beach bag with metal feet. I forgot the exact price, but it was around P1,800, I think.

Mall of Korea Beach Bag with Feet

Mall of Korea Beach Bag with Feet 2

Some of the brands they carry are Nina Lee, Luisa Spagnoli, Disney (children’s clothes), etc…

Mall of Korea Disney

Please check them out when you’re in the area. I think the Mall of Korea will become a very popular fashionista haven in the future. 

I got myself this Nina Lee branded dress (P1,990). 

Mall of Korea Nina Lee Emerald Dress

I love the emerald green color and the cut is very forgiving to non-supermodel physiques.   It is a crimped, stretchy dress.

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GIVEAWAY!!! One Lucky Winner Will Win a P1,500 Shopping Spree!

And now, get your own shopping experience at Mall of Korea!

The Mall of Korea and are having a giveaway – we will be giving away five (5) x P300 Mall of Korea gift cards to one lucky winner!


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Congratulations to Jessamer Abing!

You’ve won P1,500 worth of Mall of Korea gift cards. Someone from the Mall of Korea will be contacting you with instructions to claim your prize!

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18 thoughts on “Mall of Korea Opens at Metrowalk + P1,500 GIVEAWAY!

  1. Michelle Rose L. Burgos

    I fell in love with Korea since 2008 it started with the group U-KISS then followed by many Korean group until now. Loving Korea all the way not only about the KOREAN group but the places around KOREA , their korean dramas, food and beauty product.

  2. Raybelle

    My favorites..
    Korean celebrity: Park Shin-Hye
    show: Boys Over Flowers
    food: Bulgogi
    product: Makeups/Clothing Styles

    I love korea even though I’ve never been there but I’m sure it’s wonderful to visit there. I love watching korean dramas, It’s like I am seeing Korea when watching korean dramas. 🙂 I really like their clothing styles, too. 🙂

  3. Jessamer Abing

    I super love korean celebrities like Park Shin-Hye and suzy at the moment coz Im currently watching their dramas now and also I’ve been a fan of korean dramas since highschool which means that I’ve been going gaga to korean star for a decade now plus I wish to travel to korea someday and also I love eating using chopsticks! Hahah which makes me a korean wannabe! Hahaha

  4. Riyalyn Gatdula

    Song Hye Kyo
    Park Shin Hye
    Sandara Park

    I love Korean fashion because Koreans are fearless when it comes to trying new things. New trends come in very quickly, because we were inspired by how bloody stylish everyone seems to be here. I love how they layers and colors match without even look awkward yet funky and stylish!

  5. Kristine Pelayo

    I love korean fashion because I admire Koreans because their so pretty and I love k pop, I hope one day wear that and show off my peace sign. and My favorite Korean show is The Innocent Man very this is very interesting story.

  6. Karen Acut

    I love Korean cosmetics & skin care since they have the highest technology to make me look more beautiful!

    I also love K-pop music. My favorite girl group is Girls Generation! Gorgeous and talented! 😀

  7. Eiram Mandril

    I always been a Korean fanatic ever since because of all their unique products, food, cosmetics and music. Most especially all their foods that has KIMCHI on it. I love spicy food and sometimes I thought that I’m really destined to be Korean. LOL. Plus, I’m very much a fan of GD of big bang because he has this cool stage presence and fashion sense. Koreans have this one of kind style that I really really really want to try and the MALL OF KOREA is my key to fulfilling my Korean vibe inside me.

    And their cosmetics are just so slayyy. They simply make me want to hoard all their make-up products but due to allowance shortage I’ll just by one by one instead. LOL

    Even though I still haven’t been to Korea, I would love to try to go shopping like a Korean at Mall of Korea and dance gangnam style like it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

    Thank you for this chance! 🙂

  8. Chonalyn Alibio

    I love korea specially there clothing style..its simple but sophisticated plus the foodie i lobe bibimbop its a combination meal where veggies carbo and protein included. But most of all i love there style. very elegant and powerful. from simple skirt to outstanding dresses. i love korea style..

  9. Jeda Gonzales

    I love Korean fashion because of their very unique styles. Watching KDrama has a big influence why I more love their fashion statement. Very classy

  10. Myrene Fortuno

    What i love about korean outfits is i love their colorful , a string pattern or bizarre outfit that gets your attention at first glance…awesome

    And i also love their Melona ice drop …melts in your mouth…truly backs my childhood days…worth to try…

  11. Barat Queen Post author

    Wow, thank you for all your entries! I just need to verify your entries before I announce the winner. I’ll post the winner on Monday 🙂 Thank you for understanding.

  12. Barat Queen Post author


    You’ve won P1,500 worth of Mall of Korea gift cards. Someone from the Mall of Korea will be contacting you with instructions to claim your prize! 🙂


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