MagicMount Pro Magnetic Mount for Mobile Devices Review

MagicMountPro Review Installed

I got a Scosche MagicMount Pro from Digital Walker for Christmas, and I was so excited to finally install it on my car! 

I used to have one of those car mounts I got at CDR-King for P150, which was a bit difficult to use because I had to pull the holder wide each time, fit the phone in, and then tighten it. And then do the reverse when I need to take the phone out. Sometimes I skip doing it when I’m in a hurry and just put my phone on the passenger seat where it can sometimes fly off. Because apparently most cars don’t have flat dashboards anymore where you can put things in. 

Now with the MagicMount Pro, everything’s just magnetic and very easy!

I received the vent model that attaches to any vent in your car. I think there’s also a version that attaches to the dash.

This is what the package looks like:

MagicMountPro Review

It contains the actual magentic mount with a clip attached on the back for attaching to vents. The vent attachment can be attached to thick or thin vents.

It also includes 2 MagicPlates – a big one for bigger phones and tablets, and a small one for smaller phones like flip phones (based on the illustrations in the set-up guide). It also includes an extra outer trim in case you want to change from black trim or silver trim.

MagicMountPro Review Contents

I used the bigger mount for my phone. The adhesive is 3M, so I’m confident it won’t damage my phone case. You can also stick it directly on your phone underneath the phone case. I am okay with the silver trim on the mount, so I did not change it.


I’m quite happy with the MagicMount Pro set-up. It’s as easy as laying my phone on the mount. It sticks in place and does not budge no matter what kind of driving I do. It does not take any extra time for me to set up my phone on the mount or to remove it. I can also easily move the mount to another vent that I think would be more convenient. It also does not take up any space at all!

Taking off my phone from the mount just needs a slightly strong pull to detach it.

MagicMountPro Review Installed Vent

Using Waze was very easy. It was visible and within reach.

As for the cons, since this is a vent attachment, I am limited in terms of where I can situate my phone. I can only attach this to where vents are. I also cannot position/rotate my phone and am limited by the position of the vent. My phone also ends up partially blocking the air-con.

Overall, this has proven to be very useful and practical. Sometimes I forget how much I take it for granted!

Note: you shouldn’t use this with hard-drive based gadgets

I checked online, and the SRP is P1,495, just in case you’re interested to get one for yourself! 

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