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Luckys Burger Bar Tuscany ExteriorI had been meaning to try Lucky’s ever since I heard of it. It is located at the Tuscany in McKinley Hill. It was getting some buzz when it opened late last year, but bars are not typically my venue of choice, so we just never got round to it.

Luckys Burger Bar Tuscany Interior

Fortunately, I was invited to try them out, so we did. Lucky’s is famous for their Bacon Chips. This is their signature dish – it is something you should definitely order when you visit Lucky’s.


Lucky’s concept is very Italian Mafia! Lucky’s is actually named after Lucky Luciano, the famous crime boss, the father of modern organized crime in the US. You’ll see references to other mafia-related names in the menu, like Gambino and Colombo, from the Gambino and Colombo crime families.

Lucky Burger Bar Menu Front

Lucky Burger Bar Menu Back


We started with some Iced Tea. Lucky’s Bacon Chips is actually one of the dishes showcased in Tuscany’s Cravelist Campaign.

Lucky Burger Iced Tea

If you love bacon, and who doesn’t, Lucky’s Bacon Chips (P280) will make you bacon-happy! These are wide, but thinly-sliced bacon, coated in breading and fried until crisp! Think about your favorite crispy fried chicken breading – now imagine it coating big strips of bacon!

Lucky Burger Bar Bacon Chips Top View

The bacon that Lucky’s uses is different from the small, thin, commercial strips of bacon we usually find at supermarkets. They have a special supplier for their bacon and they have a specific thickness requirement for their bacon – since the bacon is thicker, it is not as crispy as the thin bacons we are used to. On the upside, you get more bacon meat!

Lucky Burger Bacon Bar Bacon Chips 2Lucky’s Bacon Chips are served on a wooden board and smell so mouthwatering! Each strip is crispy, and the breading is nice and crunchy! It is not too salty at all, and definitely not oily or greasy.

Lucky Burger Bacon Bar Bacon Chips

They have two kinds of sauces available for the bacon chips – the store-made chili garlic sauce and sinamak vinegar. I definitely prefer the chili garlic sauce! It is sweet, with a little bit of vinegar, garlic, spices and tomato sauce. It is not very spicy. I find that it goes very well with the bacon chips. That’s a bottle of sinamak vinegar with some garlic in the background.

These bacon chips are really something – once you start eating one, it’s like you can’t help but reach for another, and then another, to put in your mouth, just like your favorite snack chips!

If you want to eat the bacon chips, but also want something more filling, another bestseller is Lucky’s Crispy Bacon and Egg (P175). You get a serving of Lucky’s Bacon Chips, with some sous vide egg, and garlic and chive fried rice.

Lucky Burger Bar Bacon Chips

Lucky Burger Bar Bacon Eggs Sous Vide Fried Rice

Sous vide is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight plastic bags and placed in a water bath, for a longer amount of time, but at a lower than normal cooking temperature. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and retain moisture.

Lucky Burger Bar Sous Vide Egg Fried Rice Bacon Chips

The sous vide cooked egg was very good – it was soft and perfect! You know that perfect moment when egg white barely cooks and comes together and becomes this delicious, soft, white, jiggly blob? Imagine the whole egg in that state.

If you or your dining companion don’t think you can finish an entire order of bacon chips, but also appreciate soft-cooked eggs, I recommend getting this instead.

Next, we also tried the Lucky Burger (P180). It is topped with organic lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese, bacon, and Lucky’s signature dressing.

Lucky Burger Bar Lucky Burger Top View

The patty is 1/3 pound of pure beef, grilled.

Lucky Burger Lucky Burger Close Up

Local beef is used for Lucky’s burgers. The meat for the burgers are delivered fresh, every day. No salt is used on Lucky’s burger – only herbs and spices are used to flavor the burger.

Lucky Burger Lucky Burger 2

Lucky Burger Bar Lucky Burger

We capped the meal with dessert! We had Lucky’s Apple Pie (P120). I wasn’t expecting much from a slice of apple pie, having been frustrated by all the generic apple pies I have had before, but Lucky’s Apple Pie is really good!

Luckys Burger Bar Apple Pie ala Mode

I was told that the Apple Pie is home-made by the owners of Lucky’s. The apples are sliced small so that the flavors of the sauce permeate the apples, and small enough so diners don’t get huge chunks of still crispy apple. The size of the apple pieces are just right to eat and chew without trouble – they have not melted into the pie, they are soft, but still distinct enough to know that you are eating apple, and not big enough to be bothersome to bite into.

Luckys Burger Bar Apple Pie

I love the filling of this apple pie – it has a sort of caramel / butterscotch flavor. The scoop of vanilla ice cream is creamy and is a perfect pairing for the apple pie.


Lucky’s is a place where you can unwind or hang out with friends. It is well-lighted and not noisy .

I recommend getting the Bacon Chips – I don’t think you can get bacon chips like this elsewhere in Metro Manila. The bacon chips go well with drinks and are good for sharing. The sous vide egg is also a must if you love soft cooked eggs.

If you have a sweet craving, please try the Apple Pie – it was surprisingly delicious and quite good!

Service was fast and friendly.

Lucky’s Burger & Bar
Unit RJ-RJM, G/F Bldg. 5 Tuscany at Mckinley Hill, 1634 Taguig, Philippines
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11 AM – 12 MN; Sat/Sun: 12 NN – 10 PM

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