Liese Creamy Bubble DIY Hair Color Review + How to Use

Liese Creamy Bubble Color

It’s been a few months since I colored my hair, and my roots and white hair are starting to show. I should have colored my hair some time ago but I could only do it yesterday.

And since some of you have been asking for some beauty products reviews and vlogs, I thought I would try my hand at vlogging this review. You know, since I’m actually coloring my hair, anyway 🙂

I got this Liese Creamy Bubble Color from the Watsons #HappyNewYou haul last January and it’s what I am going to use.


I have not used this brand of hair color before, and I must say I’m really enjoying the “foam” type hair color.

Instructions are straightforward. Start with clean, dry hair. One major difference is that you don’t shake the hair color bottle here.

Liese Creamy Bubble Color Contents

Liese Creamy Bubble Color Instructions

The hair colorant comes out in “foam” and is easy to apply. It doesn’t drip everywhere.

I documented the whole process in vlog format, that you can watch below 🙂

So what are my thoughts on this hair color brand?

+ It’s easy to use. I find it less messy than other DIY hair color brands.

+ The gloves they provide are better than the plastic ones that other brands have in their kits.

+ My hair feels soft from the hair color itself. Other hair coloring kits leave my hair feeling stiff, but Liese makes my hair feel soft even before adding any conditioner.

– It doesn’t fully cover any previous hair color. If you look closely in the vlog, the “roots” part of my hair is darker (virgin hair), while the lighter hair that was previously colored with L’Oreal Excellence Fashion hair color remains lighter. The lowest part of my hair is also darker from a previous, previous, previous dark hair color. But I don’t really mind. What’s important to me is that it covers the white hair. The different shades of color on my hair actually gets nice compliments from people who think I had some sort of ombre done. 🙂

Also, all the at-home hair coloring kits I have tried have this same problem where they can’t fully color parts of the hair that have been previously colored, so it’s not a big deal for me. It’s not that noticeable anyway unless someone looks closely. But for general people who are not hairstylists or whatever, they don’t notice naman 🙂

This DIY hair coloring kit is available at Watsons.

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