Lazada Electronics Sales Top Picks – August 25, 2015

Lazada Ultimate Electronics Sale


Lazada has a lot of sales going on lately, and if you are itching to buy a shiny new gadget, check them out!

Here are some of my top picks:

  • Dell Inspiron 3451 2GB Intel Celeron n2840 – It’s now only P11,999! If you are looking for a basic laptop on a budget, but don’t need a CD/DVD drive or a LAN port (for wired LAN cable; instead, this laptop only connects using wifi), this is the best value, in my opinion. It is a solid 14-inch Dell laptop, with removable battery and user-replaceable RAM. This is important because laptop batteries are the first things to die, and you’ll want to be able to replace them (usually around P3,000+) without having to buy a new laptop; RAM – you might want to upgrade later, especially if you use Chrome and open a lot of tabs at the same time, so it’s better to have that option. I have been eyeing this as a secondary laptop since the price was still in the P15,000+ range. The only reason I haven’t bought this is because I still haven’t decided whether or not I’d need a CD drive while on the road. At first I thought I didn’t, but I’ve been receiving a lot of press packets in CD form recently, so I think I will probably need a CD drive. Like I said, I have been eyeing this laptop for a while, and checked it out at physical computer stores – it’s thin and light for the price, and well-built. Other brand laptops in this price range are flimsy or don’t have user-replaceable battery/RAM! This is a basic laptop – it’s good for browsing, watching movies, YouTube, working on MS Office files, etc… but not recommended for heavy gaming, Photoshop, video editing. I also like that the touchpad is centered. If you are looking for a budget laptop, this is my most sulit pick!Lazada Dell Inspiron 3451
  • Hitachi Touro 1TB External Hard Drive – Damn, I just bought this a week ago at P2,725! It’s now only P2,499! This was the most affordable 1TB portable hard drive I found. I checked reviews online and they were positive. Why am I recommending a portable HDD? Remember when people stopped using CDs and started using USBs to swap files? Well, portable hdds are the new USBs! You can store your entire movie, music, picture collections and work files in them and take them with you anywhere. They are also great as backup storage. To keep your external hard drive working well, always safely remove them from your computer, and try not to move them around a lot (huwag masyadong alugin) because it still has physical moving parts inside. This is also already using USB 3.0, but will still work with older computers’ USB ports.Lazada Hitachi Touro Mobile Portable Hard Drive
  • Transcend StoreJet 25M3 1TB External Hard Drive – if you are looking for something more rugged, this one has anti-shock features and is P2,880.Lazada Transcend StoreJet 25M3 1TB External Hard Drive
  • ASUS ZenPower 10050mah PowerbankP795. There is now no excuse to be “low batt”! A powerbank is now becoming a necessity, especially if you have a smartphone; and if you are going to buy one, it’s better to get one from a trusted brand where you can be assured of good quality. Going out and about in Metro Manila is such an unpredictable affair right now, with unexpected heavy traffic, rains, floods, and what have you. Don’t be caught stranded with no way to contact anyone!Lazada Asus Zenpower
  • Nokia Lumia 636 8GBP3,990. Want to try out a Windows Phone? Check out this super-affordable Lumia 636. If you are looking for an entry-level Windows phone, or a secondary phone, this phone fits the bill without breaking the bank. I like my Lumia 630 Windows Phone (my secondary phone) because it doesn’t lag! Typing is a much better experience than on my Samsungs. It’s great for regular texting and calling, and battery life lasts several days with normal use. The build quality is also very solid. It’s as tough as your old 3310!  The only problem I have with it is that the apps for Windows phone are limited and most of the big apps developers don’t really concentrate on making good Windows Phone apps. But if you’re using mostly Microsoft-centered apps like Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, they work really well.Lazada Lumia 636

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