Lay Bare Nature Scents – Make Your Home Smell Like a Spa!

Lay Bare Nature Scents 2

Your favorite waxing salon now offers home scents! Lay Bare recently came out with with a line called Nature Scents that you can use to make your home smell wonderful and relaxing.


These aromatherapy oils are part of Lay Bare’s Home Essentials products, and are meant to be used with a diffuser / air purifier. It should not be used on skin.

Currently, there are 3 scents available:

  • Vanilla Fantasy (P230) – vanilla & lavender. This one is my favorite scent. When I use this, my room smells like a spa and I pretend that I’m in a spa! Just turn on the AC, turn the the lights down and relax!
  • Sweet Sakura (P230) – cherry blossom & green tea.  This smells sweet but the green tea balances out the sweet smell of the cherry blossom.
  • Glimmer (P270) – this one smells clean. It reminds me of showers and shampoo. It’s another scent that makes it feel like your home is a spa.

Each bottle is 50ml.

You can purchase these Lay Bare Home Essentials Nature Scents aromatherapy oils at any Lay Bare branch.

Lay Bare Nature Scents

To use:

I fill up my air purifier with water up to the Max line, and then I put maybe half the cap’s worth of oil (I just use the bottle cap to measure how much oil to put). You can also use a dropper if you want. I don’t recommend just pouring the oil, there’s a tendency to pour out more than you intended. You can adjust how much aromatherapy oil to put to suit what you like – put more for a stronger scent, and less for a more delicate scent.

Lay Bare Nature Scents Purifier Diffuser

I put back the air purifier lid. Then I put my air purifier in the room I want to relax in, plug it in, turn it on. The room will instantly smell fresh and relaxing!

Next time when you’re at Lay Bare getting some waxing done, check out these Lay Bare Nature Scents!


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