Knorr Salted Egg Powder and Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce


Salted Egg Shrimp Poppers

Are you crazy for salted egg anything? I know I am!

Salted egg on anything is the trend right now, everybody’s into salted eggs!

If you are having a hard time sourcing a reliable supply of salted egg yolks, especially if you are running a restaurant, check out the newly launched Knorr Salted Egg Powder.

The Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce is a versatile sauce that you can use as a base or to drizzle on final dishes, the possibilities are endless. Also, making your own rock sugar honey sauce takes a long time!


Last week, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) launched the Knorr Salted Egg Powder and the Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce. The event was held at the Chefmanship Center, which was transformed into a gastropark, with guest chefs manning their food stations! What a treat!


Of course, all their dishes made use of the star ingredients – the Knorr Salted Egg Powder and the Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce.


The chefs who participated in the event and their dishes:

Chef Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder Dish Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce Dish
Filipino Cuisine
Fernando Aracama, Executive Chef of Aracama Pancit Luglug– Rice noodles with salted egg yolk sauce, sautéed shrimps and grilled octopus


Pork Humba Binalot – Sous vide pork belly humba, mushroom rice with braised peanuts, pickled red onions


Pauline Benedicto, Executive Chef of Rekado Filipino Comfort Food Crabcake with Salted Egg Hollandaise, Quail Egg, and Kamias Dressing Pulled Pork Adobo with Pomelo Relish and Kesong Puti
Joshua Boutwood, Executive Chef of The Bistro Group Beetroot cured salmon served with an emulsion of Salted Egg Powder, Dill oil and powders Braised veal cheeks paired with black coffee glaze and pickled vegetables
Kenneth Cacho, Director for Culinary Arts at ISCAHM Golden Nugget – Pressed Chicken in Guinness Batter (Salted Egg Butter, Curry Leaf Aioli and Spiced Tomato Espuma) Pork & Beans – Rock Sugar Honey Ribs (Cannellini Bean Puree and Bacon-Chive Cracker)
Kimberly Solejon, Cucina Idol Grand Winner and PCC 2016 Best Chef Knorr® Salted Egg Poboy on Charcoal Buns, Sriracha Hoisin Aioli Five Spice Pork Belly in Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Glaze, Orange and Fennel Scented Barley
Michael Miko Aspiras, Pastry Chef at Le Petit Souffle, Scout’s Honor Cookies PH Salted Egg Entremet- cultured butter almond cake salted egg yolks mousse, homemade caramel popcorn Malu Gula Batu Verrinne – puff pastry pillow, golden saltwater meringue with golden sugar syrup

From UFS, we also had Chef Alan Wong of UFS Malaysia who showed us different ways to use the Knorr Salted Egg Powder and the Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce. UFS Philippines Sous Chef Carlos “Pipo” Aluning elevated the humble squid ball into something you would be happy to serve for cocktails!

Here are pictures of some of the dishes that the creative chefs came up with. My only regret was that I was not able to try them all, although I did try my very best to eat them all! 

To start, we had these Fried Squid Balls with Ginger Miso Glaze and Spicy Honey Glaze. Fooled ya? Yeah, me too. I thought it was a takoyaki…  Who knew you could serve squid balls like this?


Here’s the sample size of Chef Alan Wong’s Curry-Salted Egg Veloute, presentation is gorgeous. It made me think of a nice terrarium, but it was yummmm!


This Salted Egg Poboy on Charcoal Buns with Sriracha Hoisin Aioli was my favorite of the night because it had the strongest salted egg yolk flavor.knorr-salted-egg-poboy-on-charcoal-buns

This Five-Spice Pork Belly in Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce Glaze, Orange and Fennel Scented Barley was also another crowd favorite.


Crabcake with Salted Egg Holladaise, Quail Egg, and Kamias Dressing. It looks beautiful, right? I was so sad I missed going back for this after going around taking pictures and trying all the other dishes. I’m a slow eater so, huhuhu… 


You can also use Salted Egg in dessert! Here’s the Salted Egg Entremet – cultured butter almond cake, salted egg yolks mouse, and homemade caramel popcorn.


Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder is a one-step solution for salted egg dishes. It is made only with the best quality egg yolks for better flavor, color, and aroma and to save on labor and time in the kitchen. Chefs and operators no longer have to deal with fluctuating supply or quality of salted eggs because of its consistent availability and quality.

Meanwhile, Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce is another kitchen delight as a premium one-step honey sauce that can be used on its own or as a base sauce. Made from premium yellow rock sugar and real honey, it saves time and labor, perfect for dishes like marmite chicken, glazed spareribs, or any new dish creations through the creativity and boldness of brilliant chefs.

Make sure your palate and menu are on trend. Visit to get your hands on Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce and create exciting and gastronomic dishes.

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