Kimukatsu Review – Juicy Pork Croissant Tonkatsu!

Kimukatsu Table

Two weeks ago, Shangrila Plaza had a promo called 30th on the 29th, where you got a 30% discount when you dined at participating restaurants.

Naturally, we took advantage of the promo! We decided to go back to Kimukatsu because we really like their Tonkatsu.

Kimukatsu’s tonkatsu is different from the ones from other restaurants. Other Tonkatsus are made from one whole piece of pork, while Kimukatsu’s is made from layers of thinly-sliced pork, with flavorings and spices tucked in between the layers. I find that this technique makes the Tonkatsu more flavorful and easier to bite into. I always describe it to friends and relatives as a pork croissant

Kimukatu has a Tonkatsu Meal Set (price is around P380-430, depending on which Tonkatsu flavor you choose) – this meal set already includes unlimited rice, unlimited miso soup, cabbage and Japanese pickles.

Kimukatsu Tonkatsu Menu

However, we wanted to have more than 1 Tonkatsu per person, so we thought we’d order the 3-pc Kimukatsu Set (yes, in the end, we realized we ordered more than we could eat , but we were hungry and so hopeful that we could finish them all!). The set is P1,200 and will let you choose any 3 flavors of Tonkatsu, and also includes unlimited rice, miso soup, cabbage and pickles for 2 persons.

Of course, we picked the most expensive ones on the menu: Ume Shiso and Yuzu, and the third was Black Pepper. It’s P1,200 whichever flavor we picked, so we might as well try the expensive ones that we wouldn’t normally consider trying.

We also ordered the Negi Shio Tofu (P130). This is a simple cold, soft tofu topped with green onions (technically, they should be called onion chives) and salted sesame oil. It’s really good and quite refreshing especially in the heat we had that day. It’s such a simple appetizer but it’s just perfect!

Kimukatsu Negi Shio Tofu

We also ordered some Agedashi Tofu (P180). This is fried soft tofu with a light batter, in a sweet soy sauce that is very similar to a tempura sauce. Don’t forget to mix the grated radish and ginger into the sauce for more yumminess!

Kimukatsu Agedashi TofuWe normally don’t order so much food, but hey, it was 30% OFF so it was game on! (Drinks are not included in the promo)

While waiting for our Tonkatsu, we checked out the various sauces. I forgot the sauce names, so I’ll just name them how I remember them 

Kimukatsu Tonkatsu Sauce Cabbage Salad Dressing Sesame Goma Chili Vinegar Wasabi

The Tonkatsu Sauce is in this small pitcher:

Kimukatsu Tonkatsu Sauce

One of the staff goes around spooning out ground black sesame seeds.

Kimukatsu Tonkatsu Sauce with Black Sesame

The thing that I appreciated most was that they also included some Pink Himalayan Salt! This is the first time I have seen Pink Himalayan Salt available for the diners to use. Pink Himalayan Salt is expensive stuff, and is prized for its high mineral content and resulting health benefits. You’re supposed to sprinkle some on your Tonkatsu if you feel that it needs additional saltiness. Read more about Pink Himalayan Salt.

Kimukatsu Pink Himalayan Salt

The dressings are to be used with the sliced cabbage:

Kimukatsu Unlimited Cabbage

You can try combining the sauces and see which combos you like! I actually like a base of the wasabi dressing, then adding some sesame, a little bit of the vinegary sauce, and a few drops of the chili. The dressings are all delicious, but I’m partial to the wasabi and the sesame.

Our Tonkatsu order: Ume Shiso, Yuzu Pepper and Black Pepper

Kimukatsu 3 Flavor Tonkatsu Black Pepper Yuzu Ume ShisoThe Tonkatsus are fresh from the fryer – the breading is wonderfully crispy and crackles when bitten! All of the tonkatsus were moist & juicy.

Ume Shiso Tonkatsu – this is my #2 out of the 3 flavors. Ume Shiso is flavored with Umeboshi (plums) and Shiso leaves. The Umeboshi gives it a pinkish hue. The Shiso is herby, but it’s more of a strong, savoury kind of herby.

Kimukatsu Ume Shiso Tonkatsu Close Up

Yuzu KoshoPepper Tonkatsu – I liked this the least. It’s not bad, but both the Ume Shiso and the Yuzu Pepper Tonkatsus are an acquired taste. I wasn’t really into the green chili pepper filling.

Kimukatsu Yuzu Tonkatsu

Black Pepper Tonkatsu – the one I liked most out of these 3 is the Black Pepper. It has improved since the last time I had it last year. The black pepper is milder (unlike last year when I thought it was too strong). You can’t go wrong with this Tonkatsu.

The Japanese rice came in this bowl:

Kimukatsu Japanese RiceFor the miso soup, they have Red Miso Soup and White Miso Soup. Just let them know which one you want. You can order the White Miso first, then get the Red Miso next (remember, it’s unlimited!).

Kimukatsu Red White Miso Soup

The White Miso is lighter in taste. The Red Miso has a stronger flavor profile. I find both of them good, with lots of wakame, miso and tofu.

For dessert, we ordered the Soy Cotta (P180). I’m assuming it’s a panna cotta made with soymilk.

Kimukatsu Soy Cotta

I liked it. It’s also very light and refreshing – two slices of a slightly sweet, creamy, gelatinous pudding sweetened with syrup and topped with some wolfberries (a.k.a. goji berries).


I like this style of Tonkatsu, and that is one of the reasons we find ourselves back in Kimukatsu. I like my Tonkatsu well-seasoned and Kimukatsu’s “mille-feuille style” katsu makes it easy for flavor to penetrate the meat. Since the meat is also sliced into very thin layers, it’s also easier to eat, especially for those concerned with eating tough meat (those with dental problems, senior citizens, etc…). I’m mentioning it because it’s a concern for my parents, and maybe for someone you know, too.

If you wanted to keep your spending below P500 per person, getting the P380 set will be more than enough – you’ll be so full with the unlimited rice, cabbage, and soup! Complimentary house tea is also available hot or cold.

Kimukatsu is worth a splurge during weekends, dates, etc… You get a lot for what you pay for, and the food is good! The Tonkatsu is unique and worth a try. My personal favorites are still the Cheese and the Black Pepper Tonkatsu. They also have new Tonkatsus with creamy toppings, which I hope to try next time.

Service is above average – the staff were very attentive.

Level 5, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Phone: Shangri-la 727 0333

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