Joy Lemon Dishwashing Liquid at P110 OFF!

SnR Joy Dishwashing Liquid 90 oz Lemon Sale Less P110

I am so happy to share this sale item I found at S&R!

You might wonder why I’m so happy to find this dishwashing liquid on sale, but I am very, very happy, and let me tell you why!

After trying other brands of dishwashing liquid, I insisted that we go back to using Joy. We have this big bottle of Joy bought a few months ago also from S&R, and it lasts us 3-4 months! At the original price of P449.95, it was already a good deal, but now it’s at P110 OFF! This big 90 oz bottle is now only P339.95. That’s 2.66 liters for P339.95!

That works out to P339.95/2.66 = P127.80 per liter, or P25.56 for every 200 ml. How much is the regular 200ml pouch? It’s around P40-50 now. So with this sale, we’re getting Joy for about half the price vs. if we just bought the 200ml pouches like we usually did before.

We are definitley going back to hoard a few more of these babies!

The reason we went back to using Joy was because even though Joy is a bit more expensive than other brands, it’s just better and saves us more in the long run:

  • it easily cuts through grease – it doesn’t need a lot of Joy to clean plates, pots and pans
  • it lasts longer – we use an old hand soap pump bottle (from Watson’s), we fill it about an inch with Joy, then we fill the rest of the bottle with water and mix! We are able to use this for 1-2 weeks of dish washing! Rough estimate is we use a 1:10 Joy to water ratio. Joy is still very effective at dish washing even diluted this much!
  • it rinses off easily and doesn’t leave a slimy residue – the problem I had with other dishwashing liquids was that they left the slimy feeling on the plates and I have to use more water and more effort to make sure the slimy film is rinsed off, what a waste of water! With Joy, the plates are squeaky clean! I do love hearing the squeaky sound of clean plates! Weird, no?

This Joy promo should be available at all S&R Warehouse branches. I don’t know when the promo will end so if you want to take advantage of this discount, please visit S&R within the week!

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