J.Co Launches new Affogato Drinks + Lifestyle Cafe Concept Store

JCo Affogato Series Launch SM East Ortigas

J.Co introduced their new Lifestyle Cafe concept in SM East Ortigas yesterday. The new branch is very Instagrammable, the furniture is made of warm wood, and seems like a cozier and more relaxing place to have coffee and donuts.

SM East Ortigas is a newly-opened mall along Ortigas Ave. Extension, on the way to Cainta Junction. For a mall that is on the outskirts of central Metro Manila, it’s a very nice mall – shiny and modern-looking, with all the nice shops and coffee shops that you’d expect from a mall nearer the heart of Metro Manila. Parking is P20.00.

The J.Co branch in SM East Ortigas is located near the main mall entrance.


J.Co also launched a new beverage series called the Affogato Series. A traditional affogato is a scoop of ice cream drowned in a shot of piping hot espresso.

During the launch, they showed us how they make their affogatos.

JCo Affogato Series Launch 1

JCo Affogato Series Launch 2

This Summer, J.CO’s new Affogato Series will wake you up and cool you down at the same time. They launched the following flavors:

Iced Cafe Avocado Affogato

The rich and creamy flavors in the Avocado Affogato blend just as well as they rhyme! J.CO has blended the smooth and creamy taste of avocado with its premium coffee blend and topped it off with a scoop of luscious chocolate ice cream which all come together to form a harmonious combination of distinct flavors.

Iced Jcoccino Affogato

A rich, buttery scoop of milk chocolate ice cream makes this crowd favorite extra creamy. Definitely a must-try for any coffee enthusiast looking to get a quick cooling caffeine fix.

Iced Chocolate Affogato

You can never have too much of a good thing. Case in point: the chocolatey goodness of the Iced Chocolate Affogato, which is a sweet serving of chocolate milk topped with a heaping scoop of chocolate ice cream. Definitely a chocolate lover’s dream realized and made available in a cup.

Here’s my Iced JCoccino Affogato and my donuts. Nom, nom, nom!

Everyone’s having their fill of donuts!

JCo Affogato Series Launch SM East Ortigas 2


Here are the donut prices and J.Club promos:

J.Co Club Promos Donut Prices

J.Co Coffee Menu

More donuts being made:

JCo Affogato Series Launch SM East Ortigas Making Donuts

If you find yourself in the area, please head on over and check out J.Co’s new concept store and their new Affogatos!

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