How to Use Globe’s GoSakto for Newbies

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How to Use Globe GoSakto for Newbies

A relative of mine recently asked me what the cheapest Globe to Globe unli package was. He needed something that was good for 30 days and provided for a lot of calls and texts.

Check out this GoSakto Trick for 510 mins of Globe/TM calls for 30 days for only P94!

I told him all about Globe’s GoSakto, which I use as the need arises. This older relative, who is not really tech-savvy, seemed a bit overwhelmed when I started explaining about Globe’s GoSakto, so I am writing this post to help other people who might be in the same predicament.

What is Globe’s GoSakto?

In a nutshell, it is a Globe feature that lets you pick and choose different combinations of Call, Text and Surf items, as well as the duration or validity period.

This is actually a great improvement from a telecommunications standpoint. Imagine, instead of being stuck choosing between pre-made offers, you can actually pick and choose calls, texts and internet options based on your requirements!

The only downside I experienced was the limited options for the validity period. When I chose options based on what I really needed, 100 minutes Globe calls, 100 Globe texts, the validity options available to me were only up to 7 days, when what I actually wanted was 30 days.

There are several ways to register to GoSakto, but I’ll be focusing on these two:

  • on your computer, online, via Globe’s website
  • on your phone via #143*
On the web:

If you are new to GoSakto and would like to try different combinations and see how much they cost, I suggest using the website because it’s faster and takes less steps to finish.

Go to Globe’s Gosakto website by typing this on your browser:

You should see the GoSakto webpage:

Globe GoSakto Lets Get Started

If you just want to practice or just check out the GoSakto offerings, click the button at the bottom that says “I WANT TO TRY GOSAKTO”.


Globe GoSakto How to 2

You should see the next page:

Globe GoSakto How to 3

These are the options:

Globe GoSakto How to Type of Promos

For example, let’s say we are looking for a simple call and text offer that is good enough to last us for 30 days:

Let’s pick Call and Text:

Globe GoSakto How to Call and Text Choices

So just pick the options that you want and then click SUBMIT. Please take note that if you choose less than 1,000 texts, the option for 30 days validity will not be available. I think Globe put in a minimum so that cheapskates like us are forced to pick a more expensive offer. To be honest, I really don’t need the 1,000 texts because I use my Smart Mega 250 as my main communication plan since it can text all networks. I just need about 30 minutes of Globe calls a month, and maybe 20 Globe texts.

I picked 1,000 Globe/TM texts and 100 minutes Globe/TM calls, chose 30 days, then hit Submit.

Globe GoSakto How To Register Validity

Here’s the final amount of the GoSakto offer:

Globe GoSakto How To Register Step 4

You can now choose to register to the offer.

For a 30-day telecoms requirement for a regular person contacting only Globe subscribers (no telebabad), this offer seems to be the best fit. But honestly, it’s nowhere near the value of Smart’s Mega 250. The only reason I am even registered to this is to be able to contact people who are, for some reason or other, still with Globe.



  • 1,000 Globe/TM texts
  • 100 minutes Globe/TM calls
  • COST: P225.00

Smart Mega 250

  • Unlitext to ALL networks
  • 180 minutes Smart/Sun/TNT calls
  • 100 MB internet
  • COST: P250.00

The only advantage I can see using Globe’s Prepaid service is there is no need for any prefix. With Smart Prepaid, you still need to add the prefix *2477 before calling out, or you will be charged the regular rate. If you are using Mega Combo 250 on Smart postpaid or Freedom Plan, there is no need to add any prefix.

Update (April 10, 2015): Here’s a GoSakto trick that I just discovered GoSakto Trick for 510 mins of Globe/TM calls for 30 days for only P94!

Please go to the next page to see the instructions and screenshots for accessing Globe’s GoSakto via phone.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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42 thoughts on “How to Use Globe’s GoSakto for Newbies

  1. Krei

    Actually, there are promos cheaper with GoSakto than the usual promo.

    Example: Supersurf50 = “Unlimited” Surfing = P50
    GOTSCOMBOAE47 = “Unlimited” Surfing + 50 Texts Globe/TM = P47

    There are other promos with Gosakto that you can have save you some money if you look hard enough. 😉

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Krei!
      Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know that. Is that good for 1 day?

      By the way, is the “unlimited” internet really “unlimited”. I’ve heard so many people complain about the Fair Use Policy (FUP), data capping or data throttling. What was your experience with this promo?

    2. Tristram

      I tried the promo. It’s basically Supersurf + 50 Texts to Globe and TM.
      So, it still has the 800MB till 12MN FUP.
      However, I find that better than Smart who throttles your Unlisurf subscription without any prior warning once you reached a certain data usage threshold. At least Globe is transparent with their throttling practices.

      Upon doing some searching there’s also the infamous GOTSCOMBODD70 which is 1000 Texts to Globe/TM + 1GB of Surfing for 7 days for only 70pesos.

      To sum it all up, I do agree that GoSakto has many good promos that you’ll uncover with some trial and error or with a basic Google search. 😉

      1. Barat Queen Post author

        Really? P70.00 for 1GB?! At that price, I won’t even care that I won’t be using the 1,000 texts. I’m just after the 1GB. I’m going to try that combo!

        Thanks, Tristram!

      2. Cindy Katungkulan

        I do agree with that sudden throttling by Smart on my unlisurf/LTE promo. I hate their lack of transparency. Imagine experiencing 5Mbps then it goes down to 1Mbps without any notification. Annoying!

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Yikes. That’s awful 🙁 Whatever happened to the Unlimited Means Unlimited thing the DOJ was talking about?

  2. Shin del Rosario

    Thanks to GoSakto, I changed my mind and decided against going postpaid. With less than 200 pesos, I have more than a thousand allnet texts, hundreds of minutes of same-net calls, plus 2GB of data valid for 30 days by staying on prepaid. The best part is, if it’s not enough, you can cheaply add more. It makes Smart Mega 250 expensive in comparison.

    The potentially shady nature of how to do so stops me from sharing it here in this comment. But a few google searches should help.

    Pro-tip: there’s also a spreadsheet somewhere in the internet that shows all possible GoSakto combinations. Though the last time I check, it was not yet updates to include the recently added 2-day and 15-day variants but still proved to be useful.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Shin! Thanks for sharing! I searched online and found what you were talking about! Galing.

      What a coincidence that our DSL was down yesterday for a few hours, so I had a chance to try the P70 for 1GB. Unfortunately, Globe’s internet is really slow where I am (Sta. Mesa, Manila). When I checked with Speedtest, I only got 0.82 Download and 0.08 Upload, and had errors when trying to watch Youtube.

      But you made me reconsider my thinking about Globe’s GoSakto! I am thinking about doing this for mobile internet when I’m out of the house. Para di na tipid tipid sa mobile internet 🙂 2GB for only P200 + 500 mins calls pa + 1,000 texts good for 30 days.

      And I don’t think this is shady at all. They never said you couldn’t register for certain combination of GoSakto promos. It just so happens that people found very good combinations. Their system might be going towards what Sun is doing — which is extending the validity period of promos to the longest one. The trick is just using a certain combination of valid GoSakto promos, although I have no idea why it was to be within a certain time frame.

      Again, thank you for sharing! I found your comment really helpful and useful 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      The P70.00 1GB combo? Just choose Text & Surf, then 1,000 Globe/TM texts, then 1000MB internet, then 7 days. You’ll be amazed that’s it’s only P70.00. However, when I tried it, the internet was slow. I don’t know if it’s because of my location, but my Speedtest download speed was 0.82, Sta Mesa area, 10PM.

      It’s okay for internet stuff where you don’t need a really fast connection – just staying online, maybe emails, online chats, twitter, FB.. but it’s slow for Youtube, which is what I was planning to use it for 🙁

  3. REGAN

    @barat queen,

    were you able to get the same combination like that of @shin? were there any special tricks to push on the phone or everything’s registered as normal ?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yes.. I found the trick. I just don’t have the time to figure out why it works only from 7am-9am though.

      It’s a combination of several gosakto promos you register to from 7am-9am, and somehow they add up and the validity period extends to the longest one.

      You can double or triple your texts/internet by registering some promos twice or thrice.

      It doesn’t seem like cheating to me – wala naman dinadaya, nor does anyone get something for “free”, you still pay for the promos registered. It’s more like you can register to several promos and the validity period extends to the longest time (like what Sun Cellular does with their advanced charging system). You save because you can register for cheaper promos and have the validity period extended up to 30 days.

      There are no special buttons to push on your phone – it’s just registering to GoSakto promos like normal but only at a certain time, and registering to certain gosakto promos in order.

      CAVEAT: Please try at your own risk. I haven’t tried it yet and I can’t give any assurances that it will work. Also, Globe can fix this bug anytime…

      Google “gosakto afordable bug call txt surf for 1 month php160” 🙂 Backread the threads. Enjoy!

      1. REGAN

        make sense @barat queen because i’m looking at the matrix, the lowest amount is already at 7 pesos (i think it’s a basic 1 day promo) then if you multiply by 30, then it’s already 210. pesos that’s why I was wondering how 200 pesos can give you that much.

        Thanks a lot, hope I can get on the “how to register” thing 🙂

  4. JamesJp

    @BaatQueen if you want to make your connection faster here’s a trick 1st go to settings then look for mobile network and then change gsm\wcdma in to wcdma only so you get H+ or H hope i help you out

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi JamesJp, thank you for the tip! I tried that before and was amazed at the difference. I was only getting 3G signal, but when I changed the settings to WCDMA only, it suddenly became H+!

  5. genievieve

    Hi. Are the bug promos where there are 1gb or 2gb surfing that is good for 1 month still working?? I just tried the GOTSCOMBODD70 and it is still working but i found it a little expensive coz its 70 pesos for just a week… can u give me advice how to extend it or just suggest some other cheap bug promos with large surfing data and is valid for 1 month.. Thanks

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi genievieve, I’m sorry but the 1gb or 2gb bug is no longer working since Globe removed the Gosakto offers that can extend it to 30 days… So the P70 is the best one, at the moment. The good thing is, if you register to the P70 offer again before the previous one expires, it will carry over the remaining unused texts and minutes to the new one.

  6. Anonymous


    Do you know the new bug for the 500 minutes call and 1000 texts? I tried the the GOCTCOMBOAKF73 is not working anymore. I really to have to bug a 30 days so I can extend my GOCTCOMBOGKA21 promo. Thank you!

  7. john mabansag

    Nagregister ako kanina ng gotscombodd70 then dumating naman yung confirmation pero nung binuksan ko na yung data connection walang gumagana. Then chineck ko yung balance ko wala na yung 70 pero sabi di pa daw ako nakaregister o di ko pa nagagamit yung promo. Chineck ko din yung mb na nagamit ko pero sabi 0 mb of 0 mb mobile internet allocation. Magttry pa ba ko ulit kasi baka kainin lang yung 70 sayang lang.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, john. If you were able to receive the confirmation, it means naka register ka. If you can’t get an internet connection, please contact Globe 🙂 Check mo muna baka mahina signal, etc…

  8. Dongbum

    Hello Barat, nice to meet you online.
    This is Dongbum of Korea. I’m studying the Gosakto but It’s hard to find the data(new) of Gosakto. (just little overview or Globe’s instruction..T_T). so could you help me if you don’t mind?
    Just answer about simple questions.

    1. when was Gosakto released?
    2. what is the most popular before Gosakto?
    3. Can User who use Prepaid choose only Gosakto in Globe?
    4. Smart doesn’t have like a Gosakto?
    5. Do most People think who is the No1 between Globe and Smart?

    It’s totally ok on your highly subjective point of view.
    (and if you can please recommend the community site which can hear the Promo/Plan..etc)

    Thnak you~!
    Have a nice day ^^

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Dongbum, thank you for visiting 🙂 I’ll try to answer as best as I can:

      1. I don’t know when Gosakto was released, but it has been available for a few years already. You can ask Globe about it on their FB or Twitter
      2. Gosakto is the first kind of self-service USSD that I know of here in the Phils. Before GoSakto, we register to promos via text
      3. Globe Gosakto is only for Globe prepaid users
      4. Smart has *121#
      5. In terms of subscribers, Smart has more than Globe. Smart (#1) and Sun(#3) are sister companies now, so in effect, there are only 2 telco companies – Smart/Sun and Globe.

      Hope that helps you 🙂

      1. Dongbum

        Thank you for reply Barat ^^
        you mean that
        Globe’s prepaid subscriber use the Gosakto/ Smart’s prepaid subscriber use the *121#
        1. Does *121# have name? like a Gosakto?
        2. *121# also USSD? and Can user combine the promo by themselves?
        3. according to your article, there are some tricks in Gosakto. Do I think it just bug? or finding cheaper combination?

        Thanks again for your time ^^

  9. shanilyn

    hello barat…bakit everytime na mag registerd aq sa gotscombodd kinakain ung load q …kya lgi nasasayang ung load…kya n load aq ulit…ano ba dpat q gawin

  10. jun

    Hi BaratQueen,

    I’m new to GoSakto. Ask ko lang, if I want to have around 500 minutes of calls and 1000 text to all networks for 1 month, which of the following should i mix and match?

    GOCALLALLD500 – 500 minutes of Calls to All networks (500.00) – 1 day
    GOTXTD151 – 1000 Texts to Globe and TM (151.00) – 30 days
    GOTXTALLD209 – 1000 Texts to All networks (209.00) – 30 days
    GOCTCOMBOAD282 – 10 minutes of Calls to All networks; 1000 Texts to All networks (282.00) – 30 days

    I’m thinking of choosing the first and last but would the first two items suffice? the only reason that it being cheaper

    I know there are a lot of combo’s out there and would this combination be the most practical of all?


    1. Barat Queen Post author

      google GOCTCOMBODD32 and GOCOMBOAKCOF139 🙂 not sure if it’s still working, better check online first

      1. Jason

        the two promos there are pertaining to 500 minutes within the globe network, what Jun was asking is ALL net calls. i’m also looking for this. have anybody experienced this kind of combo?

        100 mins all net calls -1 day = P100
        10 mins all net calls, 1000 sms all net text – 30 days = 282




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