How to Use and Why You Should Get a Starbucks Card

Starbucks Card - How to Use & What are Advantages of Using Them - Earn Freebies

I just finished writing about the Starbucks Card Collection promo and I realized that some people may not yet be familiar with how the Starbucks Card works, or what the advantages are of using them instead of cash or credit card.

Some people might not know enough about it and might be intimidated to use it, especially now, when many people will be giving out the Starbucks Cards as gifts on Christmas.

So I’ve put together a short guide on how use and maximize your Starbucks Card. Hope it helps, and please leave a comment below!

How to use the Starbucks Card:

  • The Starbucks Card is like a prepaid card. Well, it’s actually a prepaid card. That can only be used at Starbucks.
  • You load money into it at any Starbucks counter, thru the cashier. Minimum initial load transaction is P300. P100 minimum for next “load transactions”. Max of P10,000 funds in the card.
  • If the Starbucks Card has “load”, you can now use it to buy drinks, food and merchandise at Starbucks. It’s the same process except that when it’s time to pay, you just give the cashier your Starbucks Card instead of cash or your credit card. Just have the cashier swipe the Starbucks card to deduct the amount from your Starbucks Card “load”. You’ll see your remaining Starbucks Card account balance at the bottom of your official receipt.

Starbucks Card Back with Fine Print How to Use What are Advantages Get Frebies

The advantages of using the Starbucks Card:

  • As soon as you get your Starbucks Card, register your card at You’ll need the numbers at the back of the card (see above, but I blocked out my card’s numbers for security reasons). This will give you a free Grande drink of your choice. FREE! It’s like you already got back more than half of the P300 you spent to get the card. Bawi na kalahati. After successfully registering your Starbucks Card, go to the Starbucks cashier and let them know that you would like to claim your free drink.
  • FREE birthday cake. Get a free slice of cake on your birthday! I think you have to claim this within 7 days after your birthday. Mas bawing bawi na!
  • Earn STARS.
    • You earn a Beverage Star for every handcrafted beverage you buy – 12 Beverage Stars get you 1 free handcrafted beverage
    • You earn a Whole Bean Star for every 250g bag of whole beans – 10 Whole Bean Stars get you 1 free 250g bag of whole beans
    • You earn a VIA Star for every VIA 12-pack – 10 VIA Stars get you 1 free VIA 12-pack
  • As long as your Starbucks Card had enough credits, you can go to Starbucks and not bring cash/ your wallet. Great if you are living near a Starbucks and you go in after a morning run or something 🙂 Also great if you want to go to Starbucks but don’t want to bring your big, heavy wallet with you.

If you regularly hang out at Starbucks, get this card and start earning those stars! At least, you get something back (free drink) for all your Starbucks visits.

I’m currently using my Starbucks Card and also earning stickers for the Starbucks Planner for 2015, so every handcrafted beverage I buy from Starbucks earns both a Beverage Star and a sticker for the Starbucks Planner! Cool!

Senior citizens also get 20% OFF their Starbucks drinks! So if you are looking to complete your Starbucks stickers for the planner more quickly, treat your senior citizen relatives to a cup of coffee or tea!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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