HK 2016: How to Go to Hong Kong City from the HK Airport

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I went on a trip to Hong Kong a couple of months ago, and I’m just blogging about it! I’m trying to write this out as soon as possible before I forget things!

This Hong Kong 2016 series will cover the stuff we did in Hong Kong, plus tips! Let’s start with how to go to Hong Kong City from the airport!

I don’t know if package tours are still a thing, but we haven’t purchased one in decades. Many of you are also probably buying your plane tickets and booking your hotels on your own, too.

So, without any travel company picking you up at the airport, how do you go to the city?


FYI, Hong Kong International Airport provides FREE WIFI.

Airport Express

If you’re in a hurry, the Airport Express is the way to go. It’s about HK $100 per person, with some discounts for senior citizens, etc… This is the fastest way to go to the city from the airport, and takes about 30 minutes.

Hong Kong International Airport Express Counter

You can buy tickets at the Airport Express Counter at the arrival area, you can’t miss the big signs! You’ll see it after you exit the airport procedures.

You can choose from 2 destinations – Hong Kong side (IFC Mall) or Kowloon side (Elements mall). Pick the destination where your hotel is located. Hong Kong has 2 sides, the main Hong Kong Island side, and the Kowloon side. They are separated by the sea.

After you arrive at the Airport Express destination, you still need to walk, take the MTR, or take a taxi to your hotel.


The most budget-friendly option is to take the bus. Since our hotel, the Best Western Plus Kowloon, was on the bus route, like, we literally get off the bus and our hotel door’s in front of us, we just took the bus. To get to the bus, just follow the signs for BUS or To City. There’s a path that leads down and then turn right and keep going until you reach the bus terminal.

Hong Kong International Airport to Bus

Hong Kong International Airport to Bus 2

You can take a look at the bus routes and pick the one that will take you closest to your hotel. Basically, unless your hotel is really out of the way, it’s generally A21 for Kowloon side and A11 for Hong Kong side. The counter to purchase tickets is on the left.

Bus fare is HK$ 33 per person. Senior citizens get 50% OFF! They don’t even ask for ID as long as you look obviously above 60 years old. The bus takes around 1 and a half to 2 hours to reach the main city. If you’re not in a hurry, this takes the scenic route that will show you what the “outskirts” of Hong Kong look like.

Hong Kong International Airport Taking the Bus A21 to Kowloon

We took the bus A21 that passes through the whole of Nathan Road to Chatham Road South (Tsim Sha Tsui East).

Here’s a quick vlog! Enjoy!

FYI, if you take a taxi, they charge you an extra HK$10 for each piece of luggage. Buses & the Airport Express don’t charge any extra.


To get to the airport from your hotel, you just reverse the process.

For the Airport Express, if your airline has a counter for city check-in, you can do an early city-check-in if you wish. This means, if your flight is say, 9pm, you can check-in your luggage after you check out of your hotel room at 12nn. Just go to the Airport Express station, buy your airport express ticket, look for your airline counter there, and check-in your luggage. You can now spend the rest of the afternoon continuing to shop or doing some last-minute things without taking your heavy luggage with you, and come back at around 6pm to take the airport express to the airport.

Note: Cebu Pacific does not have a city check-in counter at Airport Express  I did not know this a few years ago and it was a hassle to drag my luggage all around Elements Mall, and I have never forgotten this!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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