How to Clean Makeup Brushes the Easy Way

Dirty Makeup Brushes for Cleaning

Over the holidays, my friends and I had a girls’ night in where we made over our friend C. C is one of those friends who are totally clueless about makeup.

I wasn’t really into makeup before, either, but thanks to YouTube makeup gurus, and better skin from my diamond peels here and here, I recently developed a little makeup hobby.

Anyway, since my friends were coming over for the makeover, I thought I should clean my brushes so they would be presentable. If you use your makeup brushes every day, it’s recommended to wash them every week. Since I only use them maybe 1x or 2x a week, I only clean them when I feel that they are already dirty. I also keep my brushes away from dust by covering them in plastic:

Makeup Holder with Plastic


Washing makeup brushes is actually not that difficult. It is the drying portion that always used to give me a hard time. The brushes are supposed to dry facing down so the water flows down, away from the brush hair glue, but how do I do that? I usually ended up leaning my brushes against something, over some tissue to absorb the water. It really wasn’t a good way to dry brushes.

But last year, I saw this hanger contraption at Japan Home, or maybe Daiso, can’t remember which, and thought that it would be useful to dry my makeup brushes!

Multiple Hanger

I also bought one of those makeup brush eggs – these are cheap, around P100 or less, but really do help clean my brushes better.

Cleaning my makeup brushes was a simple matter of sudsing the brushes with water and a bit of mild shampoo, and rinsing well. Try to avoid getting more water inside the brush, where the hair meets the handle, as best as you can.

Washing Makeup Brush

To dry them, I just hung them on the hanger! The smaller brushes fit, but the brushes with the wider handles don’t fit inside the clips. My solution for this is to use rubber bands!

Washed Makeup Brushes Hanging Drying

I have too many brushes, so I still dried the smaller brushes like this:

Washed Makeup Brushes Drying

I think I may need to buy another one of those hanger things.

The smaller brushes dried within a few hours, but the bigger and denser brushes usually take 24 – 48 hours.

Here are the clean brushes (except for the pinkish one that I already used for blush)!

Clean Makeup Brushes

Anyway, since doing this, I didn’t have to worry about the brushes anymore while they were drying. Whereas in my previous drying method, I would have to check on the brushes drying on my dressing table and rearrange them if they moved or fell or rolled too close together. I would also have to check on the tissues to see if they needed to be changed.

Hope you found this tip helpful! Have you found an easier way to clean your makeup brushes? Please share your tip in the comments!

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