House of Wagyu Steak CashCashPinoy Promo Review

House of Wagyu Top Sirloin Grade 9

Last August 2014, House of Wagyu had a CashCashPinoy promo, offering their Wagyu steak for only P960!

I had tried House of Wagyu before – once at full price, and another time at 40% OFF using the Metrobank Platinum Card promo. Both times, the meal cost at least many thousands of pesos, averaging about P3,000 – P4,000/person. One time was at the Podium branch, and the second time was at the Greenhills branch.

The Wagyu steaks were definitely very, very good, and the service at House of Wagyu was excellent. If we could eat there every week, we could. But alas, since it was so pricey, we just contented ourselves with at least eating there once in our lives… or at least maybe once every 2 years.

But along came this amazing promo from House of Wagyu!

They were offering their Wagyu Top Sirloin Grade 9 for only P960 if you purchase a voucher at CashCashPinoy!

It was such a great deal that I couldn’t pass it up and bought 4 vouchers!

On top of that, I had an additional 10% OFF because CashCashPinoy was having a 10% off promo on everything that day!

So I bought the vouchers at a net price of only P864 each!

I don’t mind that I’m only getting a Top Sirloin Grade 9 steak. It’s still up there in my top 5 of best steaks I’ve had. Actually, all of the best steaks I’ve ever had are from House of Wagyu.

How to Buy a Meal Voucher from CashCashPinoy

If you have never bought a meal voucher from CashCashPinoy before, it’s easy and straightforward. After finalizing your purchase and typing in any promo code for additional discounts, pay using your credit card, and CashCashPinoy will email you the details of your purchase.

You can also log in to your CashCashPinoy account and click on the My Vouchers tab to see your vouchers. You can download them and print them.

When you want to use your vouchers, you need to make a reservation at the restaurant usually 3 days before, and let them know that you will be using the voucher. You need to bring a printout of the voucher and a valid ID when you go to the restaurant. At the moment, I don’t think vouchers are transferable.

I haven’t had any problems with buying restaurant meal vouchers from sites like CashCashPinoy – they have always been honored by the restaurants as long as you follow instructions and take note of the details like validity period, etc… at least with restaurants, I haven’t heard of anyone receiving “counterfeit” vouchers.

House of Wagyu – Stone Grill

House of Wagyu Sides Collage

When we walked in to House of Wagyu – Stone Grill, we were greeted by the maitre d’ and seated. This is my fourth time dining at a House of Wagyu branch, and I’m becoming partial to the Greenhills branch because of the ambience and good service. I think lunch time is the best time to go — less people, better service.

We were given warm bread and butter while they prepared our steaks. We were also given some soup. The sidings are part of the steak meal. You can ask for more bread, butter and soup if you want to. Don’t be shy! I asked for another bowl of soup and J asked for more bread. I’m happy because no one judged me for asking for more food! Haha! The waitstaff were nice, attentive and most importantly, non-judgemental!

The waitstaff also put bibs around our necks, to protect our clothes from steak splatters.

House of Wagyu Raw Steak

After a few minutes, they brought out our steaks. Don’t be alarmed at the raw steaks! The steaks are put on a very hot stone slab. The hot stone slab cooks the steaks. You’re supposed to wait for 30 seconds and then turn the steaks to cook the other side.

Don’t make the mistake of slicing the whole steak into chunks! This will dry out your steak. Just slice off a small, bite-sized part of the steak and cook it on the stone slab, turning the small piece to make sure all the sides cook evenly. The stone slab has already been pre-sprinkled with salt, but you might want to ask for extra salt. I asked for extra salt. They provided real salt and not the bitter, iodized, small-grained kind. Just sprinkle a bit of the salt onto the stone slab and make sure your little bite-sized piece of steak lands on top of the salt. It also helps to build a crust around the steak if you like that sort of thing, which I do, of course! You can also mill some more pepper on your steak if you want to, they leave the pepper mill right there on your table.

House of Wagyu Cooking Steak on Stone Slab

Sorry, my camera was not cooperating here 🙁

They also brought out a plate of grilled, buttered vegetables and mashed potatoes! If you are afraid your steak might get overcooked, just put some of the vegetables on the stone slab and put your steak on top of the vegetables to keep the steak off the hot stone.

When the waitstaff saw that we went through our veggies quickly, they asked if we wanted more mashed potatoes. Hello, yes, please! No judgments!

The vegetables were perfectly grilled, crunchy and delicious, perfectly salted; the mashed potatoes was nice and comforting, and the steak – smooth, moist, perfect!

I always love having steak at House of Wagyu! Can’t wait til their next promo! I hope they have a list where I can sign up so they can let me know whenever they have a promo!

But our meal wasn’t done! After more than an hour of happy conversation with J regaling him about S and my escapades in Macau (okay, most of the time it was me talking ;P ), we were given our FREE dessert!

House of Wagyu Free Dessert

When I made our reservations, they asked me if there was an occasion we were celebrating, and I told them we were celebrating our anniversary. And they gave us this cheesecake! This cheesecake is really, really good. It’s creamy, tangy, sweet and flavorful. It’s very close in flavor to the Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro’s cheesecake recipe.

Thank you very much for the cheesecake, House of Wagyu!

But now J and I were in a bit of a bind. We were almost done with our meal. Should we just leave? The meal was already prepaid when I bought the voucher. So there’s no bill to ask for. How are we going to tip them then?

Since I was getting a bit sleepy, J suggested that we order some coffee. The coffee amounted to less than P100 per cup. When we were finished with our meal, we asked for the bill and tipped. I am generally not a tipper (because I’m barat), but here I felt that they deserved a little something.

I felt that we got a lot more value out of the meal than what we paid for it, which is always a great feeling! That House of Wagyu CashCashPinoy promo was really worth the money. I only wish I had bought more!

House of Wagyu is now officially my favorite steak place. Not that I’ve tried any other high-end steak place. But the House of Wagyu staff are so nice, it’s hard not to be loyal! Please let me know when you have another promo, okay?

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19 thoughts on “House of Wagyu Steak CashCashPinoy Promo Review

  1. nora

    I love to eat beef, when I saw this deal, bought several vouchers just to have a great meal with my family. hoping that they could offer this deal again soon

  2. pepito

    thiis is the deal that I missed, was not able to buy dahil naubusan na ako, I’ll just wait for similar deals may email notification naman eh

  3. Barat Queen Post author

    Sulit talaga! Pag meron ulit deal, I’ll post it agad… please Like Barat Ako on FB so you’ll get any latest deals or promos that I find na supersulit!

    I tried replicating the wagyu steak experience at home. Ok na rin. Of course, the beef was not as soft as wagyu talaga but very tender, very good na din – How to Grill Amazing Steak at Home on your Table Top The trick is dapat low heat setting to yield really tender steak, and don’t overcook.

  4. Eisen

    I love beef, and would love to purchase this kind of deal to satisfy my cravings. monitoring your blog and cashcashpinoy for such great deal

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi there, Eisen, thanks for visiting. I’ll keep a look out for House of Wagyu deals again and post it here when I find one 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Gretchen! Thanks for posting! Yeah, I also have a friend who doesn’t eat beef because of a religious belief or family panata. Don’t worry though, there will be other deals that are just as yummy. Wait for deals involving salmon and other fish, or good free-range chicken or delicious pork dishes 🙂 Or desserts! I’ll be sure to post such deals when I find them!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yes, me too 🙂 I already have a budget set aside for this. Hoarding time if this deal becomes available again.

  5. wacky

    cashcashpinoy has a new program, “cashcashback” if this program existed way back during this promo I guess I have a total of Php90 cash back already (Php1000 = Php10 ccp credits)


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