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When we think of caterers for an event, a name that is always on the list is Hizon’s Catering. It is one of the most well-known caterers in Metro Manila, mostly known for catering classy weddings.

I have attended a few weddings where Hizon’s Catering was the caterer, and the food has always been very good. I also heard feedback on how Hizon’s was very professional and kept everything up to a certain standard. This is very important because as the celebrant, you want to maintain a good impression of the event with your guests, and bad service from your caterer will ruin an otherwise awesome event that you spent so much time and money on.

So when Hizon’s Catering invited me to their first ever blogger event, and held at nearby Oasis Manila, of course I was game to go! I used to organize events for a corporation that I worked for, and several times a year, I would organize buffets for about 200-400 staff. So when it comes to hiring caterers, I have some experience. Of course, the company’s per person budget was really low so Hizon’s was always out of the question, but I’ve always kept a look out for them because they are such famous caterers.


Hizon’s Catering claims to be the #1 catering company in the Philippines, and I don’t doubt it.

When you are organizing an event, you need a caterer that you can trust not to screw up. We all have other things to do than to worry about each detail of our event. Getting a professional caterer who knows what they are doing will go very far in making your event run smoothly. You don’t want to show up to your event and see all the food not yet ready, the tables not set up properly, etc… or to see the wrong set up! You also don’t want to see old and stained tablecloths and dirty glasses and utensils. Or garish, horrendous colors for the decor that was totally not what you imagined!

Hizon’s Catering has been in business since 1989. They have a lot of experience, and they have already accumulated a good supply of props! This is important because this means that they will be better able to accommodate the theme you want. Do you want a summer theme with sunflowers? Do you want an all-white romantic theme? Do you want cupcake carousels for your kiddie party?

Hizons Catering Sunflowers Theme

Some of the events they have done are for baptisms, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, seminars, Christmas parties, product launches, and more. From simple and casual, to lavish and formal. They provide food, service and amenities.

Amenities refer to those little things that can add up to a big headache — the décor, the hotel, the bridal car, the entertainment, the sound system, the cake. “We take care of everything. We assign an event planner to every client to coordinate all the details,” says Hizon’s Catering General Manager, Joseph Hizon. “We don’t mark-up on it, it’s like an added service. We’ve always been known for giving good value,” he shares.

Joseph Hizon

Their packages start at P450 per person, minimum of 50 pax.

During the event the other day, Hizon’s Catering set up 4 parties: a Wedding, a Kiddie Party, an Awards Night, and a Corporate Seminar.

Hizons Catering Wedding Theme Pictorial

Hizons Catering Kiddie Theme

Hizons Catering Awards Theme

The food is always very good, that is something that I have consistently heard about Hizon’s. I really liked the Slow Roasted Beef and kept coming back for it. The Beef Salpicao was also delicious. The food tasted like they were cooked from scratch, with no shortcuts using mixes and MSG. Even the desserts were better than I expected. Usually with catered parties, the desserts taste like flavorless, cheap cake mix cupcakes, but the one I tried here surprised me because it was good.

Hizons Catering Buffet

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Hizons Catering Cupcake

So, what else did I notice?

  • the staff looked presentable, professional and were courteous – they didn’t gossip or otherwise look like they didn’t want to be there
  • the staff knew their duties – waiters were always refilling our glasses, the servers at the food stations were familiar with the food and know how to place the food on the plate (not just plop the food down wherever)
  • set-up looked classy (for the wedding theme) – the set-up looked elegant and romantic, complete with chargers, centerpieces, candles, formal table setting, etc… they know what they are doing, you can rest assured that your event will not look cheap and tacky
  • Hizon’s Catering can do a la minute!!! This is the food station where food is cooked to order, and is usually found at hotel buffets, but rare for a catering serviced event. That day, Hizon’s Catering had an a la minute omelette station.

All the dishes were whipped up by the kitchen team headed by chef Simon Dayrit, event styling was by Drew Menor. The event planning group is led by Cheska Pineda.

Check out their website, too. Their blog articles are so helpful, with a lot of do’s and dont’s when planning for your party, etc…

If you are planning a party, check out Hizon’s Catering for a headache-free event!


Oasis Manila – I have always passed by the place but this was the first time that I have been there. It is actually quite nice inside! The place is landscaped and well-maintained.

Manila Oasis Garden

Manila Oasis Garden

Manila Oasis Bridge

I don’t know what the venue prices are, but I think they have packages with Hizon’s Catering. And THEY HAVE FREE PARKING! How many wedding venues don’t provide enough parking areas for their guests? Or only have paid parking? And people are always in a hurry to leave so that they don’t exceed the 3-hours parking time they get when they get their ticket validated. Not so at Oasis Manila!

Oasis Manila has a separate parking building that should be able to accommodate your event guests. It is also easily accessible by LRT (between J. Ruiz and Gilmore stations), and by public transportation plying Aurora Blvd (jeep or FX).

Hizon’s Catering
Email: [email protected]
+63 (2) 925-0103
+63 (2) 925-0107
For weddings, debut, private party and other personal events, please contact:
+639065106947 (Globe)
+639284886260 (Smart)
For corporate inquiries, you may contact the following numbers:
+639065106944 (Globe)
+639284886230 (Smart)

Oasis Manila
169 Aurora Blvd., Brgy Ermitano, New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines 1500
Contact Numbers: (02) 726-6832 / (02) 721-4585 / (02) 724-5016

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  1. Tom

    I attended a wedding before at Oasis Manila and the LRT trains kept interrupting the ceremony whenever one passes by. Haha. Otherwise, it is such a lovely venue. 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Oh, I hadn’t thought about that! Makes sense if the ceremony is held outside. 🙂 Our event was held inside the main pavilion so we didn’t hear the LRT 😀 Thanks for sharing, Tom!


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