Updated: Hitachi vs. Carrier Window Type Inverter Aircon Experience / Review

Carrier Inverter Aircon 1.0 HP Window Type

Last year, we bought a 1.0 HP Carrier Inverter Aircon (Window Type). We originally planned to buy the cheaper Hitachi one, which we already had in another room. But my sister’s friend who had an appliance shop said that the Hitachi one was bad, and recommended that we get the Carrier instead (more expensive by a few thousand pesos).

SRP for the Hitachi is around 26k, for the Carrier, it’s around 30k. We got most of them on promo where they gave us free stand fans.

We wanted a window type aircon because it’s just easier – installation is faster since we already have the aircon hole (rectangle), and aircon cleaning is cheaper – just P400-500 for window type vs. P1000+ for split type.

CARRIER 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon

Anyway, we decided to try the Carrier upon his recommendation. Everything seemed okay. But that aircon was seldom used anymore after the first few months, then the ber months were cold enough not to use the aircon as much because that bedroom had good air ventilation. Haha, tipid mode pa din! 😀

Then last week, it started getting warmer, so the Carrier aircon was used. But it wasn’t getting cold at all. It was like it was stuck in FAN mode. After trying different modes on our end and the aircon was still not getting cold, I finally called Carrier for service.

Fortunately, we were still within the 1-year warranty so the service was free. Technicians came to our house, we explained the problem, and they knew what the problem was immediately.

Apparently it is a known issue – one of the sensors was triggered because of power surges. So all the technician did was reset the thing and that solved it. The aircon was putting out cold air again and the room was getting colder.

Carrier Inverter Aircon 1.0 HP Window Type Styro Model Number

Yes, that’s styro. I don’t know what to think of this. Is this normal? Is this better? Our other aircons seem to have metal and plastic parts, no styro that I could see.

Carrier Inverter Aircon 1.0 HP Window Type Sensors

I didn’t really see what he was pointing at… but he was pointing at the thing that needs to be reset.

Of course, I asked him why this happened and how we can avoid such a thing in the future. Yeah, because if this happens again and we’re out of the warranty period, we’ll have to pay for the technician to come and reset the thing. Sayang naman kung ganun lang. According to the service form, he performed a “reset coil sensor” something something (couldn’t read the rest).

Also, we have 2 Hitachi inverter aircons in other bedrooms and we’ve never had a problem with them like this. J also has the same Hitachi inverter aircon. So 3 Hitachi inverter aircons bought 1-2 years ago and I’ve never heard of them having any problem as what this Carrier inverter aircon had.

Wala namang masabi si kuya except he told us to just unplug the aircon whenever it’s not in use nalang. Hahaha. So we’ll have to plug the aircon every night before turning it on, and then unplug it every morning after use. That’s the solution. LMAO. Hassle.

Well, at least the service was free this time, so I wasn’t pissed off that bad. Imagine if that was the problem and then I had to pay for them to fix what was essentially a product design flaw. We also have one free aircon cleaning pala, part of the package, that we should avail of before our warranty ends.

Also, the filter for this Carrier model was not as easy to remove and put back as other aircons.

HITACHI 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon

When we bought our first Hitachi aircon a few years ago, it was the cheapest and probably the only one available window type inverter aircon in the market (compact version). I really did not have high expectations. But my sister’s friend E recommended it because she had one. So we tried first with one aircon. It worked really well, even at 25-26 Celsius it was cool. This aircon runs almost 24/7 and the only problem is we have to have it cleaned more often because it gets dirty faster.

Hitachi Inverter Aircon Window Type

J’s old aircon broke so I recommended the Hitachi to him, too. Then a few months ago we bought another Hitachi again. So far so good, we haven’t had any problems. These aircons can  get very cold! (a good thing)

We haven’t had any problems with these Hitachi aircons, and they are even used more than the Carrier one. No electrical surge issues. So many power interruptions have happened since we got them, no problem. We just clean the filters when we feel that they are dirty (every 1-2 weeks ideally but mostly just when we remember to) and then when we feel that the aircon is not getting as cold as it used to, we get it cleaned (every few months).

Update May 10,2018: Some of you requested for a fuller review of the Hitachi, so I made one: http://www.karenmnl.com/hitachi-window-type-inverter-aircon-review-compact/


Both these aircons work well at cooling, they both have remotes. The Hitachi remote works better if pointed at the aircon (we have the remotes velcro stuck to the wall near the door so they don’t get lost). I wish they had the remote wall mount thing that our old LG aircons had, so we didn’t have to ghetto-fix these remotes with velcro tape. All of these newer aircons don’t have the wall mount. Update: the Carrier has a remote control holder. See update below.

However, the Hitachi Window Type Inverter Aircon will be the one we will be getting for the next bedroom to be upgraded to an inverter aircon because I feel like it is better designed for the Philippine setting. The Carrier, a Filipino brand, a US-based brand locally manufactured by Concepcion Industries, which I expected to be more suited to our electrical surges, fails at that, as discussed above. If we ever encounter this problem again we would most likely be already out of warranty and have to pay for the service. The plug / unplug thing that we need to do every time we use it is such a hassle! Either that or we have to install some surge protector thing for it pa. Sigh. Also, the Hitachi aircon is easier to clean (filter).

Even with all 3 inverter aircons in use, our Meralco bill was even 1/3 lower than our previous Meralco bills! The change to using an inverter aircon really did reduce the electricity consumption BY A LOT. Of course, the initial amount spent to buy the inverter aircons will take several years before it’s recouped. Next projects: inverter refrigerators!

UPDATE: March 12, 2018

I was contacted by Carrier customer service when they heard about this problem. They were very helpful even though I told them that the aircon was already working fine. They replaced our aircon with another one of the same model. They insisted on checking the unit and even fixed the installation. The original guy we got to install the Carrier did a poor job, and while that did not really affect the aircon itself, there were small gaps between the aircon and the aircon “hole”. Our usual aircon guy was not available to install the Carrier when we bought it so we settled for another installer guy, who was apparently a newbie.

The Carrier service person who inspected the unit helped us fix the gaps. He really went above and beyond what I expected. He even checked the wiring and changed the aircon outlet to rule out any problems.

As for the remote control holder, it turns out that the Carrier does come with a remote control holder, and a drain pan. The original installer did not install them and we don’t know where he put it or if he took them. This was during a very messy, harassed time for our family last year when  our dad underwent major surgery, so we really didn’t have the time or manpower to make “tutok” the installation. Carrier provided us with a remote control holder, drain pan, and even installed it for us.

I am very happy with the customer service that we received from Carrier for this issue. Like I said, they went the extra mile. While other companies might take my concern negatively and just ignore me, Carrier took it constructively and totally changed my view of them. They didn’t have to do any of this, but they did. The Carrier guy who I talked to said that they take customer service seriously and take care of their reputation for good service.

After this experience with Carrier customer service, I’m actually feeling confident about their aircon now. FYI, the technician who first checked our Carrier aircon was from an authorized service center. The guy I am dealing with now who did everything I told you about is from Carrier mismo, and he is very knowledgeable tech-wise, and had tools and engineering gadget things. I felt like he knew what he was doing talaga, and he was able to explain things to me clearly.

UPDATE: June 13, 2018

We experienced the same issue again – the Carrier aircon stayed in fan mode even after setting it to cool; the compressor was not engaging. Take note, this is the replacement unit already, and not the original aircon anymore.

A service tech came by to check on it and he said that we might be pressing the remote control buttons too soon (sunod sunod pinipindot) without waiting for the aircon to respond to the first remote control press. He replaced the thermostat or something, I didn’t really understand the whole thing because I wasn’t able to watch him since he arrived at a bad time.

Anyway, the Carrier aircon seems to be fixed now, but I still want to know what the problem was. I am not really buying the “pressing the remote too fast” explanation that he is blaming on us.

UPDATE: October 20, 2018

Our Carrier aircon had the same problem again. I spoke with the service manager who came by the house to check on the unit. So it turns out that Carrier has been really “strict” when it comes to electricity fluctuations and set their threshold with only a small tolerance for deviation. Unfortunately, Meralco being the way it is, our electricity has been fluctuating and we experienced some very quick brownouts that lasted for a few seconds to a few minutes. The Carrier has a “protection” thing where if the electricity fluctuates beyond the acceptable range for 3x in one hour, the aircon will not let the compressor engage as a protective measure. So apparently, this is what has been causing all this “not cooling” problems we’ve been experiencing.

There is a very easy fix for this. You just press a few buttons on the remote, there is a specific button combination to do. I was asking but he wouldn’t really explain what it does exactly. He says it “updates” the aircon but I don’t understand how, by OTA? by Bluetooth? How can the remote get the new software to update the aircon? He just said that if you experience the “compressor not engaging” problem, just call their customer service / technical support, and they should be able to guide you on what buttons to press. Or, the technician can do a home service and do the button thing for you. Also, he said that they when you have your aircons cleaned, they have already instructed their service techs to update the aircon (by doing the button thing).

After that, if you ever encounter the same thing again, all you have to do is to unplug / plug your aircon. The unplug / plug should reset the aircon protection thing that was triggered when the aircon registered 3x beyond the norm fluctuations in one hour.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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64 thoughts on “Updated: Hitachi vs. Carrier Window Type Inverter Aircon Experience / Review

      1. Therese

        I hate Carrier so much I’m actually making an effort to leave a reply. Like you, my husband and I thought Carrier was the best aircon brand so we spent more to use only Carrier aircons. The aircon in the bedroom was a complete lemon, and their service is really terrible. Your kuya experience is so familiar. We had so many problems and raised such a stink that my Facebook post made it to a management meeting. But despite that, they still couldn’t fix the aircon. They replaced it with a new (or refurbished?) aircon since it was still under warranty, but even that broke down. At some point, we just decided to call it a loss and buy a Panasonic, which has been running nicely with no problems. Our other Carrier aircon also broke down during a power surge. I was referred to a big distributor who was a friend of a friend, and he admitted that the problem is that all their electronics now come from China, so hindi na talaga matibay. Oh and my parent’s Carrier aircon also broke down during a power surge. So let’s all do ourselves a favor and simply avoid Carrier (which is indeed made by Concepcion industries). Thank you for giving me this space to vent!

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Therese, thank you for sharing your experience. I was sort of suspecting that myself (made in China electronics). Our old old old aircons when we were kids were all Carrier and they were really sturdy. Kalawang na and everything and yet they still worked.

          Apparently, my blog post reached Carrier Philippines and they contacted me today to see what’s really the problem with our aircon. They said the technician’s explanation didn’t make sense daw so they want to find out what the problem really is. They’ll inspect the unit tomorrow and I’ll update the blog. 🙂

          1. Marmar

            Any updates on this? I’m on the market for an aircon for a studio condo (hence I ended up on your blog). Price has always been my benchmark but if performance record is this bad then this is very alarming.

  1. Barat Queen Post author


    Carrier contacted me last week, and they have been really nice about trying to get to the bottom of the problem. So far, quite happy with the customer service that I got after the problem was escalated up.

    One of their technical managers visited our home to check on the unit, and while there wasn’t any problem with the unit right now and their findings were all within normal range, they insisted on replacing our unit with a brand new one, and they will take care of the installation and everything. I totally did not expect that. I wasn’t expecting anything from them at all because so far, the aircon is working fine now.

    They want our unit back with them so they can study what went wrong with it in the first place, and for that, I commend them for the initiative. So far, how they responded to my complaint (which wasn’t really a complaint in the first place, just an observation and a worry) was above and beyond what I expected. They also regularly updated me, etc…

    Still waiting for the actual replacement which will be happening within the week, but for now I’m very happy with their service.

  2. Bernadette Nocum


    Me and my husband went window shopping yesterday, Desperately looking for an AC which could deliver us apparent reduction in our electric bill. Our current AC is Kolin, 2HP. which runs pretty much 24/7, (located to the biggest room) Our current bill ranges from 6k-8k pesos. We seldom watch TV or we don’t have excessive usage of other appliance, except for this one KOLIN AC, and our Ref which we do not unplug. At first, we were looking for a normal small AC anything less than 1HP. (we plan to move to the smallest room btw) we know that .75 AC’s would be sufficient since the room is pretty small. however, the salesman advised that we should get the HITACHI 1HP just like what you posted. Now, I’m torn to buying hitachi 1HP (knowing this would be too much for our small room) If you don’t mind how much is your electric bill before and after buying this inverter window type AC? and would you advise buying this type of AC if we would be moving into a small room?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, we noticed around 2-3k reduction in our bill when we switched from 0.75 HP non inverter to Hitachi 1hp inverter. At first, I was hesitant because it was a big cash outlay and I thought it would take a long time before we recouped the expense.

      But it’s actually worth the switch for us. It depends on how much you use. If you use a lot of aircon, it will be much more worth it for you because you save more.

      As for 1hp vs 0.75, it’s better to get a bigger capacity aircon. Better too strong that you can dial down, than too weak where it struggles the whole time to cool your room. If it’s too weak, it will use up more electricity to keep up with cooling your room.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. KGorriceta


    I love your blog and only stumbled upon it recently, just wondering if you could maybe post a comprehensive review of your Hitachi Compact Inverter air conditioner?

    Aspects like the noise, efficiency, performance, pros and cons, etc?

    Me and my friends have been looking for reviews to no avail. 🙁

    Thank you so much and hopefully makagawa po kayo ng post that i can share with my friends, mag susummer napo kasi so we have to purchase new aircons, lahat kami naka carrier optima and YES STYRO po lahat ng air ducting nila.

    Wala manlang metal or plastic sheet for sound and light insulation, hindi na kami bibili ng carrier ulit sobrang gahaman nila sa presyo dahil lang sa brand recognition when Hitachi, Daikin, and Panasonics are so much better overall.

    For the price, can’t justify their products. Para lang nag downgrade.

      1. KGorriceta


        Still the same person. Went ahead and bought it yesterday, cools quite well and very very quiet kaya lang napansin ko medyo meron vibrating sound na faint yung compressor pag start after reaching the desired temperature babagal tapos mag o-off then mag sstart compressor sa low na speed yung sound dun nag mamanifest.

        Diko ma explain eh. Parang ordinary na aircon pero sobrang hina na vibrating sound.

        Will you please be kind enough and share with me if yours emit the same sound? Parang ugong na vibration pero mahina and mabilis lang after super tahimik na.

        Thank you so much. I just need to make sure if tatawagan ko ba Hitachi or not.

        Love your blog and your response will certainly be appreciated!

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          I’m out of the country right now, pansinin ko when I get back. So far, wala naman akong napapansin na out of the ordinary. Haha, sanay kasi ako sa malalakas na aircon nung kopong koppng pa 😁 pero aircon vibrating, esp at the start seems normal 🙂

        2. Anonymous

          Hi! This is what I am experiencing right now.. after reaching the desired temp, the compressor slows down but i can hear the “ugong” sound..

  4. Raz

    Hey thanks for this review, I just recently bought a Hitachi 1hp compact inverter and i stumble on your blog looking for feedbacks :). Nice to know that it’s working perfectly on your part.

    1. KGorriceta

      Hello raz,

      Bought mine a few days ago super satisfied naman kaya lang nagigising ako minsan kasi sobrang tahimik so very noticeable yung sounds emitted by the components.

      Napansin mo ba kapag na reach na temp ng room tapos mag sslow down yung aircon, pag nag on ulit compressor merong “BRRRR!” Na sound mga one second lang naman di naman malakas faint lang pero very noticeable.

      Diko ma explain eh compressor galing yung sound pero pagtapos ng “brrr!” Sa initial na startup wala na then pag nag off compressor meron mahinang “thud”. LOL

      Your response will be greatly appreciated for my peace of mind.

      Great aircon, cools well, quiet, feels very well built and insulated compared sa carrier (even the light and sound) and everything feels very solid even the remote! Money well spent kahit medyo mahal although yung sounds I have mentioned medyo worrying pag tumagal baka lumakas.

      1. Raz

        Sir KG,

        Balitaan kita pag nainstall na yung samin bukas pa kasi delivery nung aircon eh full slot na kasi kagabe so bukas (sat) pa namin makukuha.

        Pero feeling ko sa compressor yan. Maybe normal yan parang sa ref lang diba pag mag auto on siya eh may faint na tunog. Speculations ko lang yan. I’ll update you once nasamin na yung aircon 🙂

        1. KGorriceta

          Feeling ko kasi sa sobrang tahimik you become sensitive sa mga slght noises IDK pero may pupunta na na Hitachi expert next week.

          How’s your ac so far?

          1. Raz

            So far hindi ko pa na experience yung sinasabi mo, pero may rattling sounds sa grills sa labas parang nagsspark. Siguro bago palang kaya ganun. Mabilis lumamig yung room. Naka auto lahat sa akin eh.

            Update mo rin kung ano balita ano gagawin ng tech sa AC mo.

          2. KGorriceta

            Feeling ko nga OA lang ako pero nakakairita kasi apart from that perfect talaga tapos ang lamig talaga.

            Rattling sounds? Napansin ko hindi naka welding lahat ng points ng grill so baka umuuntog sa case tignan nalang ninyo ientiy ninyo tapos touch it while the compressor is running to identify the source.

          3. Raz

            Sir KG
            Naranasan ko na yung sinasabi mo na may “BRRR” sounds an lakas nga pati yung vibration malakas.

            Naka timer siya then inon daw ng kasama ko kasi naiinitan daw siya. Then pag gising ko ganun na nga.

            Bakit kaya ganun sir?

          4. KGorriceta

            Sa first day wala talaga yung mga succeeding days na meron. Parang pipe na tumatama sa padded na section ng case diba? Faint pero nakakakirita kasi ang tahinik talaga nung aircon.

            Itawag nyo sa pinabilhan nyo, gnun din ginawa ko waiting nalng for the hitachi reps

        2. KGorriceta

          Ano balita sa unit nyo sir? I’m starting to get annoyed by the sound parang gusto kong ipapalit. Hindi talaga normal yung tunog and you never really get used to it, less than a week old and I am not a happy camper.

          Yung sequence ng tunog pag on ng compressor “brrr!” After a second “brrrr” then another quick “brrrr” nanaman then mawawala na tapos pag namatay compressor “thud!” So IDK if loose yung compressor bushings/mount. If di maayos ng Hitachi rep to this week ibabalik ko ito at papapalitan ko ng panasonic.

          1. Barat Queen Post author

            Pinakinggan ko talaga yung Hitachi namin. May brrrr ako naririnig pero mahina lang, typical machine sound. Mostly yung sounds are coming from the air blown pushed out (parang wind). May slight vibration sound, but not too loud. Nadro-drown out pa nga siya ng “wind” sound.

            It’s possible na di maganda yung pagkagawa nung nag install, may maluwag. Pulido kasi yung nag install sa amin.

  5. Michael

    Choosing between the carrier and hitachi window type inverter. Im buying one in a few days. I was leaning towards the carrier one since its a newer model and because its carrier. But after reading some of the comments im now torn and i cant decide. Im fine with the price as long as it performs well and will last me a few good years. Everyone says carrier right away when i ask which is better but the people ive asked dont have first hand experience with both units. Now im torn because i cant base my decision on 3-4 bad reviews about carrier when there are hundreds of users out there. Then the last guy is complaining about his hitachi unit too. Now both brands seem to have problems. Lol

  6. Michael

    So i went and bought my new window type inverter a few days ago. I didnt go with carrier nor hitachi since theres a new technology available for window type inverters. Its the MABE unit by GE or general electric. It costs less than the carrier but offers more new features. It has power surge protection already which addresses the carriers main draw back. It also only runs on 265 watts only which is more than half of what carrier and other brands have. Carrier is 600+ watts i think while others are higher. Cooling power has been top notch so far and ive been watching my meter these past few days and so far the power output was cut more than half of what i used to have with my old aircon unit. So do check this new unit out, i may have found the perfect one. I bought the 1HP unit and it cost 26k for spot cash and its been a bargain so far. Hopefully it doesnt breakdown because ill be using it atleast 15 hours a day.

    1. Karen MNL Post author

      Hi Michael, that’s great! It’s awesome that we have more choices now for window type inverter aircons. In the past, options were very limited. Hope you have a great experience with your new aircon! Please update us with your experience after some time 🙂

  7. KGorriceta

    My air conditioner has been replaced by Hitachi in just two days (great after-sales service!) and the unit works perfectly now.

    Very cold still and quiet, no complaints. The minimim power consumption is 345 watts for the invert compact, @Michael, the reason why I went with Hitachi is because they are the pioneer in window air conditioner and it is apparent with how solidly built my air conditioner is.

    The pipes, solders, mountings, cabinet, everything feels really solid unlike Mabe, Gree, Koppel, and Kolin.

    The inverter is also weather-proofed I have noticed this when my old one was taken down, the condenser is also oversized as well as the evaporator considering how small this unit is it’s impressive just how much hardware they have crammed into it and the insulation is top notch. Quiet, cold, no light goes through and very little amount kf noose passes the AC cabinet.

    I’m glad you’re happy with your purchase, however, i will stick with Hitachi. Let me know if yours will run great for the years to come! I’ll recommend it to my budget conscious friends and relatives 🙂

  8. KGorriceta

    The service guy said most likely an issue with the compressor bushings/mounts and a possible cause for the amplification of the sound was the placement.

    I told them I’d be happier if they could replace my air conditioner if the issue still persists then I’ll just live with my investment, I was getting used to the sound naman na and it is not loud at al, sobra sensitive lang ng hearing ko talaga. He wasn’t even able to record the sound sa phone nya lol.

    Anyway, we’ll be moving to a new house naman in six months and this compact version will be moved to my uncle’s room.

    I won’t hesitate getting the standard version for my room and my mom’s, the service guy said the standard size has twin fan motors (separate motors for the indoor and outdoor fans) which basically makes it a split-type hybrid, therefore quieter and more efficient.

    It also has two large condensers on the sides instead of one large curved unit in the rear like the compact’s which makes it even more efficient kasi 295 watts lang daw kain sa kuryente kapag nag memaintain ng temp ng room.

    I’ll let you guys know regarding our experience with the standard model and the Daikin FTKC series 3HP model that we will have in our dining/living area, thank you all!

    1. Jon

      Hi Karen MNL,

      Thank you for this kind of blog. It really helps a lot. =) We are planning to buy Hitachi 1.0 HP window type inverter and we are just wondering where is the best supplier/store to get it.

      Hi KGorriceta,

      Where did you buy your Hitachi air conditioner?

      Thank you.


    2. Jon Frakes

      Hi KG,

      May I know the exact model number of your Hitachi window inverter? I’m also interested in purchasing one. Thanks in advance.

  9. KGorriceta

    Sa cash & carry po, got it for 27k i think can’t remember really. New unit is awesome, you won’t regret it. Payin for better quality than carrier.

    1. Jon

      Thank you sa response. Medyo may kalayuan pala. From Marikina kasi ako. I’ll try to check sa mga malls na malapit samin. 😀

  10. Adel Macatuno

    Just bought hitachi ra-10hvq yesterday. I think my accesories is complete. Angle iron x2 are not on the package. Anyone got the same problem? Is it intentional so that i need to avail their installation chargea? Thanks in advance.

    1. Karen MNL Post author

      Hi Adel, I don”t think the supports are included. UPDATE: I asked my sis and she said that the brackets are included. She only paid for the installation (labor).

      1. Raz

        HI! yung nabili ko may bracket ng kasama yung holder square type bracket mismo at yung support metal sa ilalim like ” / ”
        dalawang piraso. Kaya nagtaka ako walang kasama yung sayo. Nabili ko sa SM MoA appliance. Yung malaki sana kukunin namin kaso hindi kasya sa window namin same din may kasama ding bracket.

        1. Karen MNL Post author

          Square type din yung sa amin na support. Hmmm.. baka kasama nga. Di kasi ako yung nagbantay nung nagpa install. Tanungin ko sis ko. I just saw on Lazada kasi na walang nakasulat na brackets or supports included sa contents list.

          1. Raz

            Kasama po sa compact inverter, the square bracket then 2 angle bracket. Natuwa nga yung installer eh kasi hindi na daw magpapasadya ng bracket at di narin siya nahirapan 🙂

    2. Jon Frakes

      Mine has 4 x brackets (square) + 2 x angle brackets (RA-20HV).
      Maybe the angle brackets aren’t included for the compact model (RA-__HVQ)?

  11. Carlos O.

    Thanks for this blog, I also have a 1.5 HP carrier inverter and just over 1 year old and my ac is busted again! Stuck in fan mode! Takes 3-5 days before I can get a schedule with Carrier for service. One day it works and the next day it stops cooling. The first time it was only a few months old and the service guy said it was dirty, which I did not believe since it was working just fine a week before. Now again, working well to not cooling all in the same day. It really must be the surge protector tripping. Such a hassle, do not buy this ac!

  12. tytan

    Hi.. I justvhad my Hitachi aircon checked by 2nd level tech. The ac was bought aug2016 and now the PCB board needs to be replaced. We bought 2 1hp inverter and one 0.8 and 1 HP .. All are window type. The technician told me for the quotation of the board on Monday. With the 4 Hitachi aircon we bought on the same day.. Only one is having this kind of issue and it pisses me off as the price is not a joke for an inverter.

    1. KGorriceta

      Too bad you’ve experienced that, must be an isolated case kasi may mga nababasa ako mag three years na Hitachi nila okay naman, mine is working perfectly since replacement unit as in 24/7 halos lunch breaks and night outs lang pahinga.

      Sana diko ma experience yam, please keep us posted regarding this.

      1. Lerma

        Hi, ask ko lng po… ilang days ang pagprocess ng replacement sa hitachi. Kasi yung sa akin may 2018 ko lng binili. Nasira last July due to leak freon. Then this month nasira ulit same issue. I ask for replacement na. Mukhang pinagpapasahan ako ng sm appliance, service center at mismong Hitachi. Anyway 2weeks n sya this saturday pero wala pa rin ako matinong sagot from hitachi. Thank you

  13. Benjie

    Hi Karen! Just read your blog because I’m planning to buy a hitachi compact inverter also. I would like to know the size of the room where you installed it. My room is around 13 sqm. Can a 1hp compact type efficiently cool this space? Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Karen MNL Post author

      Hi Benjie, thank you for commenting 🙂 The rooms where the Hitachis are located are about 12-15 sqm (haven’t really measured accurately). The walls are cement and they have no sun-facing windows.

      Like KGorriceta said, it really depends on other factors. Ceiling height and the amount of things you have in the room and the kind of materials used also play a part. Cement walls tend to make the room stay cooler longer after the aircon has been turned off. More items in the room means there are more things for the aircon to cool. Think of it like when you are heating soup – it is faster for a smaller amount of food to reach boiling, and it will take longer for a bigger amount of food to reach boiling point – but in the case of the aircon, think opposite. The less stuff you have in the room, the faster the aircon can cool it. Also, try to minimize any heat-producing items in your room – check your light bulbs, etc… LEDs produce less heat.

      Based on guidelines, 1HP should be enough for your 13sqm room, but you also have to take other factors into consideration 🙂

  14. KGorriceta

    Just chiming in for a bit of help.

    It can be hard to predict how much cooling a space requires kasi the height of the ceiling, insulation, and how much sunlight is blasted outside of it throughout the day.

    My bedroom is just 9sqm give or take, windows are blacked out, walang insulation sa bubungan and no direct sunlight but heat gets reflected off a nearby warehouse’s wall but the compact 1HP is “just right” meaning when I set it to 23-24 the compressor still gets to power down and maintain the temp at its lowest speed/cycle on and off at the lowest speed to maintain temp.

    When it is hot outside (35-38c) the compressor rarely turns off at 25c setting for a 9sqm room. Yours is 13sqm and the ceiling might be higher than mine.

    For a 13sqm the compact may not be enough, get the regular sized one or better yet, opt for the 1.5hp version for future proofing or for when something like a heatwave hits, may “insurance” ka na your AC will be powerful enough to take over.

    Yug regular version mas matipid lansa kruyente ng around 50 or so watts than the compact.

    I would have bought that one instead pero we’re renting lang kasi di kasya we can alter the size of the hole, I’ll buy the full sized version paglipat namin for sure.

    Here’s my video review of the compact:

  15. gran

    Hi! just want to ask how’s your hitachi AC na have the same AC and we are experiencing problems na after 17 months,nagyeyelo at wala ng hangin.Have to turn it off for a few hours so it will work.Hearing that “brrr” sound too.

  16. amrel

    with my experience with hitachi, 2 times na nasira since we bought it last May 2018. 1st last July (just 2monthts after we bought) nasira ung pipe ng freon. They just fixed it then after 4months this month nasira na naman. Same problem. Ang problema hirap kausap ng mga taga hitachi. Im asking for replacement pero ang hirap nilang kausap. 2 weeks na wala pa rin sila resolution if papalitan nila. Mukhang masasayang yung 28k ko. Hay… sana ung unit nakuha ko kasing tibay ng unit mo.

    1. Karen MNL Post author

      Sorry to hear about your Hitachi 🙁

      Di ko pa natry makausap si Hitachi since we didn’t have any problems. Si Carrier lang nakausap ko sa ganyan, buti okay naman kausap si Carrier.

  17. Penggoy

    hi Karen,

    just bought my Hitachi aircon last january 25. so far so good.

    kumusta po mga aircon nyo?

    sana kasing ganda din ng aircon ko sa mga nakuha nyong aircon.

    i did all the installation and stuff, dko nagamit ung brackets na kasama kasi sakto lang ung butas ng wall for our AC.

    i partnered my aircon with broadlink mini 3 para ma automate ko ang on and off on a certain date and time. also to open the aircon thru an app bago pa makarating ng bahay para malamig na ung room.


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