Healthy, Organic & Sale Finds at S&R – January 2016

SnR Jan 2016 Healthy Organic Sale Finds Featured Image

I visited S&R last week, I found a lot of organic, healthy & delicious items!

I already talked about the various cereals I saw on sale. I also found some other great items that you might be interested in, since it’s January and we’re all excited to start the new year right, healthy and beautiful!

Here are the other items I found while doing our groceries:


These Olay products were on sale!

Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Serum (now P1,849.95, from P1,999.95) and Olay Total Effects (now P1,899.95, from P1,999.95).

SnR Jan 2016 Olay Regenerist Total Effects Cream Sale

SnR Jan 2016 Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream

I saw this Palmolive Optims 2 in 1 Shampoo 1 Liter – it’s in Spanish, but as far as I could tell, it is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that also includes an anti-hair fall treatment. It has keratin and claims to make hair 3x smoother and shinier and provides extra intensive conditioning. Saw this selling for like, US $19 on ebay, so P399.95 seems like a really good deal! I also hope that it will help speed up shower time by helping to skip the conditioner step.

SnR Jan 2016 Palmolive Optims Shampoo Conditioner

I have used Goat Milk lotions before and one thing I can say about them is that they are very easily absorbed into the skin. Saw this Alpen Goat Milk Body Cream at P100 OFF!

SnR Jan 2016 Goat Milk Body Cream

Those who have young children (and the young at heart) will be glad to see these promos on Johnson’s lotion and bath products.

SnR Jan 2016 Johnsons Baby Lotion Bath

Here are some hand soaps on Buy 1 Take 1 (Soft Soap Cucumber Melon & Coconut and Warm Ginger):

SnR Jan 2016 Softsoap Anti Bacterial Hand Soap Buy 1 Take 1

This Microlife Automatic Arm BP Monitor was P700 OFF (P2,299.95 from P2,999.95). It just seems like every household needs one now, there always seems to be at least one relative who needs their BP monitored.

SnR Jan 2016 Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

I have wanted to buy new towels for a long time but my old towels just keep going strong. Seriously, my towels last forever! I have grown really tired of them, LOL. The start of the year is a good excuse to buy new ones! Anyway, a good use for old towels is to cut them up into handy-sized squares or rectangles – they make great rags, especially when used for wiping things dry.

SnR Jan 2016 Towels


These Chicken Thighs were the Item of the Week last week, and we stocked up! I already made some Chicken a la Pobre with one pack, and I am planning to make Fried Chicken with another one. I am really enjoying these Item of the Week promos on meats, and we stock up every time we find our favorite meats on promo.

SnR Jan 2016 Chicken Thighs Item of the Week

Also saw these frozen broccoli florets on sale. When we started buying these, we were able to get them for around P170 a pack. With this promo, it’s now only P139.95. The texture is going to be different from a fresh (unfrozen) broccoli, of course, but this one is less expensive overall because you are getting all florets! You are not paying for the stalk or the leaves. This is also more convenient.

SnR Jan 2016 Frozen Broccoli

Healthy eating nowadays usually involves some form of smoothie! I like fruit smoothies and what I do is I buy a pack of these frozen fruits and berries and big containers of plain yogurt (or milk, soy milk, almond milk, etc…). Then I just blend a handful of my frozen fruit of choice with a cup of yogurt, and sweeten to taste. It is really an easy & delicious way to get much needed nutrients and antioxidants!

I usually buy these frozen strawberries. P499.95 for a 2.5 kg bag? That’s a good price! They usually last us a long time – one of these bags can last me up to 6 months, even if I make strawberry shakes or smoothies several times a week. I sometimes also use the frozen strawberries for baking and making strawberry cakes, syrups and sauces, and desserts!

SnR Jan 2016 Frozen Strawberries

If I want something other than strawberries, other berries are also available:

These are frozen red raspberries from Sunny Select (P219.95):

SnR Jan 2016 Frozen Red Raspberries

Raley’s Sliced Peaches, Dark Sweet Cherries and Blackberries:

SnR Jan 2016 Raleys Frozen Peaches Cherries Blackberries

This is a 3 lb bag Triple Berry Blend from Townsend Farms (P699.95):

SnR Jan 2016 Triple Berry Blend

ORGANIC sliced fruits and berries are also available. These ones are from Earthbound Farm. Organic fruits & vegetables are the better ones to get if you will be making food for young children. Organic means no pesticides were used. Pesticides can adversely affect a child’s development. I know a lot of people are looking for organic fruits and vegetables for their young children, so I was so glad to see organic fruits available at S&R.
SnR Jan 2016 Earthbound Farm Organic Frozen Blackberries Peaches Berry Basket

This is another ORGANIC fruit, Organic Dark Sweet Cherries from Daily Chef (P999.95), also 3 lbs:
SnR Jan 2016 Organic Sweet Cherries Daily Chef

I also saw this big bag of Organic Quinoa & Kale (P999.95). It contains 4 x 10oz packs of frozen, but ready-to-eat quinoa & kale, you just need to reheat it. The instructions are to reheat it in the microwave, but I’m sure you can steam it instead if you prefer.

SnR Jan 2016 Organic Quinoa Kale

Organic Tomato Sauce from Kirkland Signatures is on promo! From P579.95, it is now only P479.95 for 12 cans.

SnR Jan 2016 Kirkland Organic Tomato Sauce

These Bella Sun Luci Sun-Dried Tomatoes (now P599.95, from P699.95) are also on sale! I always have a jar of this in the refrigerator. A very easy way to use this is to make some healthier, no-meat pasta. Just slice up a few sun-dried tomatoes and chop some onions. Heat some olive oil, saute the chopped sun-dried tomatoes and onions, add your freshly cooked pasta, season with salt & pepper, and voila! If you want your pasta a little richer, just stir in a little cream cheese. Delicious!

SnR Jan 2016 Sun Dried Tomatoes

Most of us love cheese! I know I do!

Real, natural cheese is always better than the processed kind. When these cheeses are on sale, we stock up. I love using them to make ham & cheese panini sandwiches! If you don’t have a panini press, you can just easily grill one side of the sandwich on a buttered non-stick skillet, then flip the sandwich on the other side and just heat until all the cheese inside has melted.

There are also many recipes that you can make with these cheeses, like a very delicious Mac & Cheese! Or Grilled Chicken with Mornay Sauce. Or even cheese fondue!

This 2 lb Tillamook brand Colby Jack is on sale from P999.95, it’s now only P849.95):

SnR Jan 2016 Tillamook Colby Jack

The Tillamook Pepper Jack is now only P849.95, from P999.95. The Tillamook Monterey is now only P799.95, from P999.95, while the Tillamook Sharp Cheddar is now only P899.95 from P1,299.95.

SnR Jan 2016 Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Pepper Jack Monterey Sale

These Tillamook Sliced Monterey Jack is P349.95 (was P499.95), the Tillamook Sliced Colby Jack is also P349.95 from PP499.95.

SnR Jan 2016 Tillamook Sliced Cheeses
These gourmet-looking frozen dinners caught my eye:

I know it’s not authentic Chinese food, but I just love P.F. Chang’s food! This one is P539.95 for a 22 oz pack of Beef with Broccoli, but is nice to have around for those days when you want something delicious but are too lazy and too tired to do anything more than just heat this.

SnR Jan 2016 PF Chang Beef with Broccoli

Same for these Saffron Road brand frozen dinner type boxes. By the size, I think they are only good for one person, but P329.95 is still less expensive than eating the same dish (all natural, organic, GMO-free) in a restaurant.

I imagine I would want to have this to eat during those days when I want to get away from the world: staycations, solitary night-in parked in front of the TV, bad breakup pig-out session eating this before Ben & Jerry’s (hey, at least you ate something healthy!).

Lemongrass Basil Chicken with Basmati Rice (P329.95): Roasted White Meat Chicken Simmered in a Lemongrass and Basil Green Curry with Green Peppers and Onions – certified halal, chickens humanely raised on 100% vegetarian diet, all natural, chickens raised without antibiotics

SnR Jan 2016 Saffron Road Lemon Grass Chicken

Lamb Saag with Basmati Rice (P329.95): Tender Lamb Cubes Lightly Spiced with Turmeric and Authentic Herbs, Served in a Thick Bed of Spinach; certified halal, lamb pasture-raised on 100% vegetarian diet, all natural, lamb raised without antibiotics

SnR Jan 2016 Saffron Road Lamb Saag

SnR Jan 2016 Saffron Road Lamb Saag Cooking Instructions

Click to enlarge


A healthy lifestyle should also have room for a few treats! Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are 2 for P499.95!

SnR Jan 2016 Ben Jerrys Ice Cream

These Blue Bunny ice creams are also on promo:
SnR Jan 2016 Blue Bunny Ice Cream

SnR Jan 2016 Blue Bunny Ice Cream 4Qt

These Zott Monte Vanilla and Chocolate Desserts are on Buy 1 Take 1! Each cup now just costs P15!

SnR Jan 2016 Monte Vanilla Choco Kids Buy 1 Take 1

These Hostess Banana Twinkies and Coffee Cakes are still on promo, 2 for P399.95!

SnR Jan 2016 Twinkies Banana Coffee

Some people have been asking me if K-Cups were available at S&R, and they are! Many of these coffee pods can be used with Keurigs.

SnR Jan 2016 K Cup Coffee Refills

Nescafe Gold is my default instant coffee of choice  I drink coffee black, so a good instant and real brewed coffee are something that I will pay a little extra for, within reason. However, I recently ran out of Nescafe Gold and found it selling at a significant price increase at other supermarkets, some even as high as P420 for the big jar! So I waited until I was able to go to S&R. Can you believe it’s only P382.95 at S&R?! Hoard, hoard, and done!

SnR Jan 2016 Nescafe Gold

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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      Hello Christie,

      I don’t think I have seen curry leaves at S&R yet, but they might have it. Their stocks change a lot. You really have to check back often because their selections are very dynamic 🙂

  1. Susannah

    Hi, my name is Susannah and I used to live in Manila. I moved from the Philippines to America in 2013. I also went to S&R in the Fort. One of my favorite things to get there was green Thai curry (soup) in a can. They also had a red curry version, but I preferred the green curry. I was wondering if you remembered what the name of the curry was. Like the brand name, so I could look it up Thank you!!


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