Happy Pizza Party Day! It’s Today!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload

Celebrate Pizza Party Day today, May 19!


If you’ve been on any major internet site these past few weeks, you must have seen the online debates about pineapple on pizza. Do you love pineapple on pizza? Don’t like it?

As for me, I love pineapple on pizza! I like the sweet, juicy contrast to the other savoury toppings like hams and cheeses.

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload 3

In spite of the differing opinions worldwide on the pineapple on pizza topic, Hawaiian pizza is actually one of the top flavors for Filipinos. Many Filipinos consider the pineapple-topped pizza as their favorite!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload 4

For this reason, Greenwich is putting the spotlight on their Hawaiian Overload Pizza in celebration of this year’s Pizza Party Day on May 19, 2017.

The beloved classic Hawaiian pizza is overloaded: aside from sweet and juicy pineapples, Hawaiian Overload also has two kinds of ham, smoky bacon, green bell peppers, generous heaps of mozzarella and cheddar cheese on a freshly baked crust! Count ’em, that’s 7 toppings!

Greenwich Hawaiian Overload 2

We celebrated Pizza Party Day with the Hawaiian Overload Pizza! I also learned that it takes 2 years to grow a pineapple. I had no idea it took that long!

Celebrating Pizza Party Day with my foodie barkada and the Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza:

This Pizza Party Day, #GWiththeBarkada and #LoveHawaiianOverload. You can visit your favorite Greenwich pizzeria branch or call Greenwich delivery at #5-55-55 to have your pizza delivered straight to your door.

In the words of Rick Astley:

Pizza Rick Astley

Happy Pizza Party Day!

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