Greenwich Launches New Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza

Greenwich Endorsers L-R (Yassi Pressman, Robi Domingo, Andre Paras, Jerome Ponce

Last Wednesday, Greenwich launched their latest Crispy Thins pizza – BACON! And I was happy to be invited!

BACON is the star of Greenwich’s latest pizza offering, the Bacon Crispy Thins.


Why bacon? Because everything’s better with bacon. 

We got to try the newest Crispy Thins flavor. This one-of-a-kind limited edition pizza has bacon strips, bacon bits, cream cheese, mozzarella, ham and mushroom on a crispy thin crust.

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Pizza

I liked it. Make sure to eat it while it’s hot! But even after all the picture taking we did before eating, the Bacon Crispy Thins pizza was still delicious and, amazingly, still crispy.

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Close Up

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Close Up 2

On my first bite of the Bacon Crispy Thins pizza, I noticed the mushroom-y white sauce right away. The pizza had enough salty bacon and ham for meat-loving me, any more and it would have made the pizza too salty. The melted mozzarella made it look quite tempting. The cream cheese was a nice surprise – it’s not an ingredient commonly found in non-artisan pizza. The pizza was good, and at P220 for a double size (9-inch) pizza, the price is reasonable.

We also had a bacon-themed lunch, and some highlights are these Bacon Deviled Eggs:

Greenwich Bacon Deviled Eggs

and this Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Candied Bacon:

Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Candied Bacon


We were also surprised with a fun activity where we bloggers got to try our hand at making the Bacon Crispy Thins pizza:

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Make Our Own Pizza

Here’s my creation, off to be baked:

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Made by Me Not Baked

Here it is after I opened my box 2 hours later when I got home. Still crispy. Still yummy.

Greenwich Bacon Crispy Thins Made by Me

Experience the #BaconEffect with the Bacon Crispy Thins

Greenwich endorsers Andre Paras, Yassi Pressman, Robi Domingo and Jerome Ponce were there to talk about the Baconized and Cheesified pizza. They even did a very fun #BaconEffect little dance.

Here they are with Chef Ed Bugia who developed the Bacon Crispy Thins:

Greenwich Endorsers and Chefs 2

Greenwich Endorsers and Chefs

The Bacon Crispy Thins pizza is available in Greenwich branches nationwide starting at P220 for the double size, from July to September 30 or until supplies last. And because it’s National Bacon Lover’s Day on August 20, watch out for exciting activities from Greenwich.

You can also call Greenwich delivery at #5-55-55 and get that goodness delivered straight to your door. You can also follow them on Facebook and @greenwichpizza on Twitter and Instagram.

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