Green Pigs’ Kitchen – A Little Princess’s Heaven

Green Pigs Kitchen

Last week, I was invited to try Green Pigs’ Kitchen in Scout Torillo near Tomas Morato.

The place is so beautiful! The restaurant looks like a little girl’s princess tea dreams come true! It’s small and cozy and filled with pretty, girly things!

This place is so elegant, but surprisingly affordable! Read on to find out more:

Green Pigs Kitchen Tree Tea

Seeing such fine tea sets, in such French-countryside charming surroundings, just elevates the experience to another level. It is so luxurious, yet homey.

These types of tea sets have been a dream splurge of mine ever since J and I saw them at Rustan’s, specifically the Royal Albert brand. Seeing them here is just *drool*. I didn’t want to leave. The airconed air is also very cool, which was another reason I didn’t want to leave 🙂

These sets on the shelf are on sale, just ask the owner for the price if you are interested. Most of them are vintage.

Green Pigs Kitchen Tea Sets Shelf For Sale Royal Albert Vintage Green Pigs Kitchen Tea Pots Green Pigs Kitchen Tea SetsBeing at Green Pigs’ Kitchen just made me feel like such a princess!

Checking out the menu

How much do you think a meal here would cost? You’d be surprised to learn that the dishes are quite affordable, with main entrees mostly priced around P245-P275, with NO SERVICE CHARGE!

Green Pigs Kitchen Menu Main EntreeGreen Pigs Kitchen Menu Soup Salad Sandwich Pasta

They also have Executive Meals for only P140.00 that already include iced tea and vegetable sidings. You can upsize the Executive Meal until P180, which gives you additional bottomless iced tea and dessert. They have more dishes and special menus – just browse them when you get there!

Green Pigs’ Kitchen and Healthy Food

Green Pigs’ Kitchen serves healthy food. The restaurant started when the owners had a difficult time looking for a place to eat that could accommodate their dietary restrictions – one of the owners’ husband was diabetic, and the other owner had high cholesterol. So they decided to put up a restaurant that would serve healthy food, and Green Pigs’ Kitchen was born.

Contrary to what you may have initially thought, Green Pigs’ Kitchen was not named after the cute Angry Birds villains. The owners were both born on the Year of the Pig, and “green” is because they wanted to serve healthy food in their restaurant.

If you want to eat healthy, this is the restaurant to go to! They painstakingly remove all the fat from the meat before they cook it, they use low-fat cream, and they can accommodate your healthy food requests, just give them enough time to prepare. Do you want brown rice instead of white rice? Or quinoa? Are you on a restricted diet where you can only eat a matchbox-sized piece of chicken? They can measure it for you and cook it for you, too. Just call and let them know ahead of time. I’m sure there’s going to be a little price adjustment, but I think it’s going to be reasonable. Note: they serve healthy food, but they are not an organic restaurant.

Do you want your diet meal prepared for you every day? Yes, they can do that, too.

Do you want to book them for events? They can accommodate you. The owners are a delight to talk to and are very accommodating! And don’t forget, they price very reasonably!

The Food

The food served at Green Pigs’ Kitchen can most accurately be described as healthy comfort food. The recipes are the owners’ family recipes – it’s not Chinese, French, Italian or Filipino – it’s just simply the food that they serve to their families.

Eat your food right away when they are served, while they are still warm!

This is the Baked Caprese Dip (P165): It’s a marinara sauce topped with mozzarella and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). I don’t know anyone who won’t like this! The soft, melted mozzarella paired with marinara is just classic.

Green Pigs Kitchen Baked Caprese Dip

Rosemary Chicken (P245): I found the Rosemary Chicken to be very flavorful and moist. Many restaurants are afraid to season their meats well, but I like Green Pigs’ Kitchen’s Rosemary Chicken because the flavor has really penetrated into the meat, and it is well-seasoned but not too salty. The skin is also well-seared, which I like 🙂 This also makes the skin less fatty.

Notice that the side vegetables are buttered julienned carrots and French beans! Not ordinary Baguio beans. French beans! These are thinner than regular Baguio beans, more delicate, and cook faster, too. They are also more expensive. At the price of this Rosemary Chicken, it’s a steal!

Green Pigs Kitchen Rosemary Chicken

Baked Creamy Sole (P260): This is probably my favorite! Fish fillet and well-seasoned creamy sauce baked until bubbly. Who knew spring onions and cream would work so well? I’m guessing there’s a bit of Parmesan in there, too. It was just perfect! And it’s healthier, too, because they use low-fat cream.

Green Pigs Kitchen Baked Creamy Sole

Baby Back Ribs (P435): Can you spot the difference between this Baby Back Ribs vs. other restaurants’ ribs? There is no “fatty” layer on this one! Green Pigs’ Kitchen meticulously removes all the other “stuff” on the ribs before cooking the ribs for hours for tenderness and flavor. This is actually very, very good. I detected some 5-spice powder in the meat and some hint of orange in the sauce.

Remember that they’ve cleaned out all the fat from the ribs – this can make it a tiny bit drier than the fatty ribs you may be used to. But it’s healthier 🙂 I find it easier to eat, too, because there’s none of that fat and gristle that I usually have to work at removing.

Green Pigs Kitchen Baby Back Ribs

Baked Pork Belly (P200):

Green Pigs Kitchen Grilled Pork Belly

For dessert, we had Creme Brulee and Mango Pudding:

The creme brulee was addictive! It wasn’t sweet, which is good for dieters and diabetics, and I don’t think they used ordinary sugar for the topping because it didn’t crack like an ordinary sugar caramel would. The creme brulee was so creamy, but not nakakaumay. Addicting if you like creamy things like me!

Green Pigs Kitchen Creme Brulee

The mango pudding was also not too sweet – mango pudding, mangoes and jelly. It was very light but good. It’s cool and perfect for summer, but yet still very healthy!

Green Pigs Kitchen Mango Pudding

Afternoon Tea

We also tried the afternoon tea. For around P500, you get a refillable pot of premium tea and a set of the little sandwiches and scones on a 3-tier stand. You can choose from a selection of premium tea bags or from tins of loose leaf tea. It’s perfect for an afternoon of catching up with a friend.

Yes, you get to use those lovely tea sets!

Green Pigs Kitchen Afternoon Tea

You can also order some cupcakes!

Green Pigs Kitchen Cupcakes


I am so happy that I found out about Green Pigs’ Kitchen since it’s not normally a place I would stumble upon on my own. Aside from the affordable prices, and beautiful ambiance, the food is actually quite good AND HEALTHY, and I felt that the owners were very proud of the quality of the food they served. I am always happy to see restaurant owners who are very hands on and involved in the running of their restaurant.

I plan to go back there to eat with my family – I think this is a good place to take your parents or anyone who has to take care to eat healthier. The restaurant will accommodate any reasonable food requests you may have – even if you’re a vegetarian, following a strict diet, etc.. etc…

I think this is also a good place to catch up with a friend. Why go to a crowded, noisy coffee chain when you can go to this lovely place? I find the prices extremely reasonable, too.

You’ll feel happy about the food you ate, but not guilty because it’s all healthier!

Parking is not a problem – there is ample space nearby. A guard is also there to help you and keep watch.

I’m not an expert on the Scout streets so I’m not the best person to give directions  Just use Waze or look them up on Google Maps before going.

Green Pigs’ Kitchen
Triple A Health Plaza,
36 Sct. Torillo Street,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
OPEN: 11 AM – 9 PM (Mon-Sat; closed on Sundays)
Contact #s: 0917-7952658, 0917-8425659, 501-2683
Instagram: @greenpigskitchen

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