Great Deal Finds at S&R This October!

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After S&R’s wild Members’ Treat earlier this month (did you see the shoppers’ carts piled so high?), we went grocery shopping at S&R again earlier this week.

The Members’ Treat is over, but there were still some awesome deals to be had. We went to the S&R Shaw branch the other day and saw these awesome S&R SALE finds!


I thought these were really cute! It’s 5 Travel Mugs in one, with hot chocolate and marshmallows inside. Buy a set and give each of your BFFs a mug for Christmas (or as a stocking stuffer). You and your whole posse can be matchy-matchy while drinking cocoa! It’s P1,499.95 for a set of 5 travel mugs.

Christmas Travel Mugs 5 in 1

Christmas Travel Mugs 5 in 1

There were many Bath Sets on Buy 1 Take 1 – bath sets seem to be everyone’s default gift choice to give someone they don’t know really well… There were many, many choices, but I’ll just post a few…

Bath Sets Buy 1 Take 1

Glitter Bath Set

These Christmas-themed Paper Napkins (P99.95 per pack) caught my eye. The designs are so much nicer than generic Christmas paper napkins!

Christmas Paper Napkins

These 6m LED Tape Lights are discounted from P999.95, they are now only P799.95! Aside from Christmas lighting, they also make very good track lighting for walkways, kitchens, shelf lighting, night lights, etc…

6M LED Tape Light

Here’s something that will help your house to smell fresh & clean when guests arrive. Glade Air Freshener (P154.95) is on Buy 1 Take 1, too!

Glade Air Freshener


Check out this 21-pc box of Candy Canes with Hand-Decorated Jellies. It’s only P599.95! Grab a pack or two and you now have a stash of thoughtful gifts to give to officemates at Christmas. It’s nice to have some backup gifts in case you forget to buy a gift for someone…

Candy Canes with Jellies

2.55kgs of candy for Halloween! 150 pcs of all chocolate bars & candy, P1,119.95!

Kirklad Chocolate Fun Size

These Royal Dansk Chocolate Wafers (P169.96) are a weakness of mine… nice to see them available again!

Royal Dansk Chocolate Wafers

These are another favorite of mine… Chocolate covered acai bluebbery gummies! Soooo addictive! Now Buy 1 Take 1 (P779.95 for 2 packs)! Get them while supplies last!

Acai Blueberry Buy 1 Take 1

The Giant Hershey’s Kiss (P279.95) is back!

Hersheys Giant Kiss

These are new. Can’t remember seeing them before…

Utz Chocolate Pretzels

And here’s a GIANT TEDDY BEAR (P5,999.95), just in case someone insists that they need one in their life!  Or in case you did something wrong and need to be forgiven…

Giant Teddy Bear


Having a grown-up Halloween party? Having a get-together with friends or a marathon viewing of your favorite shows during the long weekend until Nov. 1? Stock up now!

Jose Cuervo Tequila is on Buy 1 Take 1! Now only P369.95 for 2 bottles!

Jose Cuervo

Budweiser is also on Buy 1 Take 1! Get a total of 12 bottles of Bud for only P499.95!

Budweiser Buy 1 Take 1


Ever watched Jamie Oliver’s shows and he often uses bottled, char-grilled bell peppers? And you don’t know where to find them? Me, too! Well, here it is, and it’s on Buy 1 Take 1, to boot!

Bottled Capsicum

Cereals are on sale, too:

Nutri Oats

Bob’s Red Mill Muesli is also discounted! Stock up now, muesli lovers!

Red Mills Muesli

I’m curious about Califia Almond Milks so now’s a good time to try out the brand. It’s on Buy 1 Take 1!

Califia Almond Milk Buy 1 Take 1

We also bought these Nancy’s Quiche in Cheese Trio flavor (P229.95) that was on Buy 1 Take 1. For breakfast, snacks, or to add as a side dish for lunch or dinner.

Nancy's Quiche Cheese Trio

Buy these Frozen Blueberries! They are on Buy 1 Take 1!!! You can make your own blueberry anything with these! Blueberry smoothies, blueberry ice cream, and my favorite, blueberry pancakes!!!!! For blueberry pancakes, just make your pancakes as usual, then, after pouring the pancake batter onto your hot pan to cook, while the pancake is still not cooked, add some blueberries on top. The blueberries will sink into the pancake. Flip the pancake to cook the other side. That’s it! Don’t mix in the blueberries with the pancake batter or your pancake batter will turn violet (learned this the hard way).

Frozen Blueberries Buy 1 Take 1

We also stocked up on these Ensalada Primavera Mixed Vegetables (P69.96) since they are on Buy 1 Take 1. I add them to pasta salads, minestrone, basically any dish that you want to bulk up with some corn, carrots and peas.

Mixed Vegetables

There were also a lot of promos in the frozen meats section! Will not post them here anymore because the post is already way too long! Just check them out! Ground beef, ground pork, chicken breast, chicken thighs, and even imported meats were on promo!


Need some containers to keep your leftover party food? These 20-pc Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids set is now only P399.95 (from orig price of P549.95, saving you P150).

SnR Rubbermaid 20 Pc Set

Planning to travel for Christmas vacation? I saw this American Airlines Luggage set at Buy 1 Take 1! It’s P5,999.95 for 2 sets! Each set is composed of 3 pieces of luggage. So that’s P5,999.95 for a total of 6 pieces!

SnR American Airlines Luggage

SnR American Airlines Luggage

SnR American Airlines Luggage

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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    Hi,good afternoon..your blog is a great help for me since it keeps me up to date sa mga naka-sale sa s&r, I am also a member peromalayo kasi kami dun..I have a favor sana sa next time you visit s&r, to check how much yung Pulanski upholstered storage bench..I saw it the last time but I noted the wrong price..thank you in advance and more power ro your blog..


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