Need Internet But You’re Out of Data? GoWiFi May Save the Day!

Have you heard of GoWiFi?

Well, I just heard about it a few days ago through this video and decided to try it out!


GoWiFi is a public WiFi service that provides users with WiFi access to the internet in over 1000 partner locations nationwide. Here are some examples of where you can find GoWiFi:

  • Malls like SM Supermalls, MegaWorld Lifestyle Malls, Ayala Malls
  • Stores and restaurants like Starbucks Coffee,  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, KFC, 7-Eleven,
  • and public transportation places like at the NAIA and the LRT

Just connect to the GoWiFi hotspot and connect to the internet!

There are two GoWiFi services available:

  • FreeGoWiFi
  • GoWiFi Auto – PAID / PREMIUM service

With FreeGoWifi, you get to use the WiFi for a limited time per day. Once you use up your daily allocation, you can purchase a GoWiFi Auto package to continue accessing the internet. Standard free is 30 minutes but it varies depending on the location.

With GoWiFi Auto, you can register to a package that allows you to access the WiFi based on your package time and data allocation. More on the packages below.

And you know what? Any mobile user can use the service! Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, Talk N Text, and even international numbers users can use GoWiFi.


Just turn on your wifi on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and look for something that is named something like @FreeGoWiFi or @<StoreName>_FreeGoWiFi

Globe GoWifi SSID

All you have to do is connect to it. You’ll be shown the GoWiFi screen, just click on GO.

You’ll see a short advertisement, and after viewing the ad, just follow instructions and you’ll be good to go! And that’s it, you’ll be connected to GoWiFi!

The free service is ad-supported, meaning you might see ads before you start browsing. But that’s really okay. For me, it was just an ad that I can quickly X-out of, no big deal – and the service is free, so seeing an ad is fine 🙂 You are also disconnected if you are idle for some time.


Aside from the free service, there is also a premium service called GoWiFi Auto. After you have consumed your free minutes, you can upgrade to GoWiFi Auto to continue having GoWiFi access.

As for GoWiFi Auto, you won’t see ads, and you also get uninterrupted browsing – you won’t get disconnected if you’re idle. It’s just like connecting to your WiFi at home. Just set it once, and then you can connect for the duration of the package that you availed.

Here are the packages available for GoWiFi Auto:

Price Validity Volume Cap
P15 1 day 500 MB
P50 3 days 1.5 GB
P99 30 days 1.5 GB
  • Payment can be deducted from prepaid load or charged to your postpaid bill.
  • It is open to Globe/TM, Smart/Sun/TNT users.

You can also choose to pay by credit card (only the P50 and P99 packages are available for credit card payment option).

There’s another payment method called Request-a-Fi, where users without any load can request for a GoWiFi package from any Globe user.

If you stay at GoWiFi partner locations for a good part of your time, I think the P99, 1.5GB package good for 30 days is a great option. It’s one of the most affordable packages I have seen offered so far. 🙂


Last weekend, I went to SM Megamall and decided to try GoWiFi. At SM Megamall, GoWiFi Auto is available at the Mega Fashion Hall area. Here’s how to do it:

  1. To access GoWiFi Auto, just choose the GoWiFi Auto hotspot.
  2. You’ll arrive at the GoWiFi Auto screen, where you type in your mobile number.
  3. You’ll be sent a verification code via text on the mobile number you used. Enter the verification code on the GoWiFi Auto screen.
  4. You’ll be shown the available packages. Choose your GoWiFi Auto package.
  5. Confirm payment.
  6. You’ll see a notice confirming that you have registered to your GoWiFi package. That’s it! You can start surfing!


So after giving you all the important information about how to get yourself connected to GoWiFi, how does it fare in the real world?

Last weekend, we went to SM Megamall for some shopping and to watch a movie. GoWiFi Auto is available at the Mega Fashion Hall area of SM Megamall, and the SSID was pretty easy to find:

Globe GoWifi Auto SSID

We tried out GoWiFi Auto while waiting for dinner. I decided to try GoWiFi Auto because they have an ongoing 3-day FREE TRIAL for new GoWiFi users until December 31, 2017!

Globe GoWifi Auto Free Trial Log In

I received the verification code via text:

GoWifi Auto Free Trial Verification Code Text

GoWiFi Auto Verification Code

GoWiFi Auto Choose Your Package

GoWiFi Auto Connected

And we’re connected and browsing!

Globe GoWifi Auto Browsing

I’m on a decluttering / organizing mode these past few weeks in preparation for the deluge at Christmas, so I’m browsing for some ideas before hitting the shops!

Globe GoWifi Auto Browsing 2


This is a great service that I think can save you in a pinch!

Rushing to turn in an assignment, reply to an urgent email, etc…? If you ever find yourself needing internet access and for some reason, you don’t have mobile data, this will be such a big help for you.

With that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this for fun, too! If your girlfriend/wife is shopping and you’re stuck waiting at the “boyfriend/husband” chairs, you can take out your phone and while away the time surfing funny comics and memes. 🙂

If you’re visiting GoWiFi partner locations frequently, you might want to consider upgrading to GoWiFi Auto – the P99 package is the best value, imho.

You can learn more at and on social media:




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