Cheapest Data GOTSCOMBODD70 Now Has All Net Texts

I know a lot of my readers are relying on Globe’s Gotscombodd70 promo where they get 1 GB of mobile data and 1,000 Globe/TM texts good for 7 days. But reader S. N. recently emailed me a screenshot showing that instead of 1,000 Globe/TM texts, Gotscombodd70 now includes unlimited texts to all networks!

Globe Gotscombodd70 All Net Texts

I saw several other people confirming the same thing on Facebook.  I haven’t seen any official information from Globe about it though, aside from these screenshot text messages.

I am so glad Globe finally did this. This means you can now text other people without having to first check if they are using Globe or Smart or Sun. Honestly, having to stop for a moment to think about whether to text someone from Sim 1 or Sim 2 is a hassle, especially when you have to do it 1,000 times!

If you mainly use Globe but also maintain a secondary Smart number that you don’t use much, I think it’s a good partner with Smart’s Saktodata99 where you get 500MB, 70 mins of calls to Smart/Sun/TNT but NO TEXT for 30 days. Saktodata99 just seems like the cheapest way to get 70 mins of calls for 30 days on Smart.

If you are also using Gotscombdd70, were you already able to use your unli all net texts?

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