Got Cinnabon Minibons at P40 each!

Cinnabon Minibon

I’m enjoying my yummy Cinnabon Minibon. And the best thing about it? It’s only P40!

This weekend, Cinnabon has an ongoing promo – buy 1 Minibon (P65) and get the next Minibon for only P15!

So I went ahead and bought 8 Minibons, for a total of P320! That divides to a price of P40 for each Minibon!

It should be enough to last us a few days of breakfast/ dessert/ merienda.

The promo is only from Oct. 24-26, 2014! So today is the last day!

If you want know more about this promo, please read our post about it here.

Cinnabon Minibon 8 for P320

My Review of the Cinnabon Minibon:

It’s okay. Would I go out of my way to buy it again if it wasn’t on promo? Probably not.

The best cinnamon roll I had in my life, ever, was Cinnzeo’s when they first opened their Greenbelt store years ago. The Cinnzeo rolls were gooey, with lots, lots and lots of frosting and melted buttery cinnamon sugar inside. That is still my standard for excellent, heavenly cinnamon roll.

In contrast, I found the Cinnabon Minibon a bit dry. It did not have enough frosting for me, and it did not have enough of the melted cinnamon sugar in between. What can I say? My idea of a heavenly dessert involves lots of cream, butter and melted brown sugar.

But since I don’t have access to Cinnzeo right now, and I don’t even have any idea if their branch in Greenbelt still exists, this will do. I’ll probably add some butter, cream cheese and sugar next time… I know it’s not healthy.. but… but… it makes everything delicious!

If you like your cinnamon rolls on the skinny side, with emphasis on the cinnamon instead of the gooey stuff, you might like Cinnabon 🙂

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