GoSakto Trick for 510 mins of calls for 30 days! Only P94!

Gosakto Tips Tricks 510 minutes Globe Calls 30 days Featured ImageOkay, so after a few weeks of writing about Globe’s GoSakto tricks, I finally did it! I took a chance and tried one that fits my needs for Globe minutes at a totally sulit price.

I was able to get 510 minutes of Globe/TM calls good for 30 days for only P94!

My prepaid Globe number has been languishing. I haven’t really been keen on using it because of all the hassles of using it — on days that I have to call someone using a Globe number, I have to reload it via my GCash, and register to something – making a simple phone call take longer than 5 minutes to prepare for. Such a waste of time, but I really can’t justify maintaining my prepaid Globe number with sufficient load just to have it “eaten” every month because I rarely use it and I keep forgetting to reload on time, even with Loadwatch.

But using this “trick”, I just somehow feel freer to use my Globe minutes, if that makes sense…? 510 minutes already feels like unli to me, and for only P94 for the whole month!

But now I feel so excited to call people on Globe! I feel like asking random acquaintances if they are using Globe – “Hello, are you using Globe? Can I call you?” Hahaha, is that creepy? Globe friends, I will start calling you!!! Whereas the universe of Globe was previously kind of dead to me and vice versa, I’m ready to make a re-debut! I just feel so excited to use those 510 minutes! And the happiest thing of all, is that it only costs P94! Kahit hindi maubos yung 510 minutes, okay lang, masaya na ako, sulit na.

A while ago, I wrote that I was using Globe GOCTCOMBOCD225, which was 1,000 texts to all networks and 100 Globe/TM mins for 30 days. That was a bust and I gave up on it since it was like throwing money away every month on something I hardly used.

This trick is really not a trick at all in an illegal sense. I didn’t do anything shady, install any apps or do anything weird! You can register to this any time of the day.

So here’s how I did it (this is working as of April 10, 2015!):

UPDATE: This is not working anymore. GOCTCOMBOAKF73 has been removed from GoSakto.

First step: Make sure there’s enough load. (I reloaded P100)

Step 2: Send GOCTCOMBOGKA21 to 8888. This gives you 500 minutes to Globe/TM, 20 texts to all networks, valid for 1 day.

I typed the code wrong the first time. To help me avoid mistyping again, I reminded myself that GOCT sounds like geocities  Don’t be scared. That code is totally legit. It’s the same code you’ll end up with when you register to GoSakto the long way using *143#.

Gosakto Tips Tricks GOCTCOMBOGKA21 500 minutes Globe Calls

I took around 2 minutes before I received the Congratulations! message from Globe, so that kind of scared me a little. So if you don’t get a message from Globe right away, give it a few minutes before panicking.

Step 3: Send GOCTCOMBOAKF73 to 8888. That’s AKF, not AFK. This gives 10 mins Globe /TM calls, 20 texts to all networks, valid for 30 days.

Gosakto Tips Tricks GOCTCOMBOAKF73 10 minutes Globe Calls 30 days

Next, check your GoSakto status by going to *143#, selecting GoSakto then Manage Registrations, then Check the status/balance of my registration. You’ll receive a text with your status:

Gosakto Tips Tricks 510 minutes Globe Calls 30 days

The validity period of your GOCTCOMBOGKA21 is now extended to 30 days! I don’t think this is really a bug, but a feature, similar to Sun’s Advanced Charging System. Maybe the telcos are legally bound to extend the validity period of your promos to the longest one when you’re subscribed to several similar promos. Or maybe it’s too confusing to keep track of in their system so they just keep track of the most recent validity period, who knows? But I am very happy they have this feature!

Additional: If you want to add 1,000 texts to all networks, text GT5 to 8888 from 7am – 9am ONLY. I don’t know why this only works from 7am-9am. I haven’t tried this yet. Will report back when I do.

Pros: Unlike Smart prepaid, there’s no need to use prefixes when calling Globe. And, hello, 510 minutes for P94! That works out to just P0.18/minute! Awesome reason to go Globe!

Cons: We don’t know if this is a bug and if it will be “fixed”. I’m leaning more towards thinking that it’s just too much trouble to keep track of in Globe’s system so they are only keeping track of the most recent value or something to that effect. Imagine if they had to keep track of all the GoSakto promos of all of their users and the validity periods of all the promos those users subscribed to. And how would they know which texts or minutes you used up first if you are subscribed to several? Too much hassle, IT-wise, methinks, and they would be opening themselves up to further problems and be accused for “eating” texts and minutes.

I want to give credit to this site where this guy compiled all the working GoSakto tricks. I will be trying the internet one (60 txt all network + 2gb data for 1MONTH! = 145PHP) soon for my pocket wifi 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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55 thoughts on “GoSakto Trick for 510 mins of calls for 30 days! Only P94!

  1. Alena Sanchez

    Thanks for the tip! That’s around 50% savings for me.

    I feel bittersweet with the promo though. I’m afraid Globe (and other telcos) will use it to justify their capping. For example, Globe will say that a lot of their subscribers subscribe to capped internet promos instead of their “unlimited” offers so they will push capped promos and plans even more. On the other hand, I find the promo sulit as it is now.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Alena, thanks for your comment! I’m glad I was able to help. I’m totally with you on the capping issue, especially when it comes to mobile internet. I am worried about the same thing.

      I want unli internet to be available also in case I ever need it. Unli internet has saved me several times when our DSL was down. You never know when you’ll need it! Also, people who pay for unli internet should get what they were sold (real unli internet) and not a throttled or capped version. What if once they get rid of unli for mobile internet, they start trying to meter DSL?

      Remember the time when we were all worried we would lose the “unli” calls that Sun offered? This happened twice, as I recall. Once early on when Globe and Smart wanted Sun to stop offering unli, and the other time when Smart bought Sun. But somehow they realized “click” talaga ang unli and that people would go nuts if Sun stopped offering it.

      My point is that we should let them know online, on their FB pages, on their Twitter and elsewhere if we’re not happy, and vote with our money. People will find a way to get more data volume at a cheaper price, by hook or by crook. If enough people are so disillusioned and refuse to spend money on legit telco services, they will realize that they need to adapt to what the market wants and offer comparable alternatives.

      1. jia

        And your fear has come to pass. Globe has already metered their DSL. Sanababeach!

        Before, our connection was 3mbps at 2k/month. Since all of us work at offices during the day, our connection was mostly useless so we downgraded to 2mbps with a 5gb cap at 1k+/month. I noticed that as soon as we hit 4gb it’s slow as pak. It was ok when there were only 3 of us in the house but now there are 5 of us with 5 mobile devices and 5 laptops. We called globe to upgrade but their “highest” offer now is 150 gb cap monthly. Grrr!

        1. Rose

          I’m assuming the 5GB cap refreshes daily? I’m pretty sure Globe has always implemented a Fair Use Policy (the daily cap) for several years now with their DSL. However, back then, you could only see the FUP in the fine print so many users didn’t know about it.

          Well, now, it gets worse than that. Our lock-in period for our Globe Broadband ended two months ago. They called us and told us they’d give the new offers they offer to new subscribers at a discount. The plans were faster but… now the cap isn’t even daily anymore. It’s now MONTHLY. And you have to pay more if you use up your monthly allowance. (With the speed they were offering, you could easily use up the monthly allowance in a few days. $$$$$) We didn’t like monthly caps so we turned down the offers.

          In any case, last week, we just switched to Sky who now offers unlimited internet. I’m not certain what the catch is but they are offering very fast broadband speeds for the cheapest rates:
          3k/mo for 50Mbit/s;
          2k/mo for 16Mbit/s;
          1.4k/mo for 8Mbit/s;
          1k/mo for 3Mbit/s

          Maybe you should check it out. 🙂

  2. Barat Queen Post author

    Oh, no. They might have fixed the bug already 🙁

    Have you tried registering it via the long way? *143# then pick 10 minutes Globe/TM, 20 texts to all networks, 30 days? Also, are you registered to any other gosakto aside from the GOCTCOMBOGKA21?

  3. Anonymous

    lost a hundred bucks trying to resolve the bug that no longer worked :((( lesson elarned: huwag na mandaya para hindi maubusan ng pera :((

  4. Barat Queen Post author

    So sorry to hear that, anonymous.

    Actually I noticed that there seems to be a problem with GoSakto now. I tried 2 Globe SIMs and whenever I try *143#, it says Unknown Error. Also, the Gosakto thing is not loading on https://www.globe.com.ph/gosaktooffer. It just shows a blank screen. This has been going on for at least several days already.

    Is anybody else having this problem?

    Update: Checked twitter and I see some people complaining to Globe that some of their favorite Gosakto offers are giving them invalid keyword problems too, esp 30 days offers. Baka tinanggal na ng Globe pero ayaw aminin. Their customer service reps don’t seem to know what’s happening and keep giving the “try again later, sir” answers.

    I was able to access http://www.globe.com.ph/gosaktooffer and I was able to create GOCTCOMBOAKF73. I got to the point where I received a text message and I needed to reply with the code to confirm. I just did not continue with the registration because I’m still subscribed to a current bug. Naka subscribe na din kasi kaming lahat na may extra Globe SIM, so there’s no one to test it with kung gumagana pa yung 73.

    Please continue to post feedback. Thanks!

    Promo Details:

    Your GoSakto comes with:

    10 minutes of Calls to Globe and TM Text
    20 Texts to All networks

    Duration: 30 days

    Cost: P73.00

  5. kim❤

    hello!! I was able to register to GOTSCOMBOKEA36 but had issues with GOTSCOMBOKAF73. Now I am left in limbo as i dunno how to extend it for a month.. please help:(

  6. Mr. Cc

    Alas! wala na sa GoSakto menu ang 30 days validity kung mababa lang ang combo. Ang 30 days ay makikita na lang sa malalaking combination.

  7. Barat Queen Post author

    Haay naku Globe. They just removed GOCTCOMBOAKF73. I’ve been having trouble accessing *143* for the past several days and was just able to access today. Wala na nga yung GOCTCOMBOAKF73.

    After choosing Call & Text, picking 10 mins Globe calls then 20 texts to all networks: 3 days, 2 days and 1 day nalang yung choices 🙁 Grrrrr…

    And so many people have been asking Globe on social media about why they can’t register to GOCTCOMBOAKF73 anymore, but they are not being given a straight answer 🙁

    There are still “tricks” that can be done, but they are more expensive now 🙁 big jump in price. Guess I’m back to using Smart again next month.

  8. BoyBarat

    sad to say wala na yung GOCTCOMBOAKF73 as of today 04/22/2015. well meron pa din 30days kaso mahal na masyado. 3 weeks pa lang ako nag gglobe so i think pag natapos ung 1month na naregistered ko till wala pang new bug for 30 days balik muna ko ulit sa smart. btw thanks BARAT QUEEn for this info. sana makadiscover ulit ng new bug for 30 days na abot kaya. parang ariel P7.50 (kidding aside) 😛

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi BoyBarat! Haha, fellow barat! Ako din, balik Smart Mega 250 after my 30 days of Globe is over.

      Mahal na kasi yung bagong bug 🙁 P200+ na. It’s only to be used as my secondary SIM so I can call people using Globe, so it can’t be too expensive. Extra sim lang kasi. Sana talaga may madiscover na bagong trick, kahit calls lang na mura – lots of minutes at an affordable price good for 30 days.

      I’m still using the P70.00 1GB 7 days though. Yun ang pinakasulit na mobile internet na legit.

          1. Kaye

            Meron ang p ang combodd70 at gud news may masmababa sa halip ng dd70 ngaun 47 pH nlang combination promo tricks its working ehto na load ko ngayon

  9. hackmenot

    Actually it is not a bug if your read the FAQs of globe GOSAKTO, it said that if you will register to an multiple combo it will add up your consumable and will follow the longer expiry.

    BUT (This is the BIG BUT) as of April 20, 2015 there are code that is already invalid such as GOCTCOMBOAKF73 and GOTSCOMBOKAF73 (20 all net txt and 10mb for 30 days) and 8888 will prompt you to register to a combo thru *143#, which in fact offers no 30 days promo. So SAD isn’t it.

    Globe already aware of this kind of trick because of the post like this. Moral lesson, don’t be overwhelmed to post trick and hack.

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Hi! Yes, this is no longer available. The post has been updated informing people that this bug doesn’t work anymore. Thank you 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    So the trick is sinusunod lang nung Globe ung expiry ng last promo.. I know this doesn’t work anymore but I just want to ask if you have tried registering to multiple promos sa Smart na nagke-carry over din ng duration ng expiry?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi 🙂 I’m using Freedom Plan with Smart, and I’m happy na with Mega250 (180 mins, unlitext, 100MB) or Trinet400, so never tried combining promos on Smart Prepaid.

  11. kimsandy

    Is there any way po to get 100 minutes of calls to Globe/TM and 100 texts allnet good for 30 days?
    May nahanap na sana akong way kaso may alam kayo na tried and tested na rin.
    Would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  12. mykel

    davao ako so im not sure kung gagana to sa inyo.. sa talk n text, 10 pesos lang, unli call to smt, sun and tnt ka na, unli text all net ka pa at pwede pang iextend for only 5pesos per day up to 30 days! just text P10 to 3545 para sa unlicall n text, then EDAY to 4545 para sa extend 1 day. P5 per send ang eday, pwede kahit ilang beses isend. that would be 160pesos for one month..

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi mykel, thanks for sharing! May nagkwento din sa akin ng ganyan just the other day, pero for TM. He has a dual sim phone, 1 SIM has TM na naka unlicall to Globe/TM tapos extend lang ng extend, for calls only. Then yung other SIM Globe naman na naka P70 for 1GB + 1,000 texts, eto yung pang internet and pang text niya 🙂

  13. Iceman

    Any promo code closest to about 100 minutes calls to Globe/TM, 100 texts to all networks and 500MB of data? Thanks in advance sa sasagot.

  14. kim choi

    Hi hello i just ask if the 510 GLOBE/TM minutes + 40 TEXT TO ALL NETWORKS, valid for only 94 are still available now 2017 december… thank you…


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