Good News! Enjoy WiFi in Main Transport Hubs Soon!

Good News! I just received this press release (see below) where it says that we commuters will finally get free wifi in the major transport hubs around the country. Well, it doesn’t specifically say that it’s free, but if most countries abroad like HK, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc… are any example, I do hope that it’s free.

PLDT and Smart just signed a recent partnership with the Department of Transportation to provide WIFI connectivity in major airports, seaports, and bus terminals all over the country, as well as in the LRT and MRT.

It’s a very positive development and I am looking forward to it! I’m imagining a future when I can ride the LRT/MRT in peace and actually get some work done or be able to catch up on social media. 


Commuters and Travelers to Enjoy WiFi Connectivity in Main Transport Hubs
Smart PLDT Commuters and Travelers to Enjoy WiFi Connectivity in Main Transport Hubs

Change is indeed coming as millions of Filipino travelers and commuters can soon enjoy Internet connectivity at major public transportation hubs, allowing them to make their journeys much more enjoyable and productive through the recent partnership between PLDT, Smart Communications and the Department of Transportation.

Under this collaboration, Smart and PLDT will power WiFi connectivity at the station platforms, light railway vehicle (LRV), and on the street level of the entire lines of MRT3, and LRT 1 and 2. Meanwhile, data connectivity with the installation of Smart Wifi in major airports, seaports, and bus terminals all over the country will also be strengthened.

With this, commuters can take quickly share their photos and updates to friends and family on social media while at the airport, seaport, or bus terminal. Meanwhile, commuting on trains can be made more fun by streaming one’s favorite videos, shows, and clips via iflix and Youtube. Professionals, on the other hand, can continue respond to work e-mails. Needless to say, this marks a huge step in further empowering more Filipinos to be more connected wherever they may be.

The upcoming change has been formalized as Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade and PLDT and Smart Chairman, President, and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan signed the Memorandum of Understanding outlining the initiative for better customer experience and to bring Internet access to more Filipinos nationwide.

The rollout is backed by PLDT’s robust and resilient fixed and wireless networks.

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  1. Anonymous

    c’mon.. smart/pldt should start improving their on areas where people PAY/SUBSCRIBE to their internet and get a lousy 10kbps of speed.. start with the PROVINCES!


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