Globe Prepaid LTE SIM now available!

Globe Prepaid LTE Sim

Globe has finally released LTE-capable SIMS for the prepaid market!

Globe LTE used to be only available to postpaid subscribers, and since I like using GoSurf299 + Spotify, I have been waiting for Globe to finally make LTE available for prepaid subscribers.

Now, if only Globe finally includes my neighborhood in their LTE coverage, that would be sweet!

The Globe LTE Prepaid SIMS come in 2 variants:

  • Combi SIM – the SIM is cut to regular and micro-SIM sizes
  • Nano SIM – the SIM is cut to nano-SIM size

There is currently no Tri-cut SIM released yet.

The price for the SIMs are P40.00 for the Combi, and P75.00 for the Nano.

If you already have a non-LTE Globe Prepaid SIM, don’t worry, because you can upgrade your current non-LTE SIM to LTE at any Globe store for free. You will be able to retain your number. This service will be available starting December 2014.

Find out more by reading the Globe Prepaid LTE SIM Frequently Asked Questions here.

Are you having trouble finding one of these SIMs? Let us know in the comments below!

I’ve had some trouble looking for Smart Prepaid LTE SIMs when they were released. They are always out of stock at the Smart Stores and other vendors always sell them for at least P150.00, instead of the official price of P40.00! So I just want to know if the same thing is happening here.

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