Globe Duo International now $10 for November 2014!

Globe Duo International $10 399 Sale

Are you looking for a way to save on long distance charges when calling the Philippines from abroad?

Globe has a new service called Duo International that will let you call a Philippine Globe number as if you were just calling any local number in your base country. Meaning, you are only charged cheap local rates instead of being charged expensive long distance rates when calling the Philippines.

When you register to Globe’s Duo International, a Philippine Globe Sim is assigned a foreign telco’s number. When that number is called, the call is forwarded to the Philipine Globe number. But to you (who’s abroad), it’s as if you are only calling a regular local number. For a better explanation, please read our previous post on this here.

For November, they’ve upped the price to $10 (P399) per month instead of $1 per month last October. But it’s still cheaper than the regular price of $25!

Everything else seems to be the same, though. So for the list of countries included, instructions on how to register to the promo, and other details, please read last month’s post on Globe’s Duo International here.

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