What TV Shows Are You Watching? March 2016

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Second Chance is a good TV show that you should watch! It has action, futuristic science, crime-solving, family drama (but not too much), and just a tiny bit of romance. It’s in danger of being cancelled because not a lot of people know about the show. So here’s my contribution to let more people know about the show in hopes that it will get renewed for Season 2.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this show called Second Chance. My favorite TV shows have not yet come back from their Christmas hiatus, and I was so bored that I gave new shows a chance and watched them.

I still check the show listings every day out of habit, and kept seeing Second Chance and wondered what the hell Second Chance was about. I thought it was boring. Was it about gambling? A cryfest Lifetime-esque show? I had no idea.

It wasn’t until my sister was also soooooooo bored that she googled Second Chance and watched the trailer on YouTube that we got clued in to what the show was about. It’s about this old guy, a gruff, old-style sheriff, who was murdered. Some tech genius who was experimenting on bringing people back from the dead revived him in a younger, better body. After the sheriff has come to grips with what happened to him, he used his second chance at life to right wrongs and catch/stop criminals and save people with the help of his FBI son and the genius tech billionaires who revived him.

While solving the crime of the week, he also gets closer to the family he didn’t have such a good relationship with while he was alive.

It’s funny, it’s refreshing, it’s new, it’s good. Too bad there wasn’t more marketing done to let people know what the show is about. If you haven’t watched the show, please give Second Chance a chance! 

The only shows I actually look forward to watching every week are Second Chance, Lucifer, Blindspot, and The Blacklist. Although The Blacklist’s “Are they father/daughter” question has been dragged on for far too long and it’s getting old.

Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, I watch out of habit and because I’ve already invested time into them and they cross over, so it’s best to keep up to date. It’s like, yeah well, I’ve already started them, might as well finish them. But their storylines right now are not as exciting, and I’m especially not liking the Hawkgirl-Atom romance Legends is trying to push. Can you say negative chemistry? Blech. I might drop it soon. Too bad, because I kind of like the British guy, especially when he was on Doctor Who.

The NCIS shows? I’ve been skipping them! It’s same old, same old, although I admit, I like New Orleans the best. The # TGIT Shonda Rhimes shows are also same old, same old. I’ve dropped How to Get Away with Murder after the first season. Grey’s Anatomy is like, have you not run out of ways to put roadblocks and traumatic experiences into your characters’ lives? I give up. Scandal, well, I still watch Scandal. 

Sleepy Hollow has definitely improved this season, and Grimm is still keeping my interest, although not as much as it once did.

I kind of like Limitless – it tries to be family-friendly and for the most part, it’s entertaining. After watching several episodes, I feel like I already know Brian and want to watch him get his life together.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is getting interesting again. Agent Carter was pretty good!

Castle – I don’t know what happened to this show, but right now, it’s just all over the place. Bones is already on Season 11! And yes, I am also getting tired of it, but I’d still watch it out of habit. Although I haven’t been watching it religiously for some time, and instead just catch up on the weekends / holidays. Elementary – I still watch the Sherlock Holmes show, I still like it.

I probably watch too much TV, but after working all day, the brain just wants to veg out after dinner… What I do is to try to balance things out – Wednesday nights are usually show heavy (Tuesday night shows in the US), Friday nights (Thursday nights shows in the US), too. So I only watch the shows I like most and leave something for me to watch the following night – for example, I barely have anything to watch on Thursday (Wednesday US time), so I’ll watch leftovers from Wednesday’s shows. The others I watch on the weekends or on the following Monday night.

I try not to watch more than 3 shows a night 

Marathons are another matter! OMG I still haven’t started on Daredevil Season 2! I’m so behind! I need to find one day this summer, and the holiday of April 9 is looking like a good candidate!

Oh noes, or Yay! Game of Thrones is coming back soon! 

What about you? What shows are you still watching? What shows do you look forward to watching every week?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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