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A lot of you have been asking in the comments if Smart’s Saktodata stacks with Gigasurf. So yesterday, I thought I’d try it and see.

I first subscribed to another Saktodata99 promo to extend last month’s subscription – the Saktadata99 stacks with other Saktodata promos like the Saktodata30 and the Saktodata99. The free minutes, free texts and data all stack and are extended by another 30 days.


Saktodata99 gives 500MB + 70 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun & TNT, valid for 30 days. To register, text Saktodata99 to 9999.


Saktodata99 gives 200MB + 20 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun & TNT, valid for 7 days. To register, text Saktodata30 to 9999.

Does Smart’s GigaSurf stack with Saktodata?

Then I subscribed to Gigasurf50 to see if it will stack with my Saktodata99. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the GigaSurf has a different expiration date than the Saktodata.

Smart Saktodata Giga50 Not Stackable

The data from my Saktodata99 was being used up first:

Smart Saktodata Giga50 Not Stackable 3


1GB of open access volume data with FREE 300MB of iflix, Spinnr, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Dubsmash, all valid for 3 days. Text GIGA50 to 9999.


2GB of open access volume data with FREE 1.1GB of iflix, Spinnr, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Dubsmash, all valid for 30 days. Text GIGA299 to 9999.


I was able to get above 700 KB/s for torrents using the Flud app for Android, but the speed fluctuates, cycling from around 300 KB/s up to 700+ KB/s.

For watching YouTube, I was able to watch 720p videos with no problem, no buffering. The YouTube video starts out at a low resolution, but quickly reaches 720p in a few seconds. It uses up A LOT of data though. I used up 200 MB when I watched a 1:20 minute video (720p) for testing purposes.

Note that this testing was done at night, indoors, around 11 pm. Also, the Smart signal in our area is good.


To turn on Load Protect, text PROTECTON to 9999.


text ?1515 to 214.


Giga Surf DOES NOT stack with Big Bytes nor Sakto Data.

When registered to several promos like Saktodata, BigBytes or Gigasurf, it will use up your data based on the order you subscribed to the promos. So even if my Saktodata99 500 MB will not expire for another 30 days, and I have a Gigasurf50 1GB that will expire in 3 days, Smart is using up my Sakto Data 500 MB  first.

I expected it to use up the data that is closer to expiring, but  no. 


Although I am happy with the internet speed, I am pretty disappointed with how the mobile data being used up first is my Saktodata (expiring in 30 days) and not the Gigasurf (expiring in 3 days) which was expiring sooner. I was planning to get a Saktodata99 for use for the whole month pa naman and then just get a Gigasurf50 during weekends when data usage is higher. Di pala maganda ipagsabay. I feel like my Saktodata99 was wasted – I should still have mobile data for 30 more days, but not anymore. 

Gigasurf50 is still the cheapest legit mobile internet so far, P50 for 1GB, but good only for 3 days. It now beats the P70 for 1 GB for 7 days if you are a heavy mobile internet user. I hope they find a way to fix this little problem though, at least give us a better way to use up the mobile data; or be able to choose which one to use up, Big Bytes, Saktodata or Gigasurf.

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