6 Easy Ideas to Get Your Home Christmas Ready with SM Home


Christmas 2016 is just two months away!

Have you started decking your halls with boughs of holly?

Not yet? At a loss for ideas? Don’t know where to start?

First, let me tell you that you do not need to decorate every inch of your house. When you watch Christmas movies and see the characters make their house look like Santa’s, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up. But I’m here to tell you that you can make your home feel like Christmas without all that time and effort! You just need a few touches and some main pieces to make your home feel festive and Christmas-sy.

I was browsing through the SM Home Christmas Catalogue 2016 and got some ideas for decorating the house. Let me share them with you! 


Idea #1

Hang one of these cute, small ornaments on your front door (or even on all your doors).


Use one of those transparent Command hooks so you won’t damage your door.

I like this idea because it gives an instant Christmas feel as soon as you enter the house! The decoration is also easy to remove and replace.

You can hang the stockings outside bedroom doors – you can leave little gifts and notes inside for your loved ones!


I’m also getting one of those small, cute ones to use as a key chain / bag fob.

For some Christmas doors inspiration, check out this short clip made by SM Home:

Idea #2

If you want to, you can even hang the ornaments on your car’s rearview mirror, just make sure that it does not obstruct your view.


Idea #3

If you are hanging one of these in your car, you can even use it as an air freshener! Just put a few drops of your favorite scent or something that smells like Christmas on the decor, and boom, instant air refresher. And it’s cute, too! Preferably, use good essential oils, and your decoration should have some cloth material where you can put the scent.


Idea #4

Just change your throw pillows. You don’t need to get a whole new Christmas slipcover for your sofa, or buy new Christmas-themed curtains. The Christmas throw pillows are often sold as throw pillow covers only, so you can even reuse your throw pillow cushions! This also makes it easier to store the throw pillow covers for next year. 


Idea #5

Use these sweets ornaments for your Christmas tablescape! I love how they are multi-purpose.


Not only are they for hanging on your Christmas tree, you can also use them:

  • to decorate your dessert presentation so it all looks Instagram-worthy
  • to decorate your children’s party (it’s not only for Christmas!)
  • to decorate for Halloween (Halloween candy)
  • you can totally put those candy canes and lollipops in a small vase or mug to and use it to decorate your coffee table or office desk / paper weight
  • I think those cupcakes are too cute! I want to hot glue a magnet at the back and use them as refrigerator magnets

Idea #6

Easy Christmas tree without the hassle. Too lazy to take out your old Christmas tree from storage? Yep, me, too. It’s probably dusty, and the thought of cleaning it and all the ornaments stored with it is just, ugh. Who has time for that?


This inflatable Christmas tree is for outdoor use, but I’d be happy using it indoors. There’s no worry about children knocking it over, and it’s easy to clean with swipes of a feather duster.

But if you’re traditional and want a classic Christmas tree, they’re also available at SM Home.



Hope these ideas help you start on your Christmas decorating!

Please let me know in the comments if you liked my ideas!

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