Get a Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard – It’s Worth It!

Shakeys Pizzanatic Supercard

Who doesn’t like pizza?

Update: Read about Shakey’s Monday Madness with 40% OFF Chicken ‘N’ Mojos starting July 27, 2015!

Last year, a 24/7 Shakey’s branch opened in our neighborhood, and we were excited that there was finally a good place one could hang out at 4am, and we were more excited by the thought that pizza cravings at 4am can now be assuaged.

The new Shakey’s branch was just a stone’s throw away. Yey! That means they can’t decline our order because our house is “too far” or outside of their delivery zone.

When we had a pizza craving, we decided to try Shakey’s and called their hotline # 77-777. The lady who answered the phone asked us if we wanted to get the Pizzanatic Supercard.

Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard:

Price: P399.00

UPDATE (March 9, 2015): Shakey’s has recently increased the price of the supercard to P499.00. All the benefits stay the same.

Valid for: 1 year

Tip 1: on a small piece of paper, write down the date you bought the card and tape it to the card so you’ll always know when it will expire

Tip 2: take a picture of your card and keep it on your phone, Evernote or whichever app you prefer; it might come in handy if you forgot your card at home and you’re ordering pizza from the office


  • Free Pizza (same size as your order) when you order a large or party size pizza for delivery (any flavor except Classic Cheese and Garlic & Cheese). Free pizza is limited to the following flavors: Classic Cheese, Garlic & Cheese, Hawaiian, and Pepperoni. To get the free pizza, you also have to order a bottle of Coke (P89.00). Maximum of 3 paid and 3 free pizzas per order.
  • Get 2 free 1.5L Coke when you order a Grand Slam Pizza.
  • Free Birthday Pizza (1 Large Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza – must be claimed within 7 days after birthday)

Discounts: 10% discount on all non-promo items for Shakey’s dine-in and take-out

Earn Points: Every P100 (dine-in and carry out) earns 1 point.

Redeem Points: Each 1 point earned is equivalent to cash (P1.00)

Points earned may be transferred to a new card if it’s done within 30 days of card expiration.

Is it worth it?

Definitely, yes! Especially if you order a lot of pizza.

Shakey’s Large Thin Crust Pizzas typically cost around P420-P460+. Add in P89.00 for the 1.5L Coke and you’ll get a total of around P500+.

That’s P500+ for 2 large pizzas and 1 bottle of Coke. Free delivery. They even give us many hot sauce sachets, 4 paper cups, and enough ICE!

Rough estimate, this means that each pizza ends up costing only around P250 each.

And the FREE Birthday pizza alone is already worth P370!

The more you use the Pizzanatic Supercard, the more savings you’ll rack up.

Why I Get Pizzas from Shakey’s

Personally, I like Shakey’s thin crust pizzas better than the regular pan pizzas of other pizza joints. Since the crust is thin, I don’t feel like I’m filling up on a lot of bread.

However, to some people it might not feel that filling (hindi nakakabusog). Value-wise, I think S&R’s pizza is still the best value for money since you get a bigger pizza with more toppings. But, what if S&R is closed after 9pm or you don’t want to brave traffic to go to S&R just for pizza? Also, there’s only a limited range of pizza flavors from S&R.

That’s why when I get a pizza craving, I call Shakey’s.

  1. Because I have a Pizzanatic card,
  2. Because they deliver 24/7!
  3. Pizzas arrive in less than 1 hour!

Shakeys 1954 Pizza Delivery

This is my current favorite flavor – it’s their 1954 pizza. It’s a rectangular pizza. The dough seems hand-tossed. It’s like a pepperoni pizza with some ground meat, added herbs and a better crust. Best eaten right away!

Shakeys Hawaiian Delight Pizza Free Pizzanatic Card

This is our free large thin crust Hawaiian pizza.

Leftover Pizzas

In my experience, pizzas need to be eaten fresh and hot! When they cool down, the cheese gets hard and it’s just not as yummy 🙁 I’ve encountered the same problem with Yellow Cab and S&R pizzas, too. Reheating them in the toaster oven until the cheese is bubbly makes it better but freshly baked pizza is still the best!

Also, if you have leftover pizzas, (we once ordered 4 pizzas thinking we could eat them all) please put them in the refrigerator after the pizzas cool. Trust me. We once left a box of partially eaten pizza out in the dining table because I didn’t want it to get all hard inside the refrigerator, and it got moldy after 2 days… But if they are kept in the refrigerator, it can last longer (at least in our case, it was still okay after 5 days in the fridge inside a Tupperware).

Shakey’s has changed

When I was younger, I loved Shakey’s because of their mojo potatoes. Unlike their current version, the old mojos used bigger potatoes. They were soft and waxy potatoes that were moist inside and had a very flavorful brown coating (not crispy, but flavorful). They were also a bit on the oily side, but to me, they were the most delicious potato thing one could find in Manila.

Then Shakey’s changed. I was young then and didn’t really understand what happened, but somehow we stopped going to Shakey’s and it got a reputation for not being a family-friendly place anymore.

But these past few years, I noticed Shakey’s opening more and more branches and transforming itself into a wholesome place again. With the introduction of the Pizzanatic card, I think they are bringing their A game and are starting to compete with the other pizza chains.

When we first started ordering from Shakey’s, my dad was surprised to learn that Shakey’s was offering this promo and that even we were patronizing Shakey’s. I think he still thought that Shakey’s customers were the beer-drinking sort. His reaction made me realize that yes, Shakey’s had indeed come a long way! I’m happy that Shakey’s is making a comeback!

Now I’m hoping that their original mojos make a comeback, too! Their current mojos are a bland, pale comparison to the mojos I remember.

Do you have a Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard? Are you planning to get one? Do you like Shakey’s pizzas? Please let us know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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26 thoughts on “Get a Shakey’s Pizzanatic Supercard – It’s Worth It!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      No. For delivery you get the free pizza (please see details above). The 10% discount is only for dine-in & take-out 🙂

  1. Achilles

    Can i get my free birthday Pizza on my exact birthday? or just within 7 days AFTER my birthday? I am planning to spend my birthday at Shakeys.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Achilles, I believe you can get it on your exact birthday. Actually, you can claim the pizza from 7 days before up to 7 days after your birthday. They are kind of strict about it so try to make sure you are within that period. Advanced Happy Birthday!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      We use this mostly for pizza delivery (buy 1 take 1) 🙂 Our first choice pizza is S&R because it’s P549 for a BIG 18″ pizza, but the problem is they are closed at 9pm and sometimes it’s too much hassle to drive all the way to S&R just for pizza. This comes in handy for us especially when we’re craving pizza at 11pm onwards while marathoning some TV shows and movies 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi gie, I’m not really sure. You can just call 77-777 to ask if you can get the 10% discount for dine-in pag party 🙂

  2. geeyourhairsmellsterrific

    Ano ba ang process nung Supercard? If I buy a Supercard at 499 pesos, then nagpadeliver ako ng 1 large pizza with 1.5 liters of Coke, how much ang total bill ko? Is it: price of large+price of large softdrink+price of supercard??? and total of like 1k?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yes, for price computation it’s going to be P499 + pizza + soft drink, but if I remember correctly, you will already get your free pizza. Just remind them about it. So you will receive 2 pizzas na 🙂

  3. Marc L.

    It’s my birthday today and we decided to try the newly opened shakey’s in our area this is their 2nd try because the first one closed years ago..
    This is sort of a review,
    Upon arrival a staff led us to the available seat for 5 persons then left us with their menu, however I’m quite disappointed because they do not remember or take note who arrived first because they served the other group who arrived 5 minutes later than us, so I did call the attention of one staff and informed him of our situation then he said he will take our order, while waiting another client arrived (students) based on their uniform.
    After eating we noticed that the students complained because their order was not given and they already cancelled it because they have classes.
    For the food not everyone of us likes the taste of the ordered pizza, the managers choice which has green bellpepper and beef, for me it was fine but my sister is not happy about the taste of the meat.
    I also availed for the supercard and enjoyed the free birthday pizza we opted for the Hawaiian.


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