Free McDonald’s from Metrobank + Tips to Get Best Value

McDonalds Metrobank Promo 2014

Metrobank Card’s new promo is called McDonald’s Spend Anywhere.

Promo period is from October 15, 2014 – January 15, 2015.

Note: some items are only available during McDonald’s breakfast hours.

How do you get your free McDonald’s treats?

– you should have a Metrobank credit card

– spend at least P3,000 or P6,000 on a single receipt

– do not lose the Customer Copy of the credit card slip, you need to present that with the credit card you used to McDonald’s

Having a hard time buying P3,000 or P6,000 in one go? Here are some tips:

– combine your purchases – if you can, buy all your groceries in bulk once a week or every 2 weeks instead of buying small amounts every few days

– combine with a friend – combine your purchases with your friends and have them pay you their share in cash instead; this also works when dining out in restaurants – offer to use your credit card to pay for dinner and ask your companions to pay their share to you in cash

If your problem is how to split your high value purchase into P3,000 transactions, lucky, lucky you.. read on:

Metrobank prohibits splitting of transactions — so, bummer. I wonder if Metrobank Card would actually alienate their high-spending clients by being very strict about this.

– you can’t get around that if you’re buying say, a cellphone worth P30,000

– however, if you are buying groceries or dining out.. you can pay for P3,000 worth first.. then walk around the grocery again for 10 minutes, then buy another P3,000.. but it’s time-consuming and tedious

– if you have several Metrobank cards, you can use different cards for each P3,000 transaction (it is not “splitting” since you are using a different card each time, each transaction goes to a different credit card account)

– if you are really, really lucky, and your spouse, brother, sister, father, mother, sons, daughters, cousins, etc.. have Metrobank cards too.. have them go with you and have them use their card to pay (you pay them when the bill arrives, or if you are really, really, really lucky, they are your supplementary cardholders and you are the one paying their bills anyway)

But to get the mostest out of this promo, use this during SALES! Not only do you get the savings from the sale items, and a possible additional 10% off (for SM 3-Day Sales), you also get free McDonald’s, and free parking. Some SM malls give free parking tickets that you can use when you come back to that mall within 2 weeks. You just need to present a receipt with at least P1,000 purchase to a booth to claim your free parking ticket.

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