Free Christmas Decoration Service For Your Home or Business

S&R Free Christmas Decoration Service

Yesterday, we visited S&R to do some grocery shopping and I saw this big sign saying “FREE SERVICE”, so I was curious. You know, anything that says FREE piques my interest! 


So I asked the staff about it and here are the details:

There’s a minimum P15,000 purchase of Christmas decorations, and yes, this total can include the Christmas tree purchased from them.

After you purchase the Christmas decorations, you take the decorations home. You also discuss with the staff when they can come over to your house / business / office to put up the decorations for you. They are only available after their shift, so this is going to be at night.

When they get to your place, they will put up the decorations for you. Set up your Christmas tree. You don’t have to do anything.

If you are busy, or run a business, and don’t have the time to supervise putting up Christmas decorations, this is actually a pretty good option.

I know most people are super busy during the holidays. It’s usually the peak season for many businesses and many people can’t spare the time to decorate their homes, offices and places of business. However, they might still want to participate in Christmas, or at least, impress guests and customers.

In these cases, this Free Christmas Decoration Service from S&R might be worth looking into!

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