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Last month, I wanted to use my Solaire Swatch. It was a Limited Edition made for Solaire, and I received it as a gift. I was going out of town and expected slightly rugged conditions and knew that the Swatch would be able to handle it. But alas, when I was about to strap it on my wrist, I noticed that the battery was dead

So, the next few times I was at the mall, I was looking for watch repair shops that would sell the Swatch battery. The thing is, I would always forget to bring the Swatch with me. Fortunately, after the Hukad Media Launch a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Swatch booth at the Trinoma and asked about replacing the battery of my Swatch.


I never thought about actually going to Swatch to replace the battery. I had the impression that it would be expensive, so I never even considered it. I didn’t even think that they replaced batteries. Back in the day, we usually had battery replacements done by the neighborhood watch repair guy also buying & selling ginto, pilak, tanso, etc… Fortunately, I was desperate enough to ask the Swatch guy, and he told me that they currently have a promo where they replace the batteries for FREE! This is ongoing on several Swatch branches, I was told (the big mall branches, I assume).

Actually, he said the promo was supposed to be over already, but was extended until further notice.

Last week, we went back to Trinoma, and I made it a point to remember to bring my Solaire Swatch this time. Battery replacement was quick, less than 2 minutes!

Swatch Trinoma Free Battery Replacement

Swatch Trinoma Free Battery Replacement 2

Nothing much to it, the Swatch lady just removed the old battery, put in new batteries, and had me sign a couple of forms. Mostly just warranty stuff and documentation. That’s it.

I have had Swatch watches before back in HS and in college, but I just stopped using them once their batteries died. I just forgot about them. Cellphones happened and I just stopped using watches for a long time… Now I have to go dig up those oldies and try to get them new batteries. I think they will still work, those Swatches are really rugged. Talagang matibay. My only problem is if the designs are still cool now in 2016! Haha, maybe for a retro look. Now, where is my original Pop Swatch? Must be around here somewhere… just googled it and it’s called Vintage now, hahaha.

I want to thank Swatch for this promo. Unfortunately, I did not hear about it sooner, but still, thanks for the free battery replacement.  Sharing for those who might want to use their old Swatch watches but forgot about them because of dead batteries.

Note: this promo is only for Swatch watches.

Swatch PH Facebook page is here:

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