The Frazzled Cook Grand Opening at New QC Location

The Frazzled Cook Outside Exterior

Last week, I was invited to The Frazzled Cook’s Grand Opening at their new location at 78 Scout Gandia St. near Tomas Morato. I used Waze to navigate, but Waze’s location was incorrect – The Frazzled Cook is actually on the other side (I was on the correct street, at least), just look for #78.

The Frazzled Cook used to be located along Luna Mencias St. in Mandaluyong, which is my route home from Greenhills. I was always curious to try the restaurant, but whenever I saw it, I was already on my way home, usually having already had dinner; but I had always meant to try it. It looked packed from my vantage point – the street parking near the restaurant was always full.

Anyway, The Frazzled Cook has moved. I was told the QC location is bigger and can accommodate more guests. I was so excited to attend the Grand Opening and check out The Frazzled Cook, and I wasn’t disappointed!

It was a star-studded affair – the restaurant is a favorite of several local celebrities – we spotted Ara Mina, Shalani Soledad-Romulo, and others.

The Frazzled Cook Interiors

The place is obviously a house converted into a restaurant – but that just adds to the charm. The chairs were mismatched, the plates were also charmingly mismatched. Look at these Hello Kitty utensils!

The Frazzled Cook Hello Kitty Spoon Fork

This was our menu for the night:

The Frazzled Cook Grand Opening Menu

Squash Soup:

The Frazzled Cook Squash Soup

Herbed Chicken Salad – I really liked this. The chicken was smokey and the dressing was sweet, slightly tart, and fruity. This is definitely on the “must order” list.

The Frazzled Cook Herbed Chicken Salad

Truffle Pasta – this was good. The truffle flavor was mild. The pasta has a thick cream sauce, with some herbs and mushrooms. I really wanted to ask for a second serving of this pasta, but I didn’t want to be too full to appreciate the rest of the meal.

The Frazzled Cook Truffle Pasta

Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa on Top of Seafood Paella Rice:

The Frazzled Cook Grilled Salmon Seafood Paella Mango Salsa

BBQ Short Ribs – the meat falls off the bone and the BBQ sauce is sweet and smokey.

The Frazzled Cook BBQ Shortribs

Crepe Cake – aren’t these just the cutest? These are crepes stacked on top of each other with a cream filling in between each crepe – simple, light and pretty!

The Frazzled Cook Crepe Cake

Brew Kettle Beer – we were served this Belgian Witbier Style beer. I’m not much of a beer drinker but I did appreciate this. It is light, not too bitter, tastes clean and has a hint of citrus.

The Frazzled Cook Brew Kettle Belgian Beer

The food – I thought the Herbed Chicken Salad was really good, and the BBQ Short Ribs was also surprisingly good. The grilled salmon and paella was just so-so, the salmon I got was a tad overcooked and the paella lacks depth of flavor. I don’t know if this is because it was the grand opening and the kitchen was serving so many guests so they were “frazzled” too, but overall it was a good experience and I am very willing to try them again.

On the plus side, the staff was very good. I was impressed that they remembered what dish to serve us next since there were so many people! For example, my table companion was already on the ribs, while I was still on the soup, and another table companion was already on the salad – but the staff remembered and served us the correct succeeding dishes when we finished with our current ones.

I would like to come back to The Frazzled Cook again to try their Wagyu Salpicao. People I met there have been recommending it!

I won’t hesitate to recommend The Frazzled Cook to friends looking for a nice place to have a meal and chat – it’s really very cozy, well-lighted and the ambience immediately puts one at ease as soon as you enter.

Thank you to Zomato for extending the invitation.

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