Franzia Chillable Red – Everyday, Easy Drinking Wine

Franzia Chillable Red

I’m on a health kick right now, and, having slight alcoholic tendencies, of course I gravitated towards the “drinking red wine is healthy” camp. 

And it’s true. Drinking a glass of red wine every night is supposed to reduce the risk of everything – from heart disease to diabetes, to cancer. I mean, seriously, have you ever heard of an easier disease prevention regimen?  Here’s a video explaining the whole thing:

So, aside from trying to eat healthier, and trying to eat more nutritious foods, I am also going to try to drink a glass of red wine every night.

Enter Franzia Chillable Red. It’s a box containing 3 liters of medium-bodied, sweet red wine. It’s great for parties and big events because a box can serve up to 25 glasses! What good timing that it was sent to me around this time when I’m starting my red wine routine.

It’s easy to open and to store. Franzia Chillable Red is supposed to last up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator with minimal loss of flavor. With regular wine packaged in regular wine bottles, you should drink the whole bottle once you open it (or give it away to someone else), because it won’t taste the same the next day – the wine deteriorates with exposure to air. However, with the way that Franzia Chillable Red is packaged, there is minimal exposure to air, so in theory, it will last longer. This is perfect for me who wants to drink a glass every night! One of the problems of why I never really got into the whole wine drinking thing at home except for special occasions, was the problem of the wine deteriorating before I can finish the bottle.

To open the box, you just push the round thing and carefully tear the carton along the dotted line.

Franzia Chillable Red How to Open

Reach in and pull out the faucet-like thing. Carefully position the faucet so it fits into the carton.

Franzia Chillable Red How to Open 2

Franzia Chillable Red Faucet 2

Franzia Chillable Red Faucet

That’s it! Just turn the knob to get wine.

If you make me choose a drink, I really, really like the smooth smokiness of Scotch whiskey. Just like with tea, I really like the pu-ers. However, a Scotch is not something I see myself drinking every day. Not yet at this point in my life, anyway. It’s too strong and too much for a daily drink. But wine, yes, it’s considered normal to drink a glass of wine every day.

I like the Franzia Chillable Red. I do not consider myself a wine expert, and at this stage of my wine journey, I still very much like sweet wines. I recently attended a wine pairing class, and while I learned a lot, I’m still no sommelier. I realize that Franzia is no Chateau Lafite, but I still like it.

Franzia Chillable Red with Pizza

It’s an easy, drinkable wine, good for an everyday wine. You know how when it’s hot and you’re thirsty, and a cold glass of Coke is so refreshing? Well, that’s how Franzia Chillable Red is to me. Chilled and sweet and refreshing, but still gives a little buzz. Nothing too complicated because I don’t need complicated when I’m trying to relax. I had it chilling in the fridge, and I’m having it with a few slices of Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza. It’s 10:30 PM and I just want to relax and watch some Netflix in bed. With pizza. And wine. I’m guzzling my wine like water right now, I think I might need to have 2 glasses tonight, haha.  I know, I need to buy a better wine glass…

Franzia Chillable Red retails at around P650 – P700 for the 3-liter box.

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