I Have Found the Best Yogurt Ever! And It’s Not Expensive!

Karoun Greek Yogurt with Honey FeaturedI have officially found my most favoritest yogurt ever!

I saw this Karoun Greek-style Yogurt with Honey at S&R last weekend. It was on sale at P99.95 from P179.95!

Karoun Greek Yogurt with Honey on SaleI wasn’t expecting much. I haven’t been exactly lucky with yogurt. Most yogurts, even imported ones, often give me a little “flour-y” aftertaste, so I usually stick with the local Nestle fruit yogurts.

But since this was on sale, I decided to give it a try. And am I so glad I did!

This yogurt was beyond creamy! You know how most yogurts are sour? This one was not sour at all. There’s a hint of sourness but it just heightens the creaminess and the sweetness of the yogurt. It was like eating thick, sweet cream. There is no “flour/powdery” taste too. I felt like a kitten eating this creamy yogurt! It was like eating concentrated sweet cream, I tell you!

Look at that texture!Karoun Greek Yogurt with Honey

The tub is 24 oz. (680g), and it says it has Live Active Probiotic Cultures. It also says it’s made from Real California Milk, All Natural Ingredients, and is Made with Real Honey. Do I really care about any of that? Not really. Sure, I’m glad it’s good for me, but more importantly, this stuff is amazing!

Is there a name for people who love cream? And I mean that in the most wholesome sense. I have always loved cream. I love cream a little bit more than I love butter, if you can believe it. I can eat a brick or a can of all purpose cream in one sitting, and fruits are just an excuse to eat cream. I am addicted to this stuff – I can’t stop thinking about that yogurt and I know I must SHARE my discovery!

Now, excuse me – I have to schedule another S&R run to stock up on this yogurt before they’re all gone!

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