Painting My Own Fish Tikoy, Chinese New Year 2017

SnR Fish Tikoy

I have been hunting down this Fish Tikoy at S&R for the past week. I’ve actually dropped by S&R three times this week just to get my hands on this, but it’s always sold out right after delivery!

Anyway, I got a tip that they just delivered a fresh batch today, so I dropped everything to go! Today’s the eve of Chinese New Year 2017, so it’s the last day to get me some fish tikoy!

SnR Fish Tikoy

The Fish Tikoy is P199.95 for 700 grams.

After peeling off the mold, I found that the tikoy is white / blank inside. It’s soft and sweet, and actually already quite edible without further cooking. It is good quality tikoy. It is definitely not hard. The tikoy texture is very fine – there are no rough flours or sugars.

SnR Fish Tikoy White

For this price, I did not expect the fish tikoy to be decorated, but it’s just as well. I was able to do a little art project on it!


So out came my food coloring bottles and a silicone brush.

I started by giving it a base of yellow, then added a bit of red, then added green on the sides.

For the eyes, I used blue since I didn’t have any black food color.

SnR Fish Tikoy Painted

I think I went a little overboard and the colors came out really intense. But painting it was so much fun!

Next time, I’ll start with the green on the sides, before painting the yellow and red.

I’m not really that artistic, but I really enjoyed this quick little project. Your kids can help, too!

It’s now ready for Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner tonight!

SnR Fish Tikoy Painted 2

SnR Fish Tikoy Painted 3

If you’re looking for just plain round tikoy, S&R also has it, P189.95 for 1 kg. You can find the tikoy at the bakery section.

SnR Fish Tikoy


The Chinese word for fish is Yu. The Chinese word for abundance is also pronounced as Yu. Because of the similar sounds, the fish has been used to symbolize abundance.

This is why you see so many fish decorations in Chinese households. Many people even hang paintings of fish on the wall of their dining room to attract abundance and food for the family.

May the new year bring you abundance & prosperity!


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