EZTV’s Website Taken Over By Scammers According to TorrentFreak

EZTV Taken Over By ScammersIf you are a fan of EZTV, you might be interested to know that TorrentFreak reported that EZTV’s websites have fallen into the hands of scammers.

If you were wondering why EZTV’s website seemed to be a bit off lately, or you may have felt that something was not right, that was probably why.

What’s weird is TorrentFreak changed their story! Their initial story was titled “Scammers Take Over New EZTV Domain Name” and now it’s “EZTV Domain Name Falls Into New Hands” and people have been wondering about the change. The updated article seems to be nicer towards the “scammers”, too.

Fans are speculating about what really happened. It appears the domain registration was somehow, by scrupulous or unscrupulous means, transferred to someone else, and fans are very, very suspicious. There were reports of login problems, and some users are concerned that the site could have been turned into a sting operation by the police. You may read the TorrentFreak article comments to find out more.

According to some, even EZTV’s KAT account has been taken over, too, because it was pointing to the old EZTV.it site, which has been reported to be an impostor site. Someone has also speculated that the EZTV site could have been legitimately sold by Novaking.

So why am I writing about this? EZTV is the most popular, trustworthy, malware-free TV torrent distribution site known for NOT putting out fake torrents. I know a lot of people are fans of the real EZTV and would want to know about this news, but nobody else seems to be reporting it.

Everything about this has been really quiet – there’s not even any mention of it on the EZTV forums, either. The only source of this news is TorrentFreak and what the fans have been able to uncover posted on the comments section.

I don’t know what really happened, but I have found TorrentFreak to be a generally reliable site for this sort of news. Until we find out what really happened, just exercise good judgement and use common sense.

Update: I heard that the real EZTV crew has called it quits due to the hostile takeover (unconfirmed). Even EZTV’s Wikipedia page has stated that the site has apparently been taken over by scammers. The new site doesn’t have a comment section anymore, and has started serving up ads. Use at your own risk or look for alternatives.

What a bummer, too, that this happened when EZTV was so near it’s 10th year anniversary (next month). So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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