Everything at P799 at Zalora!

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There is a section in Zalora where the price is Everything at P799! Buy 2 at P1299!

I just got an email notification from Zalora that everything is at P799! I went to check out the link, and indeed, everything is priced at P799! I was so excited to browse! At first, I thought it really meant that everything on the site was P799, but it turns out that only the items under this section are P799.

The collection is a little sparse, but you might want to browse anyway. I mostly browsed the bags and accessories section since I have a difficult time buying clothes online. My body is not “standard-sized” so I really need to try on clothes to find out whether they will fit me.

However, I have had good experiences ordering bags from Zalora. A few months ago, I bought a big tote bag and the quality was better than expected for a P700+ generic bag – the stitching was straight and even, and the material was a good quality PU leather. I had low expectations, expecting Divisoria-quality, but was really happy that the bag that arrived was pretty good! It was definitely very far from Divisoria-bag-level quality.

The Everything P799 section is here.

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