Dove Celebrates Women’s Real Beauty #DovePH

Dove 2017
When I was younger, I never would have thought that I would ever consider myself a “Dove” girl or anything like that.

You see, back in those, ehem! not so long ago days, it was always models and pretty girls who were always called so and so “brand” girls. It was as if ordinary girls like me did not have the right to be identified with those brands.


When Dove started their campaign celebrating real women a few years ago, it was just so nice to see women of all shapes and sizes in their ads. Without mincing words, they showed that Dove is for everybody.

Dove 2017 Unboxing

Each one of us is unique, with our own beauty to share with the world. It could be your warm smile, your infectious laugh, your crazy humor, your witty quips, your intelligent solutions, your unique perspective, your ability to make people feel appreciated, your generous heart… We all have something within ourselves that makes the world a better place.

I used to get hurt when I hear people say that I am barat like it’s a bad thing. In school, especially, a lot of classmates were all about showing off. They happily blew their money on frivolous things, whereas I tried to limit my spending because I was raised to be frugal. And also because I had a very bad book addiction, haha. A lot of my allowance went to buying books. You could lock me in a National Bookstore overnight and I would be happy.

Even now, I sometimes still get looks and comments from some people. When I attend blogger events and meet new people, there is going to be at least one person who will ask condescendingly “Barat ka ba talaga?“. It is very annoying, but not worth picking a fight over. They just don’t understand.

Not everyone is swimming in money, and even if someone is rich, it doesn’t mean that they are okay with throwing good money away, either. Some of the most barat people I have heard about or met are actually some of the richest.

Someone has to give these people a voice, too. Someone has to tell them, it’s okay to be frugal. You’re not a lesser person because you don’t want to spend hard-earned money on the latest stupid craze. You are not a lesser person because you want to get the most out of your money. In fact, being frugal is the foundation of how a lot of fortunes have been built.

I always consider whether something is worth it before spending money. It doesn’t mean that I’ll automatically go for the cheapest one. Sometimes something more expensive is worth the money because it saves time and effort, and also because I really, really like it. Besides, as a friend described me, I am barat, but if I really wanted something, I will open my wallet. 

So that’s my unique quality that I am sharing with the world, hopefully helping others in the process. I am glad I am able to share my “barat” perspective on this blog, and I am so grateful that so many of you appreciate it. Almost 100,000 of you read my stuff every month, so I must be writing something that resonates with so many people!

When I received this package from Dove and read their note, I was reminded of the uniqueness that I bring to the world.


Dove 2017 Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I have already been a loyal Dove user for years – Dove makes affordable products that work. I am a loyal user of their Dove shampoos & conditioners – my hair is so damn smooth that clips literally slide off!

I am also currently using a Dove gofresh Cucumber & Green Tea anti-perspirant deodorant spray. I like it because application is fast. There’s no need to wait for it to dry, and there is also no slimy residue. I can’t wait to use the blue Whitening one in the package!

I have already used the Dove Nourishing Body Wash and Beauty Bar because my skin feels really dry right now after my sunburn last month. I’m happy to report that the Dove Body Wash is super! It doesn’t leave any slimy residue. I have been looking for a moisturizing body wash for some time now that doesn’t leave that residue that’s so hard to rinse off, and I finally found it! I need the moisturizing but I’m too lazy to apply lotion, so Dove comes to my rescue again. 

Thank you #DovePH for making every woman feel beautiful!

Celebrate your unique beauty with Dove. Be your own kind of beautiful.

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