Not Just For Salads: DIPscover Dips with Lady’s Choice

Lady's Choice Mayo #Dipscovery

Nothing makes macaroni salad like Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. Their classic macaroni salad recipe is one of my favorites, and it’s just not the same if I use another brand of mayo. This is why I always have Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise at home – for making macaroni salad on a whim, to making all kinds of sandwiches.

DIPScover Perfect Pairing Possibilities with Lady’s Choice

But aside from macaroni and potato salads, and sandwich fillings, you can also make DIPS with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise. It’s as easy as mixing all the ingredients together! You can start with the easy mayo + catsup dip, or mayo + mustard, and then start branching out by adding various sauces and spices.

You can pair the dips with anything you want, such as:

  • chicken wings
  • fries
  • potato chips
  • fish sticks
  • barbecued meats
  • fried seafood
  • and so many other things

Last week, Unilever Food Solutions launched Real Love is Lady’s Choice: Creating Perfect Pairs. Special guest chef, Chef Fernando Aracama, showed us how easy it was to make dips using Lady’s Choice.

Fernando Aracama Sam Oh

Mayo is the perfect base for dips – you can get as creative as you want! I like adding some honey and mustard to make a honey mustard dip.

I had these ingredients that I can use to make my own dip:

Ladys Choice Mayo Dip Ingredients

I made an Italian-inspired dip with sun-dried tomato paste, pesto, cayenne, parsley, cilantro, oregano, etc… 😀

Ladys Choice Mayo Dip Making

Here are some dips you can make at home or for your food business:

  • green mayo with various herbs
  • spicy mayo with chili sauce, hot sauce and other peppers
  • curry mayo
  • wasabi mayo
  • garlic mayo
  • honey mustard mayo

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Find your own #Dipscovery


You can go to to find more Dips & Dressings recipes.

UFS Website Recipes Lady's Choice Mayonnaise

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