Dermclinic Intense Diamond Peel Review

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Three weeks ago, I had my first ever professionally-administered facial peeling procedure at Dermclinic at SM Megamall!

I know, I know. Why have I never done it before? I just never thought I needed to do it because I didn’t really have that big of a problem with my skin. This is not to say I have perfect skin. I just thought it was too much trouble and a lot of expense to obsess over perfect skin when I wasn’t really all that unhappy with what I had.

But last month, Dermclinic invited me to try their Intense Diamond Peel. I have sensitive skin so I was a bit hesitant. The words “Intense Diamond Peel” were scary and made me worry about peeling off layers of skin. But at the same time, I wanted to finally find out how professional dermatological services were like.

It may sound weird to a lot of people, but I have never actually had any professional dermatological consultation / procedure ever, not counting basic facial cleaning procedures, mostly from that place, and I doubt that these were done by dermatological professionals. The only major problems I had were bouts with pimples and skin dryness. The pimples I just Eskinol-ed away, the dryness I moisturized away, and both quickly healed after I left my previous job.

So you can imagine, I was very excited to finally try the Intense Diamond Peel!


The Dermclinic branch at SM Megamall is located at the 5th floor, towards the end of Bldg. A.

It looks very nice and clean, well-lighted, professional. There is a waiting area, a reception desk, and a pharmacy where you can purchase their products. It looks like a clinic / mini hospital, and I felt better seeing that the vibe was serious (as in, they are serious about what they do) instead of a “fun, fun, airhead” vibe.

Dermclinic SM Megamall Exterior

The staff were very attentive and knowledgeable. Every one of them is a licensed professional in a related medical field, and they were able to answer my questions about the procedures, after care, what-ifs, etc…



Before starting the diamond peel procedure, I had a one-on-one consultation session with a dermatologist. She asked me about my skin, about any concerns I had, and took a look at my skin. I had some mild pimples but all in all, she said the Intense Diamond Peel would smoothen out my skin and give my skin a powdery glow afterwards. She answered all my questions, alleviated my concerns, and told me that she would be the one to do the procedure. She made me feel reassured going into the Intense Diamond Peel procedure.

Facial Cleaning

An important step before most other services is the facial cleaning. I moved to another room where I was asked to wash my face.

Dermclinic Facial Cleaning Sink

After washing my face, I laid down for the cleaning procedure, which consisted of a facial massage, steaming, some facial vacuuming, pricking, and a clay mask.

These are the machines used:

Dermclinic Facial Cleaning Room Machine

Here are the creams and the mask (the blue one) used:

Dermclinic Facial Cleaning Creams

This was quite pleasant – I barely felt any pain at all from the pricking! What a difference this is from the torture at that other facial chain! 

The attendant who did the cleaning was very attentive, may pakialam, and she really cared about not causing any pain.

After putting on the clay mask, I was left alone to relax and let the mask dry. After about 10 minutes, she came back and wiped the mask off, and cleaned my face to be ready for the next step.

Intense Diamond Peel

For the Intense Diamond Peel procedure, I moved to another room.

Dermclinic Intense Diamond Peel Room

I laid down again while the doctor checked my face. I still had some pimples that were still developing, so she injected the pimples with… something. I forgot to ask what it was, sorry.  It’s to shrink/kill the pimple. But even then, there was barely any pain. I just felt very shallow pinpricks.

The doctor’s items were very well-organized:

Dermclinic Intense Diamond Peel Organized

And now, it was time for the procedure that I had been waiting for – the intense diamond peel. This is the machine that does the diamond peel:

Dermclinic Intense Diamond Peel Machine

This is the diamond-tipped wand:

Dermclinic Intense Diamond Peel Wand

For the intense diamond peel procedure, the doctor just moved the wand over my face, going over every inch. The feeling is like very, very fine sandpaper smoothing out my skin, and at the same time, the wand had a slight suction on the skin. It wasn’t painful at all!

All my previous fear about scraping off layers of skin evaporated.

After the doctor was finished with the diamond peel, the whole procedure was done! There were no additional creams or anything that they put on my face.

I checked my face and it looked normal, but a little more glowy, whiter, less oily, with less visible pores. It was not red, swollen or bloated!

Before and After Intense Diamond Peel

That is no camera trick! The pictures are unedited, and even I am surprised at the big change in skin color now that I am looking at them side by side. I took the pictures before and after, in different rooms; and the camera could have adjusted the white balance of the photo, but still.

Hahaha, so apparently, glowing white is my natural skin color after peeling off the layer that’s been tanned by the sun. 

After Care Instructions

The doctor recommended some products to use for after care. It is your option whether to buy them or not. I don’t have a religious skin regimen so I opted to skip buying them, since I feel like I’d end up being too lazy to use them, anyway, and I still have my own similar products to use up.

However, they stressed that I CANNOT WASH MY FACE UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING. This is standard, so it’s not a big deal. I could continue with my regular skin regimen the following day.

Also important is that I stay out of the sun and wear sunblock for the foreseeable future. For this, I always make sure that I wear an SPF 50 moisturizer when I go out during the day.

They also recommend doing several intense diamond peel sessions around 2 weeks apart to get better results.


I am happy with the results of the Intense Diamond Peel from Dermclinic. It’s been three weeks since my intense diamond peel session and my face is still smooth – no bumps except for the rare whitehead!

I also noticed that spots and blemishes were almost invisible, or at least, less visible!

But the thing I am really happy about is how my gigantic pores are not so obvious anymore! Even with all the sweating this summer, my pores, especially the ones beside my nose, have almost disappeared from view! They’re still there, of course, but I don’t see them as much. I can’t even see them unless I zoom into a mirror.

The Intense Diamond Peel costs P3,000. If you need to be summer ready, remove minor spots and blemishes, and smoothen out bumps from your face, I recommend trying Dermclinic’s Intense Diamond Peel. Of course, don’t expect miracles right after the procedure. However, after several weeks, I can still see the positive results of the intense diamond peel. It’s not too obvious, but it’s there. My face is still glowing, smooth, and lighter, with less blemishes and spots.

If you are looking for professional dermatological services, check out Dermclinic. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and caring. They explain things to you every step of the way, and they are very patient when answering questions. Price-wise, they are on the mid to high range, but they know what they are doing, and sometimes that is more important than saving a few pesos. 

In any case, be on the lookout for promos! Last February, they had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for Valentine’s. Check their Facebook page for updates 🙂



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9 thoughts on “Dermclinic Intense Diamond Peel Review

  1. Anon

    Hello. I just wanted to ask if the 3000 pesos was just for one session only? So you have to pay for another 3000 on the next session? Thank you 🙂

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, yes, the P3,000 is for one session only. You don’t need many sessions naman unless you have major skin problems, I think. They do have promos sometimes so you can wait for their promos so it will be cheaper.

      I only have one diamond peel session maybe every 6 months or up to once a year since I wrote this. Also, I suggest you start with the best derma clinic to do the diamond peel for your first time so you know the right way it’s done. After that, you can try lower-priced ones, see the difference, and then decide if it’s worth the downgrade or not based on your budget. 🙂

  2. Jj cruzado

    Ask ko lang po mawawala po b ung mga acne scar.,yung mejo lubog gawa ng pinagtagyawatan.,at bumalik b if ever ndi kna magpa peel ulet

    1. Karen MNL Post author

      Di ko pa na try si DermStrata. May 1 remaining session pa kasi ako sa Blushing Beauty yung binili ko na package last 2017. Ang layo kasi, ang konti ng branches, Trinoma lang or MOA, pero tuwing nagagawi ako doon may sadya talaga akong event kaya di ko rin masingit magpa diamond peel. Or kung puwede ko isingit, wala naman silang available slot, di nila ako ma-accommodate 🙁 Kailangan ko talaga sadyain one of these days.

      Kung first timer ka, I recommend Dermclinic kasi professional sila. Mahal talaga kung mahal, pero sigurado. Pag medyo sanay ka na mag diamond peel tsaka ka na mag try sa mga mas tipid para alam mo kung tama ba or mali yung ginagawa nila sa mukha mo and hopefully mas aware ka sa process to prevent any bad experiences 🙂


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