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Karen MNL calling card dbestprint shopee

I had new business cards made last month, and I searched Shopee and found this vendor with good reviews. The vendor was dbestprint – https://shopee.ph/dbestprint

The last time I had cards made, they only cost P200 per box from another vendor, and while I was happy with it, the material they used was very thin. Anyway, that was several years ago, too.

I designed my card and sent the jpg to dbestprint, and chatted on the Shopee app to confirm everything. Dbestprint is honest up front that they can’t fulfill orders quickly. Well, I wasn’t in a rush so it was fine. We had some hiccups with the delivery, but he called me and we were able to do some workarounds, and I appreciated that he made the effort to call to fix the delivery issue.

I ordered my business cards for P300 + shipping (but I think he has increased prices to P350 now, 1 box = 100 pcs). For shipping, I just chose Ninjavan for a cheaper option, but there’s also an option for Grab Express. When I got the cards around 2 weeks after my initial order, I was happy to see that the cards were really nice! This isn’t to say that the order took that long – there were some logistics issues that caused the delay. Dbestprint was able to print out my cards within a couple of days of me sending the design.

The cards are printed clearly, and they are laminated front and back. As you can see from the pic, the cards are thick. The cards are not flimsy.

Karen MNL calling card dbestprint shopee

If you’re thinking about getting some cards for yourself, I recommend getting them done by someone who does this professionally. Printing out cards on a crappy home deskjet printer, making sure they are aligned, and then having to cut them myself, etc etc… I am sure I will waste a lot of paper and time… it’s just too much trouble for a mediocre result, when I can get a better product for only P300!

They also have other types of calling cards available, like front & back printing, transparent plastic, etc… I wanted to keep mine affordable, but wanted the design to stand out. So far, very happy with my order 🙂

dbestprint Shopee – https://shopee.ph/dbestprint

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