Davao’s Blue Posts Boiling Crabs is Now at SM MoA!

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs SM MoA

A few weeks ago, we were invited to the opening of Blue Posts Boiling Crabs at the SM Mall of Asia. It is located at the ground floor of the Mall of Asia, at the “back” part, facing the seaside.

I initially had a difficult time looking for it since I rarely find myself at the back part of MoA. If you can’t find it, just ask the guards to point you to IHOP. Blue Posts Boiling Crabs is beside IHOP.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs is a homegrown Davao seafood restaurant chain whose tagline is #ItsFunToBeMessy. This is their second branch in Metro Manila – their first Metro Manila branch is located at The Block, SM North Edsa.


We’re eating crabs! We’re going to get our hands dirty and shells are bound to fly. Blue Posts Boiling Crabs has a very casual feel – instead of a tablecloth, our table was covered in white plastic sheets.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Foodie Friends

There’s Gastronomy by Joy (leftmost), EATer.PH with his hands up, and Dude4food on the right.

We were all given plastic bibs and gloves to wear. They also provided a wooden chopping board and a metal mallet. I call my mallet, Mjolnir! 

One of our hosts showed us some of the crabs we were going to eat! Well, hello there, you gorgeous crab, you!

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Alive

The food was laid out on the table – there are no plates! We were encouraged to use our hands. Our orders arrived in plastic bags.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Order

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Order 2


To order, first you pick your seafood – CRABS (market price), SHRIMPS (P573) OR MUSSELS (P589).

Then, you get to choose which sauce / flavor you want. The choices are:

  • Blue Posts Boil
  • Garlic Fried
  • Sambal
  • Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce
  • In Salted Egg

You are also asked for the spiciness level you prefer (Regular, Mild, Super Spicy), and you can also add some corn, sausages, etc…

Everybody’s favorite was the Salted Egg!!! This is my favorite, too. They use real salted eggs here, not salted egg powder. The manager told us that they couldn’t find good quality salted eggs so they ended up making their own. Our crab was deep-fried in butter, garlic, and chopped salted egg! Yum, yum, yum! 

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs in Salted Egg

I missed taking a picture of the whole crab since I was late… anyway, check out the actual cubes of salted egg whites…

The crabs are fat, fresh, and succulent! They are really juicy, and I like how they don’t stick to the shells. One of the owners explained that it was difficult looking for a good supplier of quality crabs in Luzon, and they finally found one in Zambales.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Claw

Shrimps in Salted Egg

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Shrimps in Salted Egg

My next favorite is the Garlic Fried. I love fried garlic! This has a garlicky batter sticking to our crabs. Sooooo garlic’ lovin’ good!

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Garlic Fried

This is the Blue Posts Boil – their signature flavor – the flavor is Cajun, a little spicy and a little tangy. Here it’s still steaming hot!

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Signature Cajun

Shrimp in Blue Posts Boil – strong black pepper, lots of garlic, and soured just right with lemon

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Shrimp Blue Posts Boil

Shrimps in Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce – buttery and tangy, slightly sweet; for those who want to stay on the safe side

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Shrimps in Lemon Butter

If your find that your hands are dirty, fret not! They have sinks available for you to use.

Blue Posts Boiling Crab Sink

The rice came in paper cups, and we also tried their soups – Seafood Chowder (P89) and Spicy Gumbo (P189).

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Soup

For dessert, we had the Pomelo Cream Salad with Corn (P89). It’s different, and something I haven’t had before. I also had the Tapioca (P89) but it really wasn’t to my liking. It was too icy and eventually, watery. For dessert, I’d prefer a straight up creamy ice cream or a pomelo sorbet instead. I didn’t really enjoy the desserts I was able to try here. Come here for the crabs and not for the desserts.


One of the very fun things to do here, aside from eating crabs, is to mix your own drinks! For P69.00, you can mix your own concoction from any of the juices available – get a little of the pink juice, a little of the blue one, a little of the yellow one… it’s fun and BOTTOMLESS 🙂

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Nestea Mixology Bar

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Nestea Mixology Bar 2

Here’s what I made:

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Nestea Mixology Bar 3


This is what our table looks like after we were all done with lunch! We had a great time because I had wonderful company at our table! People who love to eat are fun!

Blue Posts Boiling Crab Aftermath


The main reason to visit Boiling Posts Blue Crabs are their fresh and fat crabs, preferably done in Salted Egg or Garlic-Fried! The Nestea Mixology Bar is also fun.

It’s a good place to go to relax with friends. You get to be yourselves peeling shrimps and crabs with your hands, sucking shrimp heads and crab legs, and you don’t need to be worried about little old things like plates! Like they say, #ItsFuntobeMessy!

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs Mall of Asia
Ground Floor, North Entertainment Mall (across Seaside), SM Mall of Asia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BluePostsBoiling/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BluePostsBoiling/
Website: http://bluepostsboiling.com/

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