Gigi Gaerlan’s Luscious Custaroons

Custaroonery Gigi Gaerlan

These Custaroons are awesome!

I received these as a gift, and if you love smooth, creamy, sweet leche flan and coconut macaroons, you’re going to love these!

Remember those sweet and chewy coconut macaroons that were the “in” thing years ago? I am talking about the coconut macaroons that look like coconut cupcakes, not the French macaron. Well, Gigi Gaerlan added flan, and then voila, the Custaroon was born.

A Custaroon is like a dense, smooth and creamy leche flan and a coconut macaroon got smooshed together. Sweet, creamy, and a little dense, Custaroons are the perfect dessert after a light and flavorful meal, like something for summer brunch. It will provide a satisfying finish to the meal, but won’t overwhelm your taste buds unlike with an intensely chocolate dessert. The custaroon flavor is sweet, creamy, eggy and it is fragrant with butter and sugar and vanilla. Heavenly.

Custaroon Close Up Cheese

It has just the right amount of coconut flakes that provides some texture, but overall, the custaroon is still creamy without being too dense or chewy.

I like the smaller custaroons (bite size) because they are the perfect size to pop the whole thing in one’s mouth. Sometimes, I can’t help myself, I eat 4-5 pieces in one sitting!

The big size custaroons are a bit too overwhelming for me, I find that I have to share one with others, or cut it into quarters to enjoy. But then again, it’s an excuse to share dessert with people! 

They also have cheese, matcha and coffee flavors available, but I like the original and cheese flavors the best!

I also like how the Custaroons are packaged. The packaging makes the Custaroons seem special and premium, and make for easy gifting! It looks very presentable and there’s no added effort needed on my part to wrap it. All I need to do is to keep it in the refrigerator until gifting time.


The cupcake-size Custaroons at P50 each, are even priced lower than the average cupcake at the mall that is priced around P65 each, but the Custaroons are denser, creamier, more unique, and more satisfying!

Custaroons Price

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