Cool Finds at S&R – October 2015

I visited S&R again last week, saw this little Christmas village diorama and thought it was nice! Having the stations show the different S&R branches was just witty 

SnR Oct 13 Christmas Diorama

Christmas will be upon us soon, sooner than I can keep up with! It seems like time is moving so fast these days!

Halloween is also just around the corner!

Anyway, here are some cool items I found at S&R during my trip last week. I think now is a good time to start buying gifts and stocking up on items for Christmas!

Various bath sets were still on sale – I already showed some of them on Buy 1 Take 1 during my previous post.


Cetaphil is on promo – it’s time to stock up if you are a Cetaphil user! It is P200 OFF, from P679.95 to only P479.95!

SnR Oct 13 Cetaphil 20 oz

Various Pantene shampoos and conditioners were also still on sale. Discounts are significant! For example, this Pantene Ultimate Conditioner was P599.95, but is now only P399.95, discounted by P200! That’s 33% OFF!

SnR Oct 13 Pantene Ultimate Conditioner

This tiny, portable hair dryer from Severin is also less P100. It’s less bulky to bring this along during your travels!

SnR Oct 13 Severin Hair Dryer

Towels and bath mats were also on sale. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw some towels on sale for only P199.95! Stock up on some now, especially if you plan to replace towels for the New Year!

SnR Oct 13 Towel Sale


I also saw this La Filatella Mozzarella that was on promo (less P80, or about 20% OFF, now only P319.95 per kilo). What intrigued me about this mozzarella was its white color. I am not a mozzarella expert, but the La Filatella Mozzarella looks like a fresher, more natural-looking mozzarella because of its white color. It’s just that whenever I see fresh mozzarella being used on TV, it is usually this sort of color.

SnR Oct 13 La Filatella

Anyway, it looks like fresh mozzarella – I imagine it will be great with sliced ripe tomatoes, tomato salads, or on its own. I think they will work very well with tomatoes though!

SnR Oct 13 La Filatella Close Up

Some of you have been asking me if cream cheese was available. Here are the various brands of cream cheese:

SnR Oct 13 Cream Cheese

There’s even a wholesale box of cream cheese (2 kgs) available for only P799.95!

SnR Oct 13 Cream Cheese 2kg

New discovery! I saw these Hiland ice cream pints for only P99.95 per pint! I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but I plan to try them soon. I am going out of town so put off buying some to try. P99.95 for a pint of imported ice cream? This is nearly 1/3 the price of other premium ice creams. Hiland is a dairy company, and they use their own milk to make these ice creams. If this is as good as I hope, and comparable to other brands’ ice creams, but at 1/3 the price, it will seriously become a household staple.

SnR Oct 13 Hiland Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Craving for some steak? These Meltique Beef Striploin Steaks, Karoubi, and Ribeye cuts are also on promo!

SnR Oct 13 Meltique Beef Karubi Striploin Ribeye

I also saw these frozen squid rings on sale – I think they will make frying up some squid rings (calamares) so much easier. Only P269.95 for a kilo, and all you have to do is bread and fry them.

SnR Oct 13 Golden Squid Rings

In case you want to try to eat healthy before Christmas season non-stop eating happens, I found some Red Mill Muesli and some Red Mill Steel Cut Oats. They are not on promo, but health-conscious people always talk about Red Mill products, so I thought I’d give it a mention  It’s nice to see them available at S&R too, and not just exclusively at health stores.

SnR Oct 13 Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli

SnR Oct 13 Red Mill Steel Cut Oats

I also saw these GH Gracious 3-pc Serving Set that were discounted by P180, now only P649.95! I immediately thought that they would make a great container for TV marathon parties! Halloween is right around the corner – some of you might be planning a night of scary movies with friends! Imagine everyone huddled together on the couch, with this bowl in front. It would be so convenient to have some nacho chips in the bowl, and 3 kinds of dip easily accessible to everybody! There would be no need to pass around bowls of dip – everything would be together in one self-contained package.

SnR Oct 13 GH Gracious Serving Set

SnR Oct 13 GH Gracious Serving Set Actual

The bowls are placed on top of a wooden bridge-like thing, and it all just rests on top of the bowl, but is easily removed.

And what would a get-together be without a little buzz? These Lindeman’s Shiraz and Lindeman’s Merlot bottles are Buy 2 + 1, so 3 750 ml bottles for only P549.95! That’s less than P200 per bottle!

SnR Oct 13 Lindemans Merlot

SnR Oct 13 Lindemans Shiraz

According to some reviews I read, they taste better than what you would expect for the price 

These Johnny Walker value packs give you a free luggage when you buy 4 Johnny Walker Double Blacks (P6,559.95 for 4 1L bottles), or 5 Johnny Walker Black Labels (P4,194.95 for 5 1L bottles):

SnR Oct 13 Johnny Walker Value Pack Luggage

SnR Oct 13 Johnny Walker Value Pack Luggage 3

SnR Oct 13 Johnny Walker Value Pack Luggage Double BlackSnR Oct 13 Johnny Walker Value Pack Luggage 2

These bottles of Hennessy VS with the colorful silicone sleeves caught my eye. These are P599.95 each (200 ml).
SnR Oct 13 Henessy Cognac Silicone Sleeve
Halloween is just a few days away. In case you haven’t prepared anything for your Trick or Treaters, easily grab some Halloween candy!

SnR Oct 13 Nestle Assorted Halloween Candy

Hope you enjoy your Halloween weekend! 🙂

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