UPDATED: Converge Fiber Internet Review: Is it Worth the Switch?

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We’re finally on Fiber!

Yesterday, installers from Converge ICT came to our house and installed our first ever Fiber Internet connection.

We got the P1,500 a month plan that provides unlimited, uncapped internet with speeds of up to 25 Mbps.


We have been loyal PLDT DSL subscribers for 12 years, P999/month for 5Mpbs. In fact, I still have not requested for the disconnection of our PLDT DSL while we are still trying Converge. We are also keeping our PLDT landline.

But the reason that we went looking for another internet provider was because we have been noticing slower speeds than normal on our PLDT DSL. Sometimes, photo-heavy sites like Pinterest and 9gag would take a long time to load. It doesn’t happen all the time, and the problem fixes itself after about an hour, but it happens often enough to be annoying.

Uploads also took forever! Once, I tried uploading an HD Youtube video and I had to leave my laptop on the whole night since the upload took about 20 hours. I felt like I was back in the days of Kazaa and Limewire. πŸ˜€

I also felt like torrents were being de-prioritized / throttled. Have you noticed your torrent speeds cycling from max speed, then going down, further down, until it’s maybe 1/20th of max speed, and then going back up again, faster and faster, until it reaches near max speed, and then the speed goes down again, then up again. This cycle goes on throughout the download.Β That was a recent thing that I noticed starting a few months ago. Before this, torrent speeds were steady once it reached the optimal speed. I mean, in the past, torrent speed would start slow until it connected to more seeds and leechers, and then it would remain steady at around 400+ Kbps.

Kodi box can’t work with such slow internet. Sis bought a Kodi box and it’s not working as well as it should because of the slow internet. if you’ve heard of XBMC, you have an idea of what Kodi is. The app works well on a tablet, but when using a wifi Kodi box connected to a TV, the videos stutter and the resolution is awful.

This isn’t to say that the PLDT DSL service was bad. In fact, I consider PLDT DSL as “old reliable”. We’ve never had outages that last for longer than a day. Once an issue was reported, someone worked on it quickly, usually visiting the house the next day. Service is generally good, and PLDT has replaced our DSL modem several times already for free. But I had been waiting for PLDT to make Fibr available in our neighborhood for 3 years and it’s still not available – 5Mbps DSL is just not meeting our growing internet needs anymore. Without cable TV, we’ve been watching more Netflix, iflix and YouTube. So here we are.


My sis was the one who handled all the application procedures. So basically, she contacted Converge to apply for internet from their website. She received an email from someone from Converge telling her all the requirements. My sis then emailed the requirements. She got an email reply telling her to wait for a few days while Converge validates the submitted requirements and checks if there are available nodes nearby.

Converge emailed back asking for the initial payment. The initial payment was P4,000: P2,500 installation fee + P1,500 for the plan. There’s a 2-year lock-in period.

She paid and emailed Converge with the payment details, and Converge replied that they would schedule an installation.


The very next day, someone from Converge called, telling me that they were on their way to the house to install the connection! Wow, that was fast! I was a bit shocked because I had no idea they were coming over and I had to leave in an hour to attend an event. I asked if they could reschedule but they were already near the house daw, so I just agreed to get it over with. They said they would try to finish as quickly as they can. Hopefully in the future they will set appointments with their customers and not just suddenly show up. Paano kung walang tao sa bahay. It was a good thing I was still at home, because the other people at home, like my parents, are tech-clueless.

Three of the Converge guys came in the gate, while the others stayed in the Converge van outside. When they entered the gate, they just walked right in and started looking around!Β I understand that they are looking for where they can attach the cables, but it felt invasive.Β I was having a mini internal freak out because it seemed like a home invasion, even though I know it’s not. Like, wtf guys, you walked into the house like you owned the place!Β Tinalo niyo pa mga pinsan ko. When you’re let into a home, just stay in the sala until the homeowner shows you around.

They just walked into the house, one went outside to the balcony, looked around, even peered into one of the windows of a bedroom! One went to the dining area, without so much as asking “Ma’am, is it alright if we go to this part of the house to check the blah blah…?” I was wondering how I was going to split myself into 3 so I could follow them all around. They were just walking into private areas like it’s nothing. I don’t like random strangers looking around my house!Β You just don’t go around snooping into other people’s homes! Nag-tour lang sila sa bahay without even waiting for the homeowner to tour them around!Β These young men, they had no clue that they were being disrespectful. As in, wala man lang ka hiya hiya sa ginawa nila.

We’ve had many technicians, contractors and other people in the house, and almost all of them had manners. They don’t just walk into areas of the house where they were not invited to go. Some even remove their shoes and slippers before entering. They always ask permission before doing something. That’s basic etiquette when you enter someone’s home. I sound like a tita for complaining about this, but who raised these people? That is one plus for PLDT – their technicians that we have met are not like this. Minsan may mayabang na PLDT technician, but still not like this.

They asked if it was alright to have the external cable come from the Meralco line outside to the house (2nd floor). I said no. That would make it look like we had a jumper connection. Like Tarzan would be swinging on it any second. Also, it would be a big obstacle to anyone walking on the balcony. Hindi daw kasi puwedeng maipit yung fiber cable.Β Pero ayaw ko talaga ng panget na wiring, lalo na yung magmumukhang jungle yung house!Β I showed them how the PLDT guy rewired our telephone connection. They were hesitant to do it but eventually they just followed it.

Converge Fiber Wiring

They also measured how much cable length the job will require. They said the plan only includes a max of 300 meters, and that they will charge us for the extra. P58/meter daw. I said okay. They didn’t give me any receipt for the extra cable charge, pero, sige na nga. Pang lunch niyo nalang. πŸ™‚

In the end, they did a good job with the connection, more or less, so parang tip na yung “extra cable” charge. They just followed along the previous PLDT phone wiring so the Converge wiring is not very obvious (mostly hidden near the ceiling).

Oh, I just noticed the dirt marks after taking the pic. Sorry, I’ll have that cleaned.

Converge Fiber Internet House Wiring

The whole installation process took about 2 hours.


This is their modem. There are 2 parts: the actual modem and the square thing (sorry, I don’t know what it’s calledΒ πŸ˜€ )

Converge Fiber Home Modem

The fiber wire connection goes to the square thing, and then there’s a wire going from the square thing to the modem/router. Since the modem has 2 antennas, I expect the signal to be stronger. True enough, it has a longer reach compared to our PLDT modem.

These are the ports at the back:

Converge Fiber Home Modem Ports

There’s a USB port and a CATV port. Will have to see what I can use those for. Maybe I can finally set up a NAS (network-attached storage) or a media server.

The modem also has “feet” to help with heat dissipation:

Converge Fiber Home Modem Feet

I also appreciate that they have the Converge hotline and email address very visible on the modem. Para hindi na kailangan mag-Google ng hotline number pag may problem. πŸ™‚

Converge Fiber Home Hotline

It doesn’t indicate what brand the modem is. There’s a sticker at the bottom that has the usernames and passwords. You might want to change it because it’s way too easy to guess!


The internet is fast, although not as fast as I had imagined. For web surfing, there is a noticeable speed improvement before web pages show up, but it’s not the instantaneous Boom! Webpage!Β that I expected. But the pages loaded fully, down to the photos and whatever at the bottom of websites, faster than before.

Dropbox syncs almost instantly. I guess, for me, that is a very, very big improvement over our old DSL. Upload speed is amazing compared to what I had with DSL.

Youtube. No buffering! I’m watching at least 720p or up to 1080p, depending on which gadget is used (if the gadget is HD capable). Have to make sure the settings are set to 720p or 1080p because YT videos sometimes default to 480p when set to Auto.

Netflix. Super clear. No buffering.

Torrents download speed fluctuates – Yesterday, we downloaded a 1.6GB file. Of course! We were so excited to finally be on Fiber and to finally enjoy 720p or 1080p downloads. To my dismay, the torrent speed fluctuated! It went up to 2.6 MiB/s then gradually went down to 40 KiB/s, then back up again, then down again. It took around 20 minutes for the 1.6GB torrent to finish, which was still way, way faster than on our old DSL. But still, it would have been so much faster if the download speed remained steady at around 2 MiB/s. Will observe some more and update this.

Smart TV works – for what it’s worth, a smart TV with wifi is able to show HD-quality quality videos directly. I think we were watching at 1080p for YouTube! But honestly, the only “channels” that were actually watchable on the smart TV were YouTube, Netflix and RT. The other channels were “unavailable” or only showed texts and graphics. Typing on a smart TV is also such a chore, unless you have a dedicated wireless keyboard for it.

Kodi – works well. Can stream up to 1080p!

I generally get 20+ Mbps on speedtests. However, last night, around midnight, for about 10 minutes, the internet was terribly slow. Speedtests showed only 1 Mbps speed, up to around 4 Mbps. I called the hotline and somebody answered right away. He made a report and said that their engineers will do some tests. Maybe it’s just initial installation hiccups. Will have to see if the slowness happens again tonight.

Speedtest results:

Converge FiberX 1500 Speedtests


Aside from the issues with the installation crew, I am generally very happy with the service we are getting from Converge so far. I did experience a few hiccups like slow internet for 20 minutes last night, and the fluctuating torrent download speed is a bummer, but generally the connection speed has been great!

I’m hoping those issues are just first day issues. Tonight, the internet connection seems to be stable. I don’t know what I expected. I think I expected magic internet, yung pag-click ng website, boom, it’s there! The 25 Mbps speed does not provide that kind of magic speed for web surfing, but it’s still very fast, faster than what we had before. Also, the website’s server could be slow, and that could cause slower web loading, as well.

The most noticeable improvement is for torrent downloads and downloads in general. Upload speed is also a gigantic improvement! Streaming is also better, clearer. We are now better able to take advantage of our smart TV’s features, as well as use Kodi. We could all be watching different internet streams at the same time, and we would not experience any slowness.

Is the speed improvement worth the extra P500/month? Definitely, yes! I still have not requested disconnection of the P999/mo PLDT DSL we have. We’re giving it one month. If Converge works really well with no issues, we’ll let go of our PLDT DSL after one month.

I’ll update this post if I experience any changes in the connection.


Aug. 6, 2017internet was down for about 30 – 45 minutes (wifi is connected but there’s no Internet). I called the Converge hotline to report the problem. It took me about 5 minutes waiting on queue before I reached an agent. According to him, they just started receiving reports of no internet in our area, so they are investigating. The internet got restored soon after I hung up the phone with the rep. Problem was fixed naman agad, no big deal πŸ™‚ hope it doesn’t become a common occurrence though. We already had our PLDT DSL disconnected.

September 17, 2017 – writing this update from my phone. Converge is down AGAIN! Napapadalas na mag-down. It’s been 3 hours already. 😑 Tried calling their customer service but all lines are busy. Sometime 1-2 weeks ago, Converge was also down but only for about 15 mins. This time has been the longest so far.

So internet was down for a total of 4 hours. We’ve never had such frequent disconnection problems with PLDT DSL. With Converge, it’s like every week or every other week, we experience some internet down problem – mostly they last about 30 minutes or less, but sobrang dalas na, it’s not funny anymore. When Converge is working, okay naman siya. Madalas lang mag down!

Oct. 3, 2017 12:30 am – Converge’s internet is down again. Tried calling the hotline but I just get a recorded message saying that they are eexperiencing a major outage. Nothing on their social media about it yet. It’s been about 30 mins already. Will update tomorrow if internet has been restored. Update: Internet was restored after about an hour.


Oct. 12, 2017 – Last night, the internet went out again for about 20 minutes. I was keeping up on the latest on #risottogate and suddenly, no internet! It was beyond annoying already so I called the Converge hotline to complain. FYI, I’m not on anybody’s side on the #risottogate fight, I think both have made mistakes. But like a train wreck, you just can’t look away… πŸ˜€

Back to Converge. I was convinced that Converge service was poor and I was insisting to the poor customer service agent that Converge is having so many outages! He said they had no reports of any outage in our area. He said he will file a report. Anyway, as it happens, internet was back in about 25 minutes so I ended the call.

Then this morning, a crew from Converge came to the house to check the connection. That was fast! πŸ™‚ These two technicians seemed more knowledgeable and were more respectful and nice. They saw the problem right away. They said that one of the wires was baligtad. I said we never changed anything, everything was as is when the installation crew installed it. They said they had encountered things like this before. Hindi daw kasi marurunong mga installation crew. Apparently, these two technicians were called in all the time to fix screw-ups by the installation teams.

Converge Fiber Internet Wrong Connection

Converge Fiber Internet Wrong Connection 2

This could have been causing all the connection problems we’ve been having! Kung hindi ba naman nakakainis yung installation crew na mali-mali. Color-coded na nga, mali pa. At least it got fixed now, and Converge responded to my issue right away.

Anyway, we’ll see if we experience the connection issues again, let’s give it a few weeks and then I’ll give an update.

Nov. 7, 2017 – Internet has been generally good since the “baligtad” wires got fixed. We still experience a few minor issues but all in all, the internet has been fine. Torrent download speed has improved and doesn’t cycle as much. The issues we had were seemingly random slowness and disconnections, but they are rare and only last for a few minutes.

Since last month, the disconnection has happened maybe a total of 3x while I was using the internet, and weirdly enough, it fixes itself after 10 minutes. We don’t know if it happens when I am out of the house.

So I would be surfing or watching YouTube, and then it would suddenly say no internet connection. I checked my other devices and they all don’t have internet. Wifi connection is working, my devices are all connected to the wifi, there’s just no internet.

PON light is blinking (it should be steady). Converge hotline guy asks me to do a power cycle (turn off the modem, unplug, wait 10 seconds, plug in and turn it on again). The PON light is still blinking even after a few minutes. And then suddenly, at about 8-10 minutes after the disconnection, the PON light suddenly turns steady and internet is back! Sometimes even if I don’t a power cycle and just leave the modem alone, the problem still fixes itself somehow after around 10 minutes.

I called the Converge hotline about it, and according to them, they did not see anything wrong. So they said they will monitor to see what is causing the issues I have been reporting. We’re both trying to investigate further about what is causing this.

And then there were also a few times when the internet would suddenly slow down. I’ll be watching YouTube in HD and it would suddenly go to 240p, or I’ll be surfing and it would become extremely slow. But after about 1-2 minutes, it would be back to normal. It’s not enough time for me to open a speedtest page and do a speedtest before it’s fixed. I don’t experience it that often. If I had to quantify it, I’d say maybe 1-2x a week.

Anyway, those are very minor problems, but generally, service has been okay.

Feb. 22, 2018 – So last night around 2:30am, the internet suddenly got cut off. Waited for 30 mins but the internet did not come back. Checked the modem and the LOS light was blinking red. Called Converge hotline and someone answered right away. Anyway, they checked and said that it seemed like there was a cut on the line and that they’ll send someone to check.

Someone from Converge arrived this morning. They seemed competent πŸ™‚ They checked everything (modem, etc) and traced the fiber cable from our house back to the connection. They finally found the problem – nasagi daw ng truck yung cables just outside our barangay / village gate. Not just ours, but may natamaan din daw na ibang cables (PLDT). They fixed it so we finally have internet back after half a day of no internet!

Thank you to the Converge techs who fixed our line. πŸ™‚ They were nice and professional.

May 12, 2018 – some of you have messaged me asking for updates now that it’s May. So far, still happy with Converge. I have not noticed the 10-minute downtime anymore, actually. Torrent downloads are fast and often reach 2.0 Mb/s for good quality torrents. All of us can watch YouTube at the same time at high quality without experiencing any slowness. Facebook calls are clear. Viber, Facetime, no problems.

As for web surfing, there were some days when I noticed that Chrome was extremely slow. Every time, it is because of a Windows Update download. I realized this because after I get the web browser slowness issue for a few days, I would get a notice that there’s a new Windows Update to install. After the Windows Update is done, my Chrome goes back to normal, so this is not Converge’s fault.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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188 thoughts on “UPDATED: Converge Fiber Internet Review: Is it Worth the Switch?

  1. Tom

    Nice review!! Are there any gamers in your household. As per my friends, online gaming is a nightmare with Converge. For everything else, it is just as you described it! πŸ™‚

    PS: Torrenting thing you mentioned is the same for any provider…I guess it’s a way to curb torrent downloads! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Sorry, no gamers in our household. I used to play mmorpgs but they sucked up so much time and I just end up being so unproductive, I had to stop cold turkey because my life would revolve around the games 😒 TV is my vice now πŸ˜‚

      I have heard from other people who also have converge fiber that gaming is bad, but can’t confirm it myself. ☺

      1. Banana

        Hello po .. Galing ako Globe nakakainis .. pakicheck naman po kung maganda siya for gaming .. ano po ba ang ms or ping sa games??? Sa mobile legends po pacheck naman .. ty sa review πŸ™‚

    2. Anonymous

      What do you mean when you said: “online gaming is a nightmare with Converge”?
      Do they not have dedicated ports for gaming?

      I’m an online gamer and this is one of the reasons why I’d like to get Converge :/

  2. vito tolentino

    This is a very useful review. Keep on feeding us with your experience on your newly installed fiber internet. Many thanks.

  3. Joseph Linaban

    Very informative! Many thanks for sharing updates regarding FiberHome.
    Gusto ko sana lumipat narin kaso may bond pa ako sa Globe ng 1year. huhuhuhu

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi King, RT is Russia Today. It’s one of the apps I saw on my Sony smart TV, aside from Youtube and Netflix. Other news apps only show short vids that look like PowerPoint presentations and not actual news coverage.

  4. Joe F.

    Wow. If only meron na dito sa Naga, baka magpakabit kami after we ditch Globe. So far Ok naman yung Globe actually, and medyo naabuse namin kasi ginagamit namin yung Personal na plan to our small Pisonet (6 PC units lang naman, haha). Problem lang namin is with data cap monthly, lalo na pag may nag Netflix na samin (ginagamit din namin kasi for actual personal use).

    Kahit sa Globe ate, meron din mga medyo “walang paki” na nagkakabit. Yung nag process ng application namin, di mo makausap ng maayos, sulat lang ng sulat, tas yung iba kapag tinatanong namin about sa terms walang maisagot na maayos. Buti yung pinaka technician mabait, although sayang di siya masyadong oriented sa plans. Naasar din kami lalo na dun sa application ng freebies namin (Netflix & Hooq), luh sila, ibang e-mail address ginamit, kaya tumawag pa kami sa hotline para lang ayusin! At least most of the time magaling and magalang ang agents nila…

    Medyo na trigger lang ako (konting-konti lang naman) about sa Torrenting. Minsan kasi, mahirap sabihin kung consistent yung connection via torrent kasi nakadepende pa rin sa source(s) mo yung DL speed and availability, kaya medyo mahirap gawing basis for internet speed and conistency yun. Pwede mo makita kung achievable yung peak speed talaga, pero in the long run kung papatay-patay yung source mo (ie. nago-off ng PC or torrent client, mahina upload speed, or may data quota sila or leechers sila) hihina talaga ang DL speed mo, and wala magagawa ISP mo dun. Sources ang ayaw magbigay, eh.

    As with whether dadalas yung intermittent connection will depend on congestion. We’ll see kung ang mauuna ay yung infrastructure upgrades ng network or yung customer base nila. I hope it’s the former para consistent ang service, di gaya ng PLDC samin, di na nga kami kinabitan bagong linya after nila i “upgrade” yung previous service namin, may agent pa na tawag ng tawag asking about payment, only to find out na nago-ffer sila nung upgrade sa mga taong di naman pala abot ng linya. Dami tuloy galit.

    Thank you very much for the informative article. This should be posted to famous review boards para mas marami makaalam ng good news…

    … and para mabawasan ang monopoly sa internet.

    Sorry for long post, and sorry din kung walang potato kasi di ko alam mag post ng pic dito (first time, hehe). πŸ™‚

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Joe,

      Wow, thanks for the long comment! Sana nga available na sa inyo yung Converge πŸ™‚

      Re torrent speed, I download popular torrents with at least 4,000 – 20,000 or more seeders πŸ™‚

      The torrent speed fluctuations are consistent across all torrents. I’ve been torrenting for more than 10 years already. Talagang the ISPs are throttling torrents. Kasi dati hindi nagflufluctuate masyado yung speed. Once na reach yung optimal speed, the speed fluctuations are very close lang. Kung 500 yung download speed, yung fluctuations nandoon lang sa close range ng 500. Siguro 450-550.

      But starting earlier this year, I noticed sobrang laki ng fluctuations. Yung aakyat ng 500, tapos pababa ng pababa until 20. Then dahan dahan aakyat ulit to 500. That’s not normal in my more than 10 years of torrenting. That was nung PLDT pa ako.

      Now when I switched to Converge, ganoon na rin ang ginagawa nila. It’s not that big of a deal except if you’re in a hurry. Kasi yung dapat 10 mins lang na torrent, nagiging 25 mins bago matapos. Hassle lang talaga pag nagmamadali ka. Time is gold!

      Ok lang kahit walang potato! Nice to hear from a fellow 9gagger πŸ™‚

      1. Joe F.

        Nice job OP, here’s a reply. No cookies yet, but somebody give this a medal.

        Bad vibes kasi torrent dito satin, eh… almost synonymous siya sa pirating, kasi dami nag-to-torrent ng latest games na cracked. Admittedly, isa rin ako dati sa nakiki-torrent ng ganun. Ngayon hintay-hintay ng free games via On The House sa Origin, and kung may freebies din sa Steam. Better yet kung i-release na freeware yung games kagat kaagad ako dun. LOL!

        Yun din siguro dahilan kung bakit throttled ang Torrent sa atin. Although yung use is legal, madalas lang magamit a illegal. And mabigat din kasi sa bandwidth, lalo na kung madami seeds.

        Also, di ko inexpect na mabilis yung reply, haha. Me gusta mucho, amigo!

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Re: torrents. Well, we can’t support piracy on this site. Gotta stay safe, if you know what I mean. Mahirap na. So let’s just say the torrenting we are discussing are all legit. Haha.

          For the most part, I use Netflix to watch shows and movies. Especially now when all my favorite TV shows are on hiatus. I actually just finished The Defenders last weekend.

          The problem is, delayed kasi yung mga shows before they are available in the Phils. There’s no good alternative where someone can watch it at their convenience. Netflix and iflix and Hooq don’t carry the latest episodes. Puro last season pa. For anime, at least there is Crunchyroll where you can pay to get the latest ep. For TV, wala. Even if the episodes are available for free in the US at the CW or NBC website, geo-locked naman and cannot be played in the Phils.

          Iba na ngayon, people don’t want to watch their shows at a certain time slot. Gusto nila, kung kelan sila free, like after finishing all the chores at night, doon may time manood. So that is probably the reason some people turn to pirating.

          If the latest eps were available on something like Netflix, I think that would be a big curb for piracy of TV shows. πŸ™‚

    2. rome

      if i am not mistaken, there’s a regional network issue near Hong Kong that is affecting interconnection between our servers & local ISPs. please give us more update. thank you so much.

    3. Tigaston

      Hello Barat Queen, what is the status of your internet right now??? nag apply kasi ako online sales agents may mga i.d naman silang pinorward sakin at iveverify ko na lang sa customer service kung totoo nga yung acct. no. ko tsaka ako magbabayad? salamat yun lang

  5. JustNathan

    How is the connection as of this month [Sept. 2 ,2017] using converge ICT? I’ve been very curious and eager to switch plans from my potato 990 shitty PLDT DSL 1.5mbps, I am very desperate for a good and consistent upload speed that doesn’t disconnect and cancelling my uploads for my google drive

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      The past week the connection has been sloooooowwww! Speedtest still shows high speeds but in actual usage, it’s slower. Not as bad as dial up, but way slower than normal.

      We called Converge to complain and apparently there’s an undersea cable that’s damaged and even PLDT and Globe have been affected.

      Surfing is still ok. Not super fast but acceptable. But other stuff like connecting to a work VPN is worse than dial up. As usual, torrent connections are still throttled.

    2. Barat Queen Post author

      Upload on a fiber connection is definitely better than on any adsl. I have no problems with uploads to dropbox, YouTube, etc. It’s faster than dsl.

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Ping is at 5ms, but I wouldn’t put much faith in that because most ISPs now have a workaround when someone is doing speedtests.

          Sometimes accessing a website during the day is slower than normal. I suspect this may have something to do with the damaged undersea cable.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi ella, so far okay naman siya, pero medyo mas mabagal than normal. Di naman yung sobrang nakakainis na bagal, pero mas mabagal siya compared to when I first got it connected. Sabi daw may nasira kasing undersea cable. Sana maayos na nila agad.

      Pero ok naman mag YouTube, Netflix, wala naman problem. I only notice it pag surfing minsan, especially during working hours (peak time), tapos torrents medyo throttled, pero carry lang, hindi naman sobrang panget ng service na magwawala ako sa galit. Hope they fix it soon.

  6. Joenel Saracho

    Last night i applied sa website nila after 30 mins may nag email sken to pass the requirements so ibig sabihin dito sa area namen meron right??

    Need kasi ng bedspace ko loyal ako sa smartbro canopy ko pero ngayon mbagal na daw s ill try this converge

    Btw sa main house ko gamit ko pldtfiber

  7. ken

    very nice review. thanks. i had a nightmare experience with skycable internet and its customer service and i am now looking for another internet provider. i find your review very helpful and i am considering applying to converge because of it. ( i hope i dont get a rude crew of installers though)

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      OMG! Skycable internet has a reputation for really slow internet…. my uncle got Skycable internet without consulting me so I was not able to warn him. He regretted it. 1 month lang pina disconnect na niya, sobrang bagal. He says his Globe pocket wifi is faster pa!

      So far, Converge is ok, especially if you don’t game. Just take note of my updates above – they are getting frequent disconnections lately.

  8. Mark

    Hi! Can I ask how was it now? Hows the reviews of the internet? is it converge still always down? I’m planning to get their plan here in Taguig City so I’m searching for reviews. Thank You!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, yesterday it was down for 4 hours. Ok na naman siya afterwards πŸ™‚ medyo napapadalas lang mag down. Like, every 2 weeks ata. Pero usually sandali lang. Kahapon lang ang tagal, 4 hours

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Ok naman ngayon. May times na medyo mabagal, lalo na pag peak hours. Don’t know if it’s still because of the undersea cable that was damaged during the typhoon in HK

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Well, it’s cheaper than PLDT Fibr and wala pang PLDT Fibr sa amin so this is my only choice πŸ˜‚ pero so far ok pa naman, yun lang, sometimes may downtime and sometimes bumabagal pag peak, but I think this is because if the undersea cable that was damaged and not really a Converge problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  9. Isha

    Hi! Was wondering how the fiber cable looks like connected to the modem. Hope you can share a photo. Been trying to look for a photo online pero wala. Yung amin kasi fiber lang talaga with no coating unlike the yellow cord with fiber that is connected to the router. Converge installers told us they’ll charge us if it gets broken, eh mukhang sobrang fragile. It’s looks like nylon. πŸ™

      1. Barat Queen Post author

        It is actually plastic/rubber? Not really sure. It is thin but doesn’t feel flimsy. Medyo matigas yung plastic, the material is the same as good quality power cords, pero mas manipis but it feels denser so it feels sort of durable, I guess. But I agree, it is a bit too thin. I don’t know if it’s intentionally that way so that it will be easy to insert into tight doorway spaces, etc..

      2. bruce

        Yung yellow thing cable na nakikita mo na nakakabit sa modem router is a single mode fiber optic patch cord. Kaya huwag mo syang itwist, daganan or ibagsak. Kasi glass lang yung loob nun. Meron nabibili sa lazada nun mga P300 – P1K+ depende sa type at brand. πŸ™‚

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Thanks for letting us know, Bruce! Good tip! Haha, I have to put a warning label on the yellow cord so that other people at home will know not to damage it.

  10. Clint Ghosn

    Great article! Sobrang helpful lalo na ngayon nagkaron na rin sa amin nagsesearch kami ng experiences ng ibang tao bago mag jump in. Balik ako ulit after a month for your updates.

  11. Noel M


    Your blog is very helpful and reading it made me decide to switch to Converge from my current crappy to the max SkyBroadband internet. I applied yesterday and it was approved today. Kulang na lang is yung bayad ko.

    I just have one question. The wire going inside sa house nyu na connected dun sa “square thing”, is it the same diameter nung PLDT cooper wire kung saan cya nag follow?

    I asked because I have this PVC wire moulding that I installed before when I rewired the house. Btw, ang mahal nung PLDT re-wiring fee dun sa isa mong post. Yung sakin, ako na lang gumawa before kasi I know mahal sila sumingil eh gun tacker lang naman gamit nila. Anyways, I used a moulding para hindi nakalabas mga wire and para mabilis din palalitan in case mag re-wire ulit ako. Before when I was on Globe DSL, kasya sa moulding yung cooper phone wire. Then I switched to SkyBroadband (kasi naman si Globe nilgayan ako ng datacap kahit 8 yrs na nila ko subscriber), kasya pa naman din yung coaxial cable wire ng Sky.

    Sorry, napahaba, question ko lang naman is mataba ba yung wire? Just to make sure na kasya cya sa moulding. Checking this now kasi ayokong maging hassle pag nag install na sila.

    And to share, same as you, I’m a torrent-er (kung may word na ganyan), extreme user ng youtube (actually everyone sa bahay namin), netflix, fox+, iflix, crunchyroll for my anime and kung ano man tawag dun that my daughter and wife uses for their koreanovela. Also, a gamer at heart.

    Last na promise. Are you using the built in wifi sa modem? From my experience kasi, the included wifi functionality sa mga modem na provided is not that good. I use a separate wifi router na connected lang thru LAN sa modem, then naka off na lang yung built in wifi ng modem. I see you download and stream kaya mas mas o-ok pa yan if you can invest in a capable wifi router.

    Thank you and more power sa blog mo!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Noel, thank you πŸ™‚

      Manipis lang yung Converge wire. It’s like the new thin phone extension wires na flat, pero mas matigas and mas makapal ng konti (denser).

      Re: pldt rewiring. Alam ko mas mahal pag pinagawa ko sa kanila. But they finished it faster than I ever could, and they used their equipment, wala na akong binili na kahit ano πŸ™‚ also, marami kaming extension and it’s 2 floors. I just wanted it over and done with so I could focus on something that’s a better use of my time than trying to do this thing I’m not an expert at. Hayaan ko na na kumita si kuya para maka- move on na ako sa buhay πŸ˜‚ kasi kung ako gagawa, malamang palpak and will take me more than a few days to finish! 😁

      Yes, I’m using the stock router they provided. Thanks for the suggestion to change the router πŸ™‚ I’ll try to do that one of these days. That’s something I can do πŸ™‚ i-project ko pag may time. Baka next year na dahil ber months na, busy busy! 😁

      1. Larry

        HI iba po ang wire ng adsl vs fiber optic cable. Yung papasok sa loob ng bahay from entrance pole one way type fiber optic tan made of tint glass tube kaya hindi siya dapat 90 degrees bend. Medyo long range ang pag liko (right or left). May life span din yang fiber optic cable pinaka matagal ang 2 years kapag exposed the sun and rain. Added protection if yung provider may additional tubing said fiber cable. I know this kasi I have one installed sa bahay ko abroad. I’m planning to migrate din sa company name it soon.

        Please update us your experience with this company. Very informative yung post mo from this telecom/company.

  12. Ram

    Wow! Great and helpful blog post. Thank you so much.


    Ang bilis naman maapprove ng application mo. I applied October 4 and until now no feedback about it.

    1. Noel M

      I think dahil bago lang kc yung converge dito samin. I saw them nag lalatag ng cables a month ago. Converge pala yun when they started promoting this week lang. And I really wanted to switch kc i’m super pissed na sa skybroadband (i have 50mbps sky, and it does not feel 50), I applied immediately when I saw an agent handing out flyers. i tried to apply online last sep 20, kahit hindi ko alam kung meron na dito samin that time and until now wala pa reply.

  13. cherry

    Thank you for the review. We have PLDT internet for my father’s pisonet. He ask me to apply for Converge when he heared that they will start servicing here in Telabastagan CSFP. Please advise if i should or just settle with our PLDT line. Most pisonet users are on FB, youtube and online games. Thank you for the review and i will appreciate anybody who would comment here.

  14. Anonymous

    Hello! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with Converge. I am deciding if I should switch to Converge. Right now I have a PLDT DSL but have noticed that their connection has been slow this year. Would love to hear an update πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

  15. Tom


    We finally have Converge and PLDT fiber in our area. My question is would you still recommend converge after all that’s happened?

    Also noticed that PLDT has a switcher promo which seems like its too good to be true. Hope you can give updates on your experience.

  16. Barat Queen Post author

    PLDT Fibr’s plan is 1899 for 20 Mbps only. To be fair, PLDT was less hassle, less problems when we had it. I still think PLDT has the best internet service (not customer/tech service because it takes a long time before anyone answers their phone), but is it worth the extra P400 a month and -5 Mbps speed?

    Converge is cheaper, service has actually been quite good since the “baligtad” wire got fixed. It was the only available fiber connection available in our area, too. As for PLDT Fibr – we waited for 3 years already, and they still weren’t available. Kaya no choice, Converge na talaga kami πŸ™‚

  17. JustNathan

    Hi, I commented last month here, just wondering on the update if its worth going to converge ICT since the underwater line is fix and everything and converge that my area will have a connection next month on november 2017.

    In terms of usage I already have a wireless landline plan on globe and going to PLDT’s 1899 route seems unethical from my point of view in having two landline numbers, along with that, I don’t do any streaming of any games and been wanting to watch netflix since I can’t do anything on my potato connection, and most of the things I do is upload files and project documents more than 40 to 50+mb and 1.6+gb for high resolution files.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      If you are doing any sort of moderate to heavy uploading, you definitely need a fiber connection. Uploading on DSL is just too slow. Like, uploading a short, HD youtube video will take hours.

      So far, I’m happy with Converge since the incorrectly connected cable was fixed. No downtime since, downloads reach up to 2.7 Mbps sometimes. 300MB files are downloaded in 5 minutes.

      In the end, it’s your choice whether to go for PLDT or Converge πŸ™‚ Do you want to save a little or do you want to go for the tried and tested?

      1. JustNathan

        Well its kind of both really, its very hard to find an actual review on converge ICT fiber connection and PLDT reviews are not hard to find with a lot of negative reviews. When I asked PLDT about their Plan 1899 to remove the landline and just deduct it, they said it can’t be done, I also asked them if they have Fiber only plan and they don’t have one… I just want an internet connection and no landline (TT~TT)

        The landline bundle and it’s kinda pointless for me because of the wireless landline I have on globe and I can call any landline any where I want, that’s why I want to know your opinion because you actually tested and observed the service as a consumer of the fiber connection πŸ™‚

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          I’m actually happy with Converge now. No service is perfect, but for now, Converge is cheaper, better value for money, and provides the internet service it is supposed to. A big bonus is the faster time a rep answers my call when I need to call for a problem.

          As for PLDT, J uses PLDT Fibr and he is very happy with it, too. It is more expensive, but better for gaming. You also have the knowledge that PLDT is the main player and they are the ones who own the internet backbone in the phils. As far as I know, Globe & Converge just pay PLDT for access. So if anything happens, PLDT will of course prioritize itself and their customers. PLDT is something most of us are already familiar with, and they have deeper pockets and resources than the competition.

          I’m sorry if this doesn’t help, but it really just comes down to you personally picking one over the other πŸ™‚

          1. Barat Queen Post author

            Yeah, no probs so far since Oct 12.

            PLDT is better daw because of faster ping. They say. Can’t say for myself because I don’t actually game anymore.

  18. Pattrick

    2011 pa Comclark/Converge user nako. Mabilis talaga umaksyon technician nila, pag sinabi nilang bukas, bukas nasa bahay mo na para i assist ka. May mga oras na nawawalan ng connection, pero wala namang perpektong isp. Mula 2011, 2 beses palang ako nagkaproblema ng malala with them, una nun naputol kable, pangalawa noong natubigan un box nila sa poste. May mga problems din minsan na mabagal ang net dahil nasisira undersea cables nila pero ok nakakapagbrowse at yt pa rin naman ako kaya wala ako problema. Heavy gamer and streamer here.

      1. Barat Queen Post author

        Hi, I would recommend it for streaming, surfing, etc… but for gaming, you can check with other users. I don’t game anymore so I can’t tell you if the lag is bad. Bad lag = usually getting killed in the game

  19. nel

    good am mam update po sa converge fiberx mabilis pa ren po ba internet nila anyupdate po plano ko pa kase magswitch pldtfibr to converge fiberx

  20. Jayvee

    Hi Ma’am,

    Pwede niyo po ba speedtest thru different servers outside the country? Such as Singapore, Korea, and US? Para po makita natin kung gaano siya kabilis pag hindi na local. Thanks.

  21. Marco Dominic Reyea

    Kamusta naman po coverage sa house nyo on their router? Kahit malayo po ba kayo like about 50 ft covered parin bg speed nya or i shpuld ask what’s the fartherst coverage on wifi connection?

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Mga 15-20ft lang pag maraming concrete walls in between. Pag open area, mga 40ft maybe, pero medyo mahina na signal pag nasa banda 40ft

      1. g.s.b

        if u rely on their wifi bale wala u hv to buy also good router n extender if u hv second floor. for gaming go ac 1900 assuming u r contracted to 50mbps…

  22. Done 10

    Wow very helpful review keep it up!!
    by the way sa nabanggit mo about torrent ang torrent po hindi talaga consistent ang speed nyan depende yan sa dami ng seeder if mababa ang seeder mabagal talaga ang connection ✌

  23. Angel

    Mas ok pa ata converge. Pldt ko down na for 8 days. Tinatawagan ko everyday at kahapon ngpunta pako sa branch nila sa sm north. Di pala makontak mga tech. Lagi lang sa email nakokontak. Sinungaling na reps ilang beses na sabi punta today or tomorrow. Ala pa din

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Ok mabilis naman. Although I still have some random disconnections that last for about 10 mins. Called their hotline already and they still can’t figure out why. I’d say maybe 99% of the time stable naman. I get slowness that only lasts for a few seconds so I don’t know if it’s a network issue, congestion, or what. Like YouTube will suddenly go to 240p instead of the usual 720 or 1080 (auto). Rare naman mangyari and it doesn’t last long.

  24. Sam

    Seems like you are getting a problem with Converge every month both minor and major. Did you get this kind of problem with your previous provider? Besides the slow connection I mean. Thanks.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      No, I rarely got these problems with PLDT DSL.

      Wait, hmmm.. Now that I think about it, we sometimes had to restart our DSL modem router when internet was slow or disconnected, and restarting would fix it. This rarely happened though, maybe once every 2-3 months. But actually having internet connection down (outage) was pretty rare for PLDT.

      1. Sam

        Thanks for the quick response. Looks like PLDT might be worth the extra money if it provides the stability compared to monthly hassle you’ve been experiencing.

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          Yes, it’s worth the extra money if you are doing mission-critical work πŸ™‚

          I’m basically just watching YouTube and Netflix and doing a lot of web surfing, plus blogging. Nothing deadly urgent that can’t wait for a few minutes. Besides, PLDT Fibr is not yet available in our area so that limits my choices πŸ˜€

          1. jimmy

            i also applied last nov. 7..dunno if it will approve or not..have to wait n c.. am under PLDT too.. about your random disconnection.. is it maybe your brand of router converge gave that causing it? based on my experienced, stupid PLDT always gave cheapest router they offer to customers.. especially the ANTENNALESS ROUTER.. the 1 i got a PROLINK BRAND ( bad brand even for a repeater).. a really small rectangular one.. side of lady’s wallet or 5.5 inch cellphone.. easily OVERHEAT ‘coz of it small size.. no.1 reason that causing the problem n pissing me off. i request PLDT to replace it n ask for build-in antenna router.. but cannot give me 1.. so, i go to OLX n buy an openline ZyXEL BRAND..since then.. no more problem of slow or disconnection.. ‘cept PLDT SLOW IT DOWN.. if u have a budget.. get this brand with build -in antenna of cors.. much more effective and reliable..oh, the 1 converge gave is HUAWEI BRAND… sorry to say.. also bad brand..

          2. g.s.b

            hi i like ur review juat wondering where is location i mean city as i know city mattrs when ut comes to service. capitol qc has only pldt n problem is service… converge uses same pldt bandwidth so at end its about service. keep us posted.

  25. Marco Dominic Reyes

    Hi, you said converge isn’t good for gamers as it drops out connectivity? So, what’s the reliability rate of this connection?

    I’m about to get converge sana kaso i’m worried sa connection stability lalo 2yrs contract sila.

  26. Calvin

    Thanks for the review. Glad to see there’s an update after installation. We at least get an idea on the stability of the service. πŸ™‚

  27. g.s.b

    the real problem really i think is that optic fiber is above ground. if im right its designed to go underground to be less priblematic. n again too many problrms too few technicians compound the problem. n offcourse their cheap router which u need to complement. given this reviews change dranatically on location of placement..i heard ortigas is fiber underground . also location of optic should be away from any tvs refs etc so if u live near tv station antenna kiss it goodbye. for better appreciation suggest all post identify location so easier to guage n blog becomes more meaningful. tks.

  28. Phodie

    Thanks for the review it helped me to decide in fact I think makakabitan na ako ng fiber x nxt wk , globe ang broadband ko kaso nakaka asar kasi may cap ang data kaya lilipat na ako .

  29. Lala

    Hi! Thanks for the review! I’ve made up my mind to transfer from PLDT to Converge. Same situation tayo kasi here in Sampaloc, Manila. Still no other fiber here.

    Keep us posted for any problems!

  30. lou

    Ano po average time na down ang Converge? Minutes or hours? I telecommute kasi and ayaw ko na rin sa PLDT. Kaso kung oras ang tinatagal ng downtime di pwde sa work ko un. Hope you can answer my question po.

    Thank you po sa very informative review nyo. 😊

  31. GIDZ

    mga paps pagkinuha ko ba FiberXtreme 7000 – 500 MBPS – Unlimited – 7000 Pesos
    para sa company ok ba yun?
    saka may kasama kaya IP yun?

    advance thanks..

  32. Ken

    Hi, i just want to ask if para saan po yung initial payment of P4,000? Is it for the next 2-3 months of the plan fee? If I’m not mistaken your 3rd month’s bill will only be P500? Thanks sa review. It really helps to decide whether we’ll going to switch or not. I have PLDT fiber and I’m wondering if this converge will provide better service for us.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi Ken, the initial payment breakdown is: P4,000 – P2,500 installation fee + P1,500 for the plan. There’s a 2-year lock-in period.

  33. Stephany Fernandez

    hi Barat Queen,

    Thanks for your detailed information hoping to see more of your updated results.
    This is really helping me to decide. πŸ™‚

  34. JC

    Thank you for this review. I just hope you can still religiously update us regarding your experience with Converge.

    Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng review about a certain product and service with this kind of update. so keep it up.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi JC, thank you for your comment πŸ™‚ So far the service is acceptable. I still get the occasional “no internet” that only lasts for 10-20 minutes.

      I am starting to suspect that it is because they are doing a system reboot maybe? Several times I have let the “no internet” be without touching my modem (did not restart it manually), and even without doing anything, the internet came back on after 10-15 minutes. I have also noticed that it only happens past midnight, sometimes 2am or so, but most often around midnight.

      I have called the Converge hotline again but all they do is just file a report. I asked if they are doing some system reboot but the rep keeps saying no, wala daw silang report of any maintenance actvity.

  35. Neth

    Hello po, ask ko lang bakit yung agent na nakausap ko ang sinabi nya initial cash out ko ay..
    1500 for the plan
    1000 for installation
    2500 security fee (payable for 6mos)

    Bumaba installation tpos nagkaron ng security fee ganon kaya un?

    1. Just A Random Person

      Hello Neth!

      P1000 po talaga ang installation fee. Para po yan sa pag linya ng Converge. Ang alam ko po ay pwede niyo po iyan ipa-staggered payment. Instead of paying P2500 for the first month, P1,750 nalang po. Bale +P250 kada month for 6 months. Yan na research ko. πŸ™‚



    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hello Ninku, I’m sorry, di na ako naglalaro ng ganung games. Adulting na hahaha. Sabi sabi hindi daw ok Converge for gaming, but haven’t tried it myself.

      I don’t want to start gaming again kasi may tendency ako maging hikkikomori… hahaha!

      I hope someone else can answer. Thanks in advance!

  37. Tom

    Happy New year! How is converge so far? No problems? What’s the maximum download you can do on torrent? Are you able to reach 3.1MB/s? Thanks for answering.

      1. Tom

        I’m guessing the speeds is due to the provider throttling torrent downloads? I heard most providers throttle them now. Still not a bad speed for the price.

          1. JonLaw

            Ang plan po nila is 25MBPS? If healthy po yung torrent(maraming seeds), I think aabot dapat sa 2.5MB/s or above ang speed nila. Were you able to check or notice if lumampas ang DL nila sa ganun values? Or Max na talaga yung 1.8MB/s parang nasa 15mbps lang kasi kung ganun. Thanks for answering po.

          2. Barat Queen Post author

            On some rare occasions it reaches 2.2-2.7 MB/s πŸ™‚ but nag-sa-cycle yung speed. I mean, aakyat to 2.0+ then baba to less than 1.0 then aakyat ulit. Hindi yung consistently nag stay above 2.0+ the whole time.

  38. Tigaston

    Hello Barat Queen, what is the status of your internet right now??? nag apply kasi ako online sales agents may mga i.d naman silang pinorward sakin at iveverify ko na lang sa customer service kung totoo nga yung acct. no. ko tsaka ako magbabayad? salamat yun lang

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      So far, so good naman. I’d say around 95-98% wala naman problem. Internet is fast for downloading, streaming, uploading, surfing. Got a text notification from Converge that there was an outage last night for some subscribers, but I didn’t notice the outage because we were having dinner. Baka hindi kami affected. Di ko lang alam sa gaming kung ok yung Converge. But for us, we do a lot of downloading, YouTube, Netflix, web browsing, Viber, FB and okay na okay naman except for a few minor things lang like torrent throttling and occasional unexplained downtime (I’m starting to think maybe the 10-minute downtime we are getting a few times a month is due to the stock Converge modem hanging / restarting on its own).

      Yes, verify mo nalang muna sa Converge bago ka magbayad para safe πŸ™‚

      1. tigaston

        salamat barat queen, kaso tagal ng acct. no. ko hindi tulad sa pldt with-in the day malalaman mo kagad. sa kanila sunday ako nagpasa now is thursday wala pa din silang acct. no., yun lang salamat.. naiinap na nga ako almost 1 month nako naghahanap ng net na aabot sa area namin, pldt and globe is full na yung mga boxes nila, hindi kasi abot sa area namin yung mga bandle ng cheap cable and internet bundle.. kaya ito na lang ang last option ko converge.. by the way thank you

  39. ThinkTwice

    Ngayon down ang internet nang converge. No reply assistance nila as in 0. Ang nakakatawa pa, may facebook group etong converge. Bawal negative post about sa converge. Katulad nangyari sakin, nag comment lang ako sa isang post about sa gamit niyang globe na 5mbps lang daw, nag comment ako na buti ka pa nga may internet kami walang net. Boom kick agad ako sa facebook group hahhaha. Tawang tawa ako.

  40. ThinkTwice

    May martial law sa facebook group nang converge. Wla kayong karapatang magsabi nang negative feedback about sa kanila. Patay ang demokrasya sa fb group nila hhahaah

  41. Chunkylover

    Converge line was installed in our village early part of 2017. After the installation, I tried calling their customer service to inquire, I was not able to speak to anyone after more than 15 minutes wait. I then filled up their online sign up form. That was June 2017, its January 11, 2018 now and I have not received any calls regarding the application. How do they expect to get more customers with that kind of service? Luckily my Globe fiber plan is still unlimited after my lock in period expired.

    1. GiannoskiOncher

      What ? Seriously. We just inquired for their service a few days ago. I mean if thats the case, id just cancel out on them. A few months is too long. We need fast internet badly. πŸ™

  42. Juan

    base sa article mo mam seems like ung mga nag install kamo is not that pro, they even made a mistake of interchanging the end connections kahit na color coded na. given that thought, you mentioned din na 300 meters lang ang free sa package pag kinulang mag dugtong cla medyo mahirap mag dugtong ng optic fibers baka dun sa part nung dugtong given na hindi ganun kagaling ung nag latag ng wire mo eh baka hindi maganda ung connection. pa test lang din baka mas mag improve pa ung connection mo. very helpful review, just bought a new house and searching for a better internet provider sana mag ok tlga to converge

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ paano ko po ipatest? Tatawag ako sa converge para magrequest ng test?

      Whenever I call Converge to inform them about the problems I was experiencing, they always say they will have their engineers check on their end. Then next time I call, I will ask ano yung result nung mga test nila. After checking their records, sabi nila okay naman daw, wala sila nakikitang problema… πŸ˜•

  43. Maggie

    First of all, thank you so much for sharing your experience with Converge, this is one of the most detailed I have encountered so far; thank you also for continuing to post updates.

    Now my question, isn’t there a system log in the router which will tell if it is has rebooted?

    And the next one is, the disconnections that you are experiencing (after the inverted cable AND the undersea cable cut issues have been resolved) are they happening on wireless devices or on a laptop/desktop that is cable-wired to the router?

    Thank you very much for your time.

  44. Lelouch May

    So kami naka 50 mbps na plan, Iw as expecting na instant loading mga ganon tas low ping. Like what the comment said, IT IS A NIGHTMARE FOR GAMERS. Nagconverge ako kasi laging mataas ping ko sa pldt tipong pag may nagfacebook naglalag na agad. Pero yun, medyo disappointed kasi sa speedtest lumabalas naman 50 mbps up at down speed. D ko lang talaga matindihan yung lag. umaabot ng 1k ping ko, tapos pag may nagstream naglalag din kami. Like hello 50 mbps yan may magvideo lang kain agad yung net. Ako pa naman nagpush na magchange kami ng internet πŸ™ Sana maging okay ang Converge.

  45. JonLaw

    Hi, Barat Queen. If you ever plan to set up a CCTV system on your home, don’t expect anything with Converge about it.

    I just found out that Converge is not good if you have a IPTV/CCTV camera system in your house. We just tried to set a CCTV/IPTV up on our home and was informed by Converge that they do not provide portforwarding for the CCTV. Portforwarding is needed for users to be able to check the CCTV when you leave the house. I wished we knew about it before decided to connect to Converge.

  46. graceland

    Thank you so much for your review. It was very detailed and really motivated me to try Converge. I used to have Sky broadband and Globe DSL but when I moved house the subdivision I was in only had PLDT DSL. I tried switching to Globe broadband (signal based) but it was practically useless – I can’t even open my yahoo email even at 3 am when one would assume no one is competing for the Globe internet signal.
    Fortunately I saw a small poster at the subdivision guard house advertising Fiber X, googled it, saw a couple of news articles online about Converge but the trigger for my application is your article.
    Just thought I’d share my experience:
    Application: I had to go to Roxas district (Champaca St) to look for Grace Go the person who gave my husband the Fiber X flyer. I filled out an application form and provided all the requirements. I was told that the application would be submitted to Converge main office the next day and installation would be within 7 days. I was told to wait for payment advise. Note that while I was there a kid on bicycle had brought money to this person and was paying for the advance + deposit. Anyway, in my case I left and waited.
    10 days later I did not hear anything from anyone so I called the Converge hotline: No application in my name. Never heard of Grace Go. I had to go through the application process online, filled out an application form and scanned everything and sent to the online agent. Fortunately, I was approved in 2 days and yes installation took place 2 days after payment OTC in BDO.
    Installation: I was having lunch out with my family as it was a Sunday when the installer said they were on their way to my house to install the internet. A little advance notice wouldn’t hurt. Anyway we were desperate for internet service so we hurried home to meet the installers. They could not put nails on the concrete wall where I wanted to have the router installed so they just used adhesive tape. It fell 3 hours later and I had to call Converge to have it reinstalled since the signal was lost. Converge called my mobile phone saying installer would come back the next day. Did not come. Called again said the installer would come the next day again. Installer called my phone saying they were in Makati they could not come. Maybe the next day. Called Converge, asked for deferment of starting date since I still had no internet. Received a call from installer they are now on their way to my house. (Akala ko nasa Makati kayo?!) They fixed it. The following day, Converge technicians came again to check if everything was ok. No problem.
    It’s now 3 days that I’ve been enjoying really good internet connection. No complaints on speed… and price!!!! Kudos to Converge.

    On a last note: I had filed an application with PLDT PRIOR to applying with Converge. Have not heard a peep from PLDT up to now or about a month later. I had planned on pushing through with the PLDT just as a sort of a backup so glad it’s now moot.

    Hope this is helpful to people who want to try Converge. And thanls so much Barat Queen for your very helpful post.

  47. Dee Dee

    Hi I am thinking if this is a good ISP for my location here in Makati? I am eager to have a reliable provider for my online job. I will just send files, go on skype for communicating with clients and doing a lot of upload and download…
    Thanks in advance

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Hi, as long as you’re not going to do anything like gaming, I think it’s fine πŸ™‚ VOIP is good based on my experience. Upload on fiber is really fast compared to our previous DSL (DSL has low upload bandwidth).

  48. Jess Guzman

    Hello Barat Queen! Thank you very much for your insightful review/experience. It is very helpful for me in planning to switch from BayanDSL. My current average download speed of only 1 Mbps gets way too slow loading webpages at times and even spontaneously disconnects/times out. Obviously, our current connection can’t support multiple devices playing You Tube! Download speeds are even lesser than 1 Mbps most of the time! Your experience made me more decisive to try Converge. I was just curious… a) if you’re still having disconnections as often as before and for how long?, and b) if after several months of use, do you still think it is better than your previous provider? Thank you very much! Have a good day!

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Oh my gulay. Those BayanDSL speeds are terrible!

      To answer your questions:

      a. I have not noticed the disconnections lately, so parang wala na
      b. yes, I think what we have right now is better mainly because our old internet connections was PLDT DSL and our current is Converge Fiber. Fiber will always be better than DSL. Also, PLDT Fibr is not available in our location, so we had no choice but to go with Converge. PLDT Fibr is also more expensive by around P400 a month ata for a similar plan.

      For our family, we are very happy with Converge. We do lots of YouTube, downloading (torrents), web surfing, Netflix, and the usual FB, Viber, etc… But there are people who complain that gaming is very bad on Converge. We don’t game so I don’t have any experience with that, but for what we do on the internet, Converge is pretty good for our needs. πŸ™‚

  49. Aceylicious$

    Hi Ms Barat Queen,

    Bakit po kaya samin antagal ng installation? We paid for the initial payment on 14-Feb pero til now wala pa din dumating to install… Nagfollow up na kame sa agent namin who told us to just wait. Its been 7 days already.. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    From Sta Mesa din po kami.. 😊

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Medyo matagal na nga… baka natagalan dahil sa long weekend, nag bakasyon mga installer di pa bumabalik, and then natambakan sila ng trabaho pagbalik… it’s not an excuse pero feeling ko baka ganun. Follow up mo nalang ulit πŸ™‚

      1. Aceylicious$

        Just had a word from our agent po.,

        β€œPacenxa na po… nakakagulo kasi ang contractor kaya natatagalan.. lagi po ako nag pafollow up sa team leader ko… kung gusto nio po tawag po kau sa hotline”

        β€œIntay lang po Makakabit din po yan”

        Ano po bang best time tumawag sa hotline nila? Since Monday pa po ako tumatawag kaso 25 mins na wala pa din sumasagot. Around 8:30am or 9am ako tumatawag 😭😭

  50. William

    After reading this review, I highly considered Converge ICT. But to my dismay, no bridging of the modem and they don’t offer Static IP for residential. My network is more than internet access, it contains clients that talk to each other and a NAS. Also after moving to the Philippines, my father in Chicago still needs my help with fixing his computer using TeamViewer. Converge made it adamantly clear that I cannot use my 2 Netgear R7000’s on Converge.

  51. Jp Dee

    Thank you for this updated blog post. Excited for Converge na makabit sa house namin. After ilang taon na paghihintay e finally magkakaroon na din sa amin. Woohoo!

  52. Nix

    Galing ako converge knina lang..then sbi nila me promo sila na free installation (2,500) since me existing net kme (PLDT)..then ung first 6months dw is 50% off so P750 nlng ..nawindang ako prang gsto ko na mgavail agad knina..totoo b to ?

    ask ko dn kng me Cellphone # hotline b cla kse eventually maaalis na tel nmin pg ngpalit kme .thanks

  53. Neil

    Hello! Great review!
    I was just surfing the net and saw your review on ConvergeICT. I was already thinking of switching to them from PLDT MyDSL since neverending na ang issues ko sa kanila. Recently muntik na kaming ma budol budol so we wanted to terminate our service and switch to another.

    I’m living in Taguig and curious ako about their speed here in my area. Would you have any idea on the list of areas they cover?

    Keep doing the updates! It really helps!

    1. Ace

      Hi maam. Ask ko lang po sana kung paano yung ginawa mo sa PLDT connection nyo? Need pa ba talaga ipa-terminate formally? Paano? Btw, wala na kami sa lock-in period. Thanks in advance.

  54. Ace

    Hi maam. Ask ko lang po sana kung paano yung ginawa mo sa PLDT connection nyo? Need pa ba talaga ipa-terminate formally? Paano? Btw, wala na kami sa lock-in period. Thanks in advance.

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Yes, kailangan ipa terminate formally. Tawag ka sa pldt hotline para mag inquire. Sa pagkaalala ko kailangan ata pumunta sa pldt center.

      1. Ace

        Ohh. Pwede po bang malaman maam kung paano yung process ng pagpapa-terminate kung naaalala nyo pa? Tsaka kung may babayaran ba or wala at gano katagal. Yung mga kaklase ko kasi di na sila nagpaterminate formally. Talagang inistop lang nila paggamit ng connection ng PLDT nung nagpalit sila ng ISP. And wala naman daw sila naging problema. Alam kong di na ko sisingilin ng PLDT since tapos na lock-in period namin kung ganun, pero medyo napaparanoid pa rin ako kung bigla-bigla ko na lang di gagamitin yun without them knowing na nagpalit na pala ako.

        1. Barat Queen Post author

          You need to tell them so they’ll stop billing you. Pag di nila alam na ayaw mo na, syempre tatakbo pa din billing nila sayo and it will be a legit charge. Lalaki utang mo sa kanila. Iwas ka nalang sa problema, just inform them. Sorry di ko na maalala yung ecact procedure.

  55. Keru

    Thanks for well-detailed review. Now, kumbinsido na ako magpalit ng ISP. Dun sa torrent issue, ok na ba sya? Dati nung broadband pa gamit ko, may tweak akong gingawa sa torrent app para maging stable at mabilis ang pagdownload πŸ™‚

  56. Nix

    Hi Barat Queen,

    Ask ko lang sana recent update sa converge nio kng still mabilis pa dn or me mga problems pa b na eencounter ?
    balak ko na kse mgswitch soon ..thanks

    1. Barat Queen Post author

      Sa surfing, minsan napansin ko parang bumagal ng konti… pero not sure if it’s just my gadgets that are causing the slow browsing or kung Converge talaga. Pero when torrenting, mabilis naman except for the cycling, madalas umaabot 2.0 MB/s pa nga or higher torrent download speeds.

      1. Nix

        sa bahay po nmen kse is Smartphones lang nman nka konek ..wla naman po laptop or pc ..and hndi dn kme ngddload ng torrents ..what would u suggest mam?

  57. James

    Urgh! We have the same issue! Since yesterday, We don’t have Internet Connection for the whole day. I was waiting for it to comeback. But then, Still no connection! I message them already about this issue. Gusto ko tuloy i check yung wirings sa loob nito kung tama pinaggagawa ng tatlong technician kung tama ba sila. Hayst. Pero 1 day na kasi, Baka same din na tamaan or something yung wire ‘ko. Kagigil lang. Nag load na naman ako kanina para makapag surf. Expected ko di na ko mag loload dahil may CONVERGE FIBER X na. Kaya lang, Nakaka Dissapoint. Sa totoo lang. 2X na kasi ‘to nangyari. Gigil nila si ako.

  58. wilfredo custodio

    Hi there. My gamer son just paid deposit for this isp. Hope the negative feedback about the bad gaming experience doesnt hold for him. Our isp right now is sky and it has been a frustrating experience the last few mmonths regarding signal. Hope we didnt made a bad desicion. Lets see. I shall be following u and post about our experience too when their service is installed. Thanx a lot for ur blog. Keep it up!

  59. Nix

    Hi Mam

    Sa bahay po nmen kse is Smartphones lang nman nka konek ..wla naman po laptop or pc ..and hndi dn kme ngddload ng torrents ..what would u suggest mam?

    1. Anonymous

      Personally nix having an internet connection nwadays is not a luxury anymore. Hwever kung the barest connection lng hanap mo i would suggest prepaid ng globe at home, maayos na rn dw sya sabi ng cousin ko at huawei pa ang modem nya, pero nothing beats a wired connection if oneday u may think to upgrade on ur gadgets. Shop around advice me.

        1. wilfredo custodio

          Hi again nix. Consider nlng converge if availble sa area nyo, you wnt regret it. Think of it as future proofing your internet needs someday, ksi khit na puro smartphones lng gamit nyo today, who knows , bka bukas may computer ka na, im sure u have a smart tv nman which u could connect to converge. Lot of options u know.

  60. Anonymous

    Good afternoon, this is Mae, and I am a Sales Agent from Converge if ang Area niyo po is Metro Manila Area kindly message me here if Interested po kayo with our Product . Thank you so much =)

  61. May Angelique H. Tumaliuan

    Good afternoon, this is Mae, and I am a Sales Agent from Converge if ang Area niyo po is Metro Manila Area kindly message me here if Interested po kayo with our Product . Thank you so much =)

  62. norilover13


    So , I started using converge 2 weeks ago. So far its been really BAD. i don’t do downloads mostly streaming . I enjoy watching korean drama and some other korean reality show. I usually watch them around 10pm to 4am and this connection is really bad at those hours. It always buffers kahit 1 lang naka open na site. Has anyone experienced this??? i called them almost everyday na 3 technician went to my house and just did configuration pero its still happening. I have no idea what to do anymore. πŸ™

    1. Karen MNL Post author

      Hi πŸ™‚

      Have you checked the internet speed on YouTube, Netflix, etc?

      For pirate streaming sites, my experience is they are really slow. Buffering talaga. It might be those sites lang.

      If you are experiencing slow internet on all services (YouTube, Netflix, regular web surfing, etc) then it’s a Converge problem. But if the problems are only limited to certain streaming sites, most probably it’s those streaming sites that have a problem.

      Hope that helps narrow down your issue so you know which is causing it πŸ™‚

    2. Jessica

      Hi! Our household has been using Converge FiberX 1500 since 10 days ago and so far we are all happy with YouTube and streaming. I’ve been using the VIU app when streaming and it doesn’t buffer at all. When using YouTube, the videos automatically downloads in HD. So far, so good!

      I agree with KarenMNL, check other streaming services or other websites if its slow then problem is with Converge probably. So far, downloads speeds are always around 20-25 mpbs when I check. I really hope your problem will be resolved soon!

      @KarenMNL: Thank you so much for your post. You gave me the push to take a chance on Converge! 😁 It also gave me an overview of the installation process, especially on what to watch out for. As compared to your experience, the installation crew that came was courteous and asked permission to come inside and look around. They even removed their shoes upon entering the house. They also didn’t mention the length of the cable they used in connecting to the node nearest our house. So, I’m not sure of any β€œofficial” additional charges for it. So far, we’re satisfied with Converge! 😁

      1. IVY


  63. IVY


  64. William Wilson

    I almost went with Converge after reading your experience. But 24 month lock-in and no way to bridge mode the modem to my own router made me step away. But still looks less expensive than the Globe Fiber I ended up deciding on. I was offered a no-cap deal with no lock-up as long as I paid for the modem up front.

    From your review it seems if you don’t care about having any special function other than accessing the internet, Converge still seems like the way to go.

  65. Jose

    Whoa, this is still updated? Good job OP! Have a meme: https://9gag.com/gag/aoNRXWw

    Na-curious ako sa latest update mo because of the “updates to windows”. 7 or 10?

    Also medyo stay away na ako sa Chrome lakas kumain RAM, mas matakaw pa sa pusa naming di nabubusog.

    As with the internet, sana nga talaga dumating na sila dito. YUng mga agents ng Globe medyo napapadalas marketing nila for new stuff kasi consistent kami sa billing na on-time. Not that I don’t like the offers, madalas kasi, paasa, kasi di naman available sa area namin (for wired connections). Maganda sana kung meron na dito para unli na talaga lahat, kasi ang laki na ng patches ng League of Legends, at least may isa akong internet for games, isa naman for browsing, YouTube and downloads.

    Medyo too late na nga lang kasi may kinagat na kami for unli data purposes: prepaid globe wifi. Yung tipong lo-load-an lang yun kapag kelangan mag DL or patch ng stuff, habang nanonood si mama ng Netflix.

    “I came to find copper, but I have found gold.”


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